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The key to being the greatest version of yourself is personal development.

The key to being the greatest version of yourself is personal development.

Like it was just yesterday, I was searching for knowledge on the most effective methods to adapt my habits and attitudes so that they help me become a better version of myself — one that is more optimized and about which I can be proud. I was in the midst of one of my transition processes at the time.

When I was in college, I came up with an idea that several writers had claimed may lead to dramatic changes in one’s personality. It seemed to be a straightforward solution that fit my personality.

That’s what we were told.

Every week, that’s 52 books in a year, just by reading one book. To become a completely new person by the end of the year, read 52 books on personal development. Transformed.”

To tell you the truth, I found it to be logical beyond my comprehension. As a result of my fascination with the concept of “bombing my mind” as a means of altering my behavior, I followed the advice of many scientists, coaches, psychologists, and writers working in the field of human growth and development.

Using the greatest writers, I created an à la carte personal development school based on the subjects I wanted to improve on.

First-hand readings on the topic were what I needed to learn how to change my behaviors and execute them.

However, I wanted to better understand my own emotional world and learn how to better regulate my emotions. He followed suit perfectly.

Since then, I’ve been a voracious reader.

The problem did not become apparent to me until almost two years later, though.

Is it more important to ‘know’ or ‘be’ So, what do you think?

As a result of reading more than 100 books while my back was turned, I created a false sense of security, believing that I had mastered all of the areas in which I had sought improvement.


After reading the finest and having a thorough understanding of that area, I was able to advise others.


That’s something I know like the back of my hand. I, of all people, had a steely sense of self-worth.

But life is immensely intelligent, and it places everyone on their proper position. Situations happen when we must use every one of our strengths to the fullest.

That’s what occurred to me at one of the most difficult periods of my life, as predicted.

Even if instinctive and subconscious responses surface when the human being is tested, it is at such times that the habits that are most deeply established emerge from hiding.

That isn’t all, either.

That after reading more than 100 books and attending a few conferences, nothing had changed.

He had a lot of knowledge, yet he was still a kid.

Having knowledge is not the same as being.

No matter how much you study public speaking and the techniques for being composed while speaking, you will never be able to do so if you don’t internalize the lessons and put them into practice.

Even if you know what emotions you’re feeling and how to deal with them, you won’t notice anything until you actively incorporate them into your daily life and try to improve them.

That runaway horse analogy isn’t going to help you at all.

Take a week off from reading.

In order to improve yourself, you don’t need to read a book a week. You don’t let a new thought, idea, or information sit around in your mind for long since you’ll get another one the next week and so on.

But on the other side, reading more won’t make you a better person, since let’s face it…

How many of the self-help books you’ve recently read have you retained all of the concepts?

And what about the other 80%?

What about a half-hearted effort?

Only 10% of the book is usually retained, and in rare situations 20%, as long as the topic captivates your attention and you are prepared to properly understand the information that the book is offering you.

The reason behind this is because, as an Oriental proverb goes:

Teachers only emerge when their students are ready for them.

To put it another way, when you’re ready to take a certain amount of knowledge, that book that didn’t really connect with you suddenly becomes quite enlightening (the teacher appears).

As an example, I’d like to share a personal story:

When I first wanted to learn how to live more mindfully and more in the moment, I picked up Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now,” written nine years ago.

I recall reading it all in one sitting and concluding that I had grasped the principles and had even assimilated them.

My enthusiasm quickly waned after only a few days of attempting to implement the lessons, and the pain of trying to adapt them for today’s environment is something I recall well.

As a result, I tucked it away and developed a resentment for what it had to say.

For the first time in nine years, I decided to give it another go.

When I re-read it, it appeared as if I was reading a whole other novel. I was completely enthralled by the book’s enlightening lessons, which resonated with me.

As soon as the pupil looked to be ready, the instructor reappeared.

Do you get what I’m trying to say now?

After the first time through, even if I had elected to read another book the following week, it would have been impossible for me to keep even 10% of its knowledge. However, the second time through, I am certain that I was able to retain far more. As a result of failing to relax and absorb,

All I want you to remember from what I’ve said is two things:

If we don’t allow the lessons time to rest in us and put them into practice, we will know a lot yet stay the same. People typically retain 10% of what they read.

In today’s world, I believe that reading a lot of books in the hopes that it would change you is foolish because, in my opinion, if you aren’t ready to see, hear, and absorb a message that connects with your life at this particular time, it will go unnoticed.

Please stick to these two points and I will be happy.

Here’s what I’d suggest:

Do not read a book every week, but maintain the practice of reading quietly in your spare time

The unique notion or the 10 percent approach will help you get to your best self.

If this is the case, you should now question yourself before reading a new book:

What is the 10% of this book that interests me now and would have a good impact on my life? It’s as though no one cares about him.

What is the underlying theme of this novel, and why is it so prevalent? Everything else can wait. Just get it down on paper and go to work.

This is what I’m doing right now, and it seems to be working. I only realized this after a long period of time.

It is possible that the same thing may happen, but are you going to implement my advice to fully develop your potential?

Make your thoughts known in the comments section below, I’d love to hear from you.


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