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Gaming is an indispensable passion for many people between the ages of 7 and 77. Especially in the late 90s, games that came into our lives with arcades showed their development with the 2000s. Today, with advanced technology, some games don’t look like reality.

There are many options for games such as phones, tablets, computers. through games play ways to earn money on the Internetwe share with you. However, you have to work really hard to make money from the games we list. 1- Counter Strike: Global Offensive – Ways to Make Money Online

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is known to many game lovers as CS:GO.

You can buy the game on Steam. After passing 10 chapters, you will receive items with material value called META or BOX. These values include, for example, metameters with a high material value. You can sell your profits on the Steam market. such ways to earn money on the Internet will be opened up to you.2- H1Z1 Game – Ways to Make Money on the Internet

The H1Z1 game is a kind of survival game. This game has a different “Battle Royale” mode than the normal survival mode. In this mode, those who are used to the game may have difficulty returning to normal survival mode.

In “Battle Royale” mode, the characters do not have characteristic indicators such as hunger or thirst. In this mode, the goal is to kill other characters and be the last survivor.

The game is still available on Steam. If you succeed in the game and pass the stages, you will earn boxes and safes. Some of the products that come out of these boxes can be valuable. Depending on their value, items offered for sale can be worth 1 to 3 thousand dollars.3- Team Fortress 2 Game – Ways to Make Money on the Internet

Team Fortress 2, one of the most popular games, offers its users free updates, including new modes, equipment, map content, and hats. The game, which has a variety of skills and characters in the tactical area, tests the skills of the players.

The game was developed by Valve. It’s a kind of shooter game. The game starts as a team.

Again, you need to make an effort to be successful in this way. With the team you will build, you can open up the opportunities to make money from the Internet. Steam You can list your items for sale. Depending on the value of the item earned, it is possible to earn 2-3 thousand TL in dollars. Earn money online through affiliate affiliate

If you want to make money online with affiliate marketing, the first thing you need to know is that you don’t need to own a product for this business. Distribution partnerships are the way to make money thanks to the customers you find by promoting and promoting others’ products.

The payment part of the job, the infrastructure of the payment, the communication with the company, otherwise the return process, etc. Any responsibility that you can imagine lies with the owner of the product. None of this concerns you.

As a distributor, it is your duty to reach customers who buy these products and refer them to the page where the product is located. How does the affiliate system work?

Ways to make money online With the aim of achieving a good income between the partners, the partner works through the link to the sales page of the product. After registering in the system, your earnings start via the affiliate link provided to you specifically for the product. Then we try to sell the product through this link on various advertising channels, blog pages or Instagram pages.

When the customer who reaches the sales page via the link we advertise buys the product, he realizes that we are the system redirect. For this transaction, we receive a commission, the amount of which varies depending on the product. For digital products, the commission varies between 50-75%.

To become an affiliate, you need a publishing tool with a good popularity. Among the publishing tools blog by frequency of use, Facebook, instagram ve Twitter, etc. Networks are popular tools.

Among these, we recommend the idea of making money from the Internet by entering into distribution partnerships through the blog, which is the easiest in terms of both simplicity and effort. In addition, product advertising on applications other than Facebook pages is restricted. From this point of view, affiliate marketing via blog comes one step ahead. Earn with Facebook – How to make money with Facebook?

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