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What is your motivation? What gives meaning to your life?

This week I want to talk about motivation.  Although I would rather love you to be the ones who tell me with comments in this article or on Social Networks, what is your goal, your goal, … what or who pushes you to live the way you do every day?

You know that I love stories and today I am going to tell you a very short one, but I think it can help us clarify a little the objective I am looking for with this post:

“They say that one sunny morning an Arab merchant came to the gates of a city. There, he met a poor man, dressed in rags and half starving. The merchant felt very sorry for him and gave him two copper coins.

A couple of hours later, the two men met again in the market:What have you done with the coins I have given you?” the merchant asked the homeless.With one of them I bought bread to live on, said the poor man.And what have you done with the other?, said the merchant.With the other I bought a rose, sir, to have to live…”

Sometimes, our rush to get to everything, our desire to have new things, to own the best, to get that promotion, that car, that house, … it makes us burden ourselves with obligations without a ‘for what’. They are distractions that divert us from our initial goal that gives meaning to life. Therefore, I would love this post to help us all a little to reflect, to stop -even for five minutes- and to answer that question:What gives meaning to my life? What motivates me?

Because, with the new course, we set ourselves challenges, goals, objectives The personal and professional aspirations of each one are what pushes us to continue, to continue working, learning … and that is wonderful! Because it makes us grow as people.

But to grow as people our actions must have a meaning, a purpose, a why…What’s your why? What is your purpose?

Being clear about our motivations benefits us, both at the level of performance -because we undertake actions with a certain direction- and on a personal level. When we are motivated we feel better and are much more productive, while doing our daily work with much more passion. And, above all, we do not forget the objective that guides our actions!

And it is important, not to leave aside that initial objective. If our goal, for example, is to work to ensure that our family can live comfortably, that our sons and daughters study and have a promising future… it is because our what our family is for. And in the search for that ultimate goal we cannot leave it aside. How many of us have happened that we get into the maelstrom of day to day we forget an important date at home or leave a little earlier to share a family dinner? It is clear that it is not always possible to adjust our work, we depend on bosses, employees, trips, agenda of others …, but if our what is the family for, why do we not try to dedicate a few hours a week? Each to the extent of its possibilities.

On other occasions, we started that work that did not convince us to be able to pay for the studies, but -little by little- we have been accommodating ourselves and we have left aside the effort involved in continuing to learn to continue with our purpose, with our ‘why’ in life.

Look, it is easy for the inertia of the day to day to make us live in ‘automatic mode’ and that we forget our why in life … That is why I ask you to make yourself like the homeless man in the story who buys a rose to take care of it, to contemplate it… to have a reason to live! I ask you to search your memory and remember your ‘why’.

I’m sure you have some wonderful reasons! Do you tell me about them and so we remember them?

What is your motivation? What gives meaning to your life?

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