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What is your motivation in life? – Consciously

Today we are going to start by taking a look at those events that at some point had such importance that they gave us the energy, the desire, the motivation to carry them out without hesitation. Possibly your multiple daily occupations lead you to act almost automatically, without giving importance, even without truly recognizing, what is your motivation in life?

You remember when your parents told you they would go on vacation to the beach, but you had to leave your tasks finished earlier, there was no need for them to supervise you or be behind you, you just did whatever it took to finish quickly and well. Why? Because you had the motivation of the trip at the door and no effort was too much.

Remember when you had to carry out a thousand procedures in order to obtain the necessary permits and documents to make your first trip abroad. It is very likely that from that experience the first thing that comes to your mind are the details of the trip and not the previous “efforts”.

Do you remember?… surely right now you have a smile on your lips, of course, even if the “efforts” have been many, they lose their drama in your memory and we can only remember the satisfaction obtained. We stop seeing an obligation where there is a true desire, a longing, a great motivation that moves us to achieve it.

Although these experiences can have such a positive impact on us, we usually have too many fingers to remember them in our history, a lot has to do with our little knowledge of ourselves, with our lack of clarity and even courage to know, from the beginning, what we really want, what makes us happy; and then, to put our happiness and well-being in the place they should deserve for ourselves: The First.

In many cases, we come across a family and cultural history that encourages us to think and act first for others, and to leave our needs and satisfiers in the end. We have seen that no one can give what they do not have, and the best way to help others, to be a support for them, but above all to contribute to their well-being; it is being in harmony and well-being with ourselves, only in this way can we relate from tenderness and generosity with them and do not only acts or material aids, but acts or aids of love.

Now, how can we find what your motivation is in life? In order to solve this point, we suggest you answer the following questions first:· What makes you feel good about yourself?· What do you love to do?· What stimulates or arouses your interest?· What characteristics should your life have to feel happy?

Once you are clear about the answers, it will be easier to really find what your motivation in life is, to define the purpose and goals of the following year.

Let’s take the example of a former co-worker: Jimena.

Jimena grew up in a close-knit family with two siblings, one older and one younger than her. I didn’t understand why, but they were all in very good condition and were of thin build, even though they ate the same ones and had similar activities. At the end of university, she got her first job in marketing, when she got there she faced a very competitive reality, where she felt a disadvantage for her appearance in relation to her peers, so, advised by all those who wanted to “help” her, during the next two years she underwent at least six different diets and three “formal” attempts to exercise.

Although at first they seemed to have good results, after the first few weeks, I returned to the same eating habits and stopped exercising due to overwork and daily fatigue.

After a knee health problem at almost 28 years old, he decided to face his overweight seriously because this time his motivation was not to look better or try to fit into his work group, but to avoid a long-term health problem.This situation also led her to fear that she could continue to enjoy the family activities that she loved so much, such as those long walks in the park that they did on the mornings of each weekend since she could remember.

Because he felt at risk both his health, and a part of his life that he not only enjoyed, but provided him with great peace of mind in his hectic week, he defined a clear purpose to improve and take care of his health in the medium and long term and really commit to it.

He proposed, even without knowing it, clear objectives to achieve it, among them; go to a nutritionist, sign up with your sister for a dance class three times a week; have breakfast every day without pretext and eliminate from your daily diet the delicious cookies that were always at your disposal in the office.

Although he had his degree of difficulty, this time his motivation was so great that, during the following year, he managed to lose 25 kilos and do it in a healthy and risk-free way; this also brought her an added benefit, she felt proud of her achievement and improved her self-esteem.

Jimena had to face a situation of risk and great concern to find the necessary motivation that would give her the strength and conviction to commit and above all fulfill herself in her purpose.

She was a first sign in my story not to wait for that “forced motivator” to appear in my life and better to start “for the good one” to take care of my life, which is the only one I have and for which there can be no one more responsible than myself.

Do you think you can find what your motivation is in life, what piques your interest, what can make you feel good and proud of yourself?

Tell us, we will love to know what your opinion is on this topic.Thank you for staying with us!


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