What Helps Keep Mosquitoes Away


What Helps Keep Mosquitoes Away – We don’t have curtains on our front porch, so we use mosquito repellant plants to keep the pesky bugs away. Here is a list of 25 plants that repel mosquitoes!

If you ask any of my friends, they will tell you that I practically live outside on my deck. From coffee to food to just sitting late at night watching the hummingbirds, I’m outside a lot. However, it is not surrounded by any netting, so we need creative ways to repel mosquitoes. Plants are natural and fun!

What Helps Keep Mosquitoes Away

What Helps Keep Mosquitoes Away

For starters, most of these plants can be planted directly in the ground or kept in pots. Some also have lingering scents that only need a light breeze to spread, while others reward more with a gentle touch. Finally, some mosquito repellent plants work better if the leaves are crushed to extract the oils.

What Won’t Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Business

Geraniol contains geraniol, which mosquitoes hate! Most all geraniums contain varying amounts of geraniol, but common flower varieties contain the most. Pelargoniums are not hardy, but you can grow them outdoors during the summer months. They enjoy full sun.

Citronella geranium is not a true citronella plant (we’ll talk about that next time), but a variety of geranium. Yes, both are great mosquito repellent plants, but I’m listing them separately because the essential oils are similar but different. Thus, citronella pelargonium contains a higher amount of citronellol, the main component of the citronella herb. It is also an oil used in candles and torch fuel to repel mosquitoes.

Citronella is a tropical herb that contains large amounts of citronellol. It can be confused with lemongrass, but it is a different type of grass. It is also harder to find in garden centers.

Lemongrass plants are also great mosquito repellents because they contain high amounts of citral and geraniol, both of which repel mosquitoes [1]. It also contains, to a lesser extent, citronellol, along with limonene and linalool, which are often used in “natural” commercial mosquito repellents. Lemongrass is easier to find and grows very well in most humid climates. It can become very large and the clots may need to be broken up. In some areas, winter can be very good.

Home Remedies To Keep Mosquito Away

Melissa contains a large amount of rosmarinic acid, as well as citronellol and geraniol. Rosmarinic acid is found in rosemary. Lemon balm makes a great tea and is very easy to grow. It can become invasive if the tiny black seeds are allowed to spread through the lawn and germinate. I intentionally kept it mine. When I mow near them, they chop and release oils into the air.

Lavender contains pinene and linalool, which make lavender plants excellent mosquito repellents. Many other compounds are included in lavender, but these two are mainly responsible for repelling mosquitoes. Lavender grows best in well-drained soil. It may produce flowers in the first year, but the leaves often contain as much oil as the flowers.

There is an old saying: if you plant marigolds next to potatoes, there will be no potato bugs. This has been shown to be associated with tagethone and to a lesser extent limonene.[2] Tageton repels mosquitoes very well, just by being in the garden. Marigolds are annual plants that are represented by short or tall plants in a variety of yellow and orange colors.

What Helps Keep Mosquitoes Away

Basils are great plants to repel mosquitoes because they contain geraniol among other ingredients. Some basils, such as Thai basil, holy basil, and African blue basil, also contain eugenol. Some other basils contain eugenol, but in smaller amounts.

Tips And Tricks To Keep Mosquitoes Away

In most regions, eucalyptus is an ornamental plant, but in some, such as Australia and the Gulf Coast of the southern United States, it grows so well that it can be considered a weed. In temperate zones, you can keep it in a pot and move it every winter. Eucalyptus mainly contains pinene and limonene and is well known as a mosquito repellent.

Rosemary is known as a culinary herb. It contains rosmarinic acid along with pinene and borneol, another compound that makes the plant a great mosquito repellant.

Lantana is native to Africa and has naturalized in parts of the Everglades, among other places. It is mainly used as an ornament, but the leaves have a scent that can help repel mosquitoes. Two recently discovered compounds found in the lanthanum plant (lanatoside and lanthanone) are currently being studied.[3]

Monarda or bee balm contains thymol, which is also found in thyme, and pinene. Dry, crushed leaves work best as a mosquito repellent.

Plants You Need To Get Now To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Pennyroyal is another mint that contains the powerful citral and pinene esters. It also contains pugelone, which the Indians used as an abortifacient. Used in landscape design, rarely a threat.

Varieties of sage work as mosquito repellent plants because they contain cineole and camphor. For the greatest repellent effect, it is best to burn sage and let the smoke escape.

Chamomile is a small, tender plant known for its tea. Pinene is largely responsible for its ability to repel mosquitoes.

What Helps Keep Mosquitoes Away

Nasturtiums are controversial for their ability to repel mosquitoes. Some people swear by them and say they repel mosquitoes better than most other plants.

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Garlic also contains these sulfur compounds. Yes, onions and garlic always seem to go together. Be it for culinary use or as a plant to repel mosquitoes!

I’m not sure what’s in petunias or if they’re officially on this list, but when I have them on my deck I see fewer mosquitoes.

Chrysanthemums contain many compounds that mosquitoes hate. They bloom later, closer to fall, giving you color later in the season.

Finally, don’t forget to try our homemade mosquito repellent and homemade tick repellent. Both are natural and very effective!

Mosquito Repellent Plants For A Naturally Pest Free Yard

[3.] Begum S. Nematicidal components of aerial parts of Lantana camara. Magazine of natural products. June 2000.

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What Helps Keep Mosquitoes Away

DISCLAIMER: The information on DIY Naturalâ„¢ has not been reviewed or approved by the FDA and is NOT intended to replace the advice of your healthcare provider. If you rely solely on this advice, you do so at your own risk. Read the full disclaimer and disclosure here. There are so many natural ways to repel mosquitoes this summer, and they’re all based on science! I’ve shared some of these tips over the years, but today I’d like to give you an in-depth post to get you ready for summer!

Buzz Off! Effective Ways To Deter Bites During Australia’s Monster Mosquito Season

Here in Texas, mosquitoes (among all other bugs) appear as early as February if the weather is warm. In the summer, they can deteriorate significantly due to humidity.

Last summer I released a newsletter with tips on how to protect yourself from bugs this summer. I’ve touched on some of the best natural options out there, and many readers have written to say they really enjoyed it! I thought a full blog post on this topic would be a great way to kick off the summer!

Basil plants are a great way to keep mosquitoes away from our outdoor spaces. reason? Basil plants (as well as tarragon and bay leaves) contain a chemical called estragole. Estragol is a phenylpropene that repels insects, especially mosquitoes.

You can buy basil seedlings inexpensively and keep them in your yard, especially on your patio. Basil oil can also be preserved, but it will be a little more expensive.

Remedies To Keep Mosquitoes, Other Summer Pests From Biting

Did you know that the smell of lavender repels mosquitoes? They have! Lavender plants in your yard are a great natural option to repel mosquitoes. I have a friend who plants lavender in pots around her house and never has a problem with mosquitoes!

Of course, lavender oil is another option, but it takes a lot to repel them with just oil. Or you can spray the oil on your skin to keep it off your body!

This is an obvious choice. Citronella is known to repel all types of insects. I love using citronella oil in this homemade bug spray! The cheapest and easiest way to have citronella in your yard is with a lemongrass plant! Citronella is derived from lemongrass plants, so keeping it in your area is a great mosquito repellent.

What Helps Keep Mosquitoes Away

Garlic contains an amino acid that turns into a chemical called allicin when it is minced, blended, or chopped. This smell repels mosquitoes and other insects. Minced garlic can be stored in bowls outside, especially around eating areas. Another option is to have several garlic plants. The plants won’t be as strong as if you chopped them up, but they will still help repel mosquitoes.

Tips On How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Next Outdoor Event

You can apply this on your wrists and ankles to keep bugs at bay. Research

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