What motivates you in life?: 5 steps to discover it!


What motivates you in life?: 5 steps to discover it!

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We all have a known enemy, that person who imposes mental barriers on you and won’t let you move towards success, and I’m not talking about a family member or a ‘friend’ I’m talking about you!

You are the first person we must convince of the power of motivation, and how to find it to break down any mental barriers.

You’ve probably heard the old saying “know thyself.” Although it sounds like a catchphrase, this is the first key step to leading a happy and successful life, and one way to get to know yourself better is to find out what motivates you in life.

Motivation is best defined as that ‘something’ that leads you to take action on any issue in your life.

There may be a change you want to make in your life, and you have not been able to make it, to do so, you need to know and discover the force that would make that decision and you can take action. It is important to recognize the different causes of motivation so that you can use the most effective ones in your case. Movement is not always progress

Most people are busy taking action, and we rarely analyze what exactly determines our motivation; so when there is something we want to solve, and our willpower is not enough, we find ourselves stranded without knowing what is that motivation that would really drive us to achieve change.

When we don’t know what motivates us in life, we are essentially using willpower just to achieve our goals. However , willpower is an exhaustible resource, and that is why less than 20% of people reach their goals every year. If you want to be part of this 20% of people who change their lives successfully, you need to use something stronger than willpower.

You need a plan that is structured so that you can concentrate all your efforts. What motivates you in life is the key

Discovering what motivates us inside is a difficult job, because we always try to make it external to us that motivates us. Motivation, however, is born from ourselves in a very significant portion.

Motivation should rarely depend on other people, or elements beyond our control, we must learn to look for it inside and that is why I invite you to consider in your life a few simple steps in which security, confidence and perseverance will be key elements that will help you achieve everything you want to achieve. Happiness is a Decision that is made every Morning

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Our main objective is to give you tools to develop your level of Emotional Intelligence, and you can apply them in all the contexts of your life: Relationships, work, family etc. Everything so that you have a happier life. 1. You would do it for free.

If you’re lucky, you’ll most likely get paid a lot of money to do what motivates you to make a living. However, that is not always the case. There are many people who don’t make a living doing what they love.

Vincent Van Gogh is today known as one of the greatest artists in history. did you know that he only sold one painting in his entire life? Van Gogh created more than 900 paintings in his lifetime, but was only able to sell one. And only until several years after his death did people begin to appreciate his works of art. But since this character loved to paint, he didn’t care if people bought his paintings.

His motivation was not linked to whether people liked his job and paid for it, nor did it depend on his ability to earn a living, he painted because he loved to paint. 2. It’s always on your mind.

What do you think about when you fall asleep and when you wake up? Sometimes you move so fast in life that you don’t hear the message of your inner self.

One of the things that has worked for me to frame that idea that does not leave my head, is that when I wake up I am very aware of the first thoughts that come to my mind, and I write them. I repeat this every day and so I join points between some thoughts and others, and these are clues that have helped me discover what motivates me the most.

You can keep this agenda with you and add any ideas you have throughout the day. As the pages of your agenda are filled you will be able to recognize some common points in all your thoughts, what you must be very clear about is that where your mind is, there will usually be the things that matter most to you.

In addition to your inner thoughts, what motivates you in life will also include activities you are always talking about, what topics do you always put on the table in a conversation? Have you found yourself in line at the supermarket, on the bus or on the subway talking to a stranger about the same topic? If so, you’re probably close to discovering something that motivates you and you hadn’t realized it.3. You enjoy learning.

Are there activities where you lose track of time, and it’s never enough? These are signs that you may have found something that motivates you in life. Studies show that if you’re reading material that motivates you, you’ll read more about that topic and remember more than you would with materials that don’t motivate you.

The key to motivation is that it pushes you to take action.4. It’s a more rewarding topic, activity, or thing in your life.

Self-reflection is a great way to recognize what you’re passionate about. Think about the times in your life when you felt very proud of yourself.

It could be when you received the award for best performance of a song when you were in school or college, or when you got that dream job in your city.

Whatever these moments are, write each of them on a piece of paper, review your list and see if you recognize any common elements. Once you see the commonalities of what motivates you, do things to confirm it. For example, if you think you’re creative, invent a way to express that creativity.

Very surely there will be others motivated by helping those in need, if you think you like to help others, become a volunteer and see how it feels, you can realize if you like to help everyone, or if you prefer a particular cause that you are passionate about.

The reason for this activity is not to judge your motivations, but to explore them.5. You would do it even if no one was watching.

There are things you do in life because society tells you they are good ideas, society tells you which university you should go to, what major and career to choose, and even which city you should live in.

There are certain options that are considered prestigious and will be well received by most people. Then there is a less famous road that is rarely traveled. And only you can answer the questions:

“Why am I on this path?” Am I on the path that pleases my family or friends?” “Or am I on a path that few people understand and appreciate, but that I find fabulous?” “Am I in the middle between something I’m passionate about and something that makes others happy?”

There is a saying that goes “what you do when no one is looking, defines you”. If you are doing things to receive recognition from other people in your life, then you will already know what your reward will be. However, if you are born to act according to your inner purpose, then you are doing what truly motivates you.

What motivates you in life is going to change over time, when you were young life was most likely simpler (or maybe not…), maybe you were going to be the manager of a successful company because you were motivated by success and importance. However, when you were a little older, you were motivated by freedom and the idea of traveling the world. Then you will most likely have children, and they will become the driving force of everything you do in life.

As you experience different events in your life, you will realize that your motivations are adjusting, so it is very important to be reviewing what really motivates you in each moment of life as this will give you the opportunity to adjust your goals as your motivations change. Are!!

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