What Home Remedies Keep Mosquitoes Away


What Home Remedies Keep Mosquitoes Away – There are many natural ways to keep mosquitoes away this summer, all based on science! I’ve shared a few of these tips over the years, but today I wanted to give you an in-depth post to get you ready for summer!

Here in Texas, we have mosquitoes (among other insects), starting in early February when the weather warms up. In the summer, they can get worse with humidity.

What Home Remedies Keep Mosquitoes Away

What Home Remedies Keep Mosquitoes Away

Last summer, I posted a newsletter with tips on how to keep bugs at bay this summer. I’ve covered some of the best natural options, and I’ve had many readers write in and say they enjoyed them! I thought a whole blog about this topic would be a great way to start the summer!

Natural Mosquito Repellents

Basil plants are a great way to keep mosquitoes away from us. the reason? Basil plants (along with tarragon and bay) contain a chemical called estragole. Estragol is a type of phenylpropane that repels insects, especially mosquitoes.

You can buy cheap basil plants and keep them around your yard, especially in patio areas. Basil oil is also a safe option, but it will be more expensive.

Do you know that the smell of lavender repels mosquitoes? They do! Having lavender plants around your yard is a great natural option to keep mosquitoes at bay. I have a friend who has lavender plants in pots around her house and she never has a mosquito problem!

Of course, lavender oil is also another option, but protecting them with oil alone is too much. You can use the oil on your skin in a spray to protect it from your body!

Six Fragrant Plants To Add To Your Garden Now To Keep Mosquitoes Away

This is an obvious choice. Citronella is known to ward off all kinds of pests. I love using citronella oil in this homemade bug spray! The cheapest and easiest way to have citronella around your yard is to have a tree! Citronella is extracted from lemongrass plants, so keeping it around your neighborhood is an excellent mosquito repellent.

Garlic contains an amino acid that turns into a chemical called allicin when crushed, mixed, or crushed. This smell repels mosquitoes and other insects. You can store minced garlic in outdoor dishes, especially around dining areas. Another option is to have some garlic plants around. The trees will not be as strong as cutting them down, but they will still help keep mosquitoes at bay.

You can apply it on your hands and feet to get rid of insects. Studies show that eating garlic can also remove this odor from your skin! So, eating more garlic can help too!

What Home Remedies Keep Mosquitoes Away

These oils are found in many natural products for insects, skin care and more. Studies show that it keeps mosquitoes at bay for a long time. You can use it directly on your skin or put it in a bowl near you while you’re out and about.

Mosquito Bites: Symptoms, Complications, And Prevention

These are natural clean options! I like these sticks because they last for over an hour and don’t have a strong scent. Perfect for outdoor parties or any time you want to enjoy the outdoors.

Another use of coffee shops (read more about them here)! Coffee shops can work in two ways. The smell repels mosquitoes, so you can leave it in a bowl in your outdoor area, such as tables. You can also spread coffee around plants that tend to attract mosquitoes. Many of my potted plants attract mosquitoes, so keeping the coffee grounds on the ground is a great option.

Coffee grounds are also known to kill mosquito larvae. If you have wet areas or standing water in the flower bed, sprinkling coffee around can kill caterpillars.

I love this bug spray! It is cheap to make and completely natural. If you can’t control the environment, mosquito control is the next best thing. This bug spray is fragrance free and safe for kids too!

Home Remedies To Keep Mosquitoes Away

I have used one of these in my home for years and it works wonders! You can use it outdoors or in enclosed spaces such as garages, patios, covered porches, or anywhere bugs can get in. It also works for other pests around the house. We’ve had one taped up in our hallway for years, and it really helps! Everyone knows what it’s like to be bitten by a mosquito and covered in red, itchy bumps that cause nausea and discomfort. The itching that occurs after a mosquito bite or one of the insects is your body’s unique response to this event.

Our body’s reaction to the anticoagulant is to produce histamine and send it to the injured area. It is the histamines that cause the itching of the bite. It is not the mosquito that is causing the swelling and itching, but your immune system. Unfortunately, the vicious cycle is that the more you scratch and itch from a mosquito bite, the more histamine your body sends to the area, so the key is to try not to scratch yourself.

Fortunately for us, there are mosquito bite remedies that can help reduce the redness, swelling and stop the infamous itch.

What Home Remedies Keep Mosquitoes Away

These natural remedies for mosquito bites that can be made from items found in your home can help end those sleepless nights and allow you to enjoy your vacation.

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes And Deal With Those Nasty Bites

Toothpaste is a great remedy to help combat the annoying itchiness that plagues you after a mosquito bite. Add a little bit to the bite and the menthol scent of the toothpaste will act as a cooling agent and take your mind off the urge to scratch. In addition to this, the astringent properties of toothpaste help reduce inflammation by removing fluid build-up.

It may sound strange, but banana peels are another good way to treat mosquito bites. This is due to the natural oils in the banana skin. For this natural remedy, simply apply a banana peel on the face of the mosquito bite and relax as the stinging subsides. You may smell like bananas, but it’s important to avoid that terrible itch.

Just like bees and bees, ice is a great way to treat mosquito bites. Take an ice pack or a bag of dried peas and apply it to the mosquito bite. Cold helps cool the area, reduce redness, and prevent itching. It’s not a long-term solution, but it’s an easy way to get relief.

Did you know that aloe vera is an amazing, natural, anti-inflammatory? This is what makes it a good natural remedy for mosquito bites. The vitamins and minerals in aloe vera help reduce pain, swelling and itching. In addition, it also helps to heal the bite quickly. Fresh aloe vera or aloe vera gel works perfectly for this home remedy. Before putting it on your skin, make sure it is always at a cool temperature, just putting it in the fridge for 10 minutes will usually do the trick. All you have to do is apply the gel to the mosquito bite and let the aloe vera do its magic.

How To Defeat The Itch Of A Bite: Some Home Remedies

With all of the above in mind, it’s time to really use mosquito repellent and protect yourself. From oils, patches, sprays and bandages, there are many ways to ensure you are protected while enjoying the heat. Check out our new collection of mosquito repellent products and choose the best one for you. All of these are made in the UK and have been tested to be highly effective against many biting insects, so they are one size fits all to ensure you are protected from insects when you are out and about. They are powerful natural and medicinal compounds that have been shown in tests to work as synthetic chemicals but without the risk of side effects. Skin moisturizing, pleasant smell, without DEET and alcohol, and suitable even for pregnant women and children of six months. Mosquitoes are a nuisance. With their screams and unbridled bloodlust, they can easily drive even the most die-hard outdoor lover inside. They can also pose a health risk. From Zika and West Nile viruses to yellow fever and malaria, mosquito-borne diseases can be serious and sometimes fatal.

Learning mosquito control is an important step in protecting your home, lawn, and landscape, and Home Defense® has a line of products that provide outdoor mosquito protection in just a few easy steps. Follow these tips to repel and control mosquitoes and prevent future problems.

Treating your yard is a tried and true way to reduce the spread of mosquitoes. Kill mosquitoes (including those that can transmit West Nile and Zika viruses) in your lawn and landscape beds with Bugclear™ Insect Killer ® .

What Home Remedies Keep Mosquitoes Away

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