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The Importance of Personal Motivation – Viveananda

Personal motivation is a fundamental ingredient for personal growth. Personal motivation is a kind of fuel that keeps us on track.

In this article we are going to explain where motivation really comes from and how we can be constantly motivated without depending on external factors.

Motivation is a state of mind, which generates feelings of vigor, self-confidence and optimism in the face of problems and adversities in life. A motivated person will invariably have more willpower to make decisions and act; than an unmotivated person.

Motivation has the ability to provide the body with greater energy to perform activities, according to the interests of each individual. Understanding Personal Motivation

When we talk about personal motivation, most of us think of various media loaded with a lot of energy that send in essence the same message: “you can”.

We have in mind the idea that motivation is something that comes from outside of us, that it is something that we have to look for from someone else. Ways to Motivate Yourself

When we feel unmotivated, we seek to find motivation in different media, whether videos, talks, books, conferences or courses.

After having interacted with any of the previous media, if this one was good, the feeling we have is to feel motivated again, we think that the material was a good motivator, however, in this process we are omitting the essential part.

Let’s take the example of a motivational video; Imagine that it is the best video you have ever seen, the mind will associate the feeling of motivation with the video. Probably, you will look at it several times, share it and look for videos of the style; thinking that this is the source of motivation.

What if we dedicated ourselves only to watching that same video every day?, this, in the hope of staying motivated always.

By intuition we know that this would not happen like this, shortly after carrying out this practice, it would become mechanical, it would become part of the larutina, we would memorize it, however, the state of motivation would be lost.

So, we can conclude that the source of personal motivation, really can not come from the video in this case, because if it were; we would only need the same video to motivate us always and more importantly, if this were true, it would also mean that all people would find motivation with the same medium.

From experience we know that what in the past motivated us today, most likely, no longer does, There are means that can motivate many, but they do not cause you any emotion, and vice versa. It seems that then the motivation is relative.

Why do you think we always seek motivation in different means and forms, and there is currently so much material?

This is because the state of motivation occurs in the interior of each of us, nothing has the ability to motivate you by itself, it necessarily needs the cooperation and interaction of your mind, this turns all motivating media into triggers of the mental state that we call motivation. Not at the source of it.

Personal Motivation is a Tool

Motivation is to realize and remember that you are able to achieve your goals and objectives, to overcome obstacles, to know that you have the capacity to overcome all your problems.

Triggers are what they do, they remind us of these things, they use different ways, but they all have the objective of awakening your mind so that it produces the state of motivation.

Motivation will always depend on you. Your will is the one that will achieve that there is an alteration in your emotions that makes you go from an unmotivated to the motivated state, you are the one who will allow the trigger to take effect, or not. The key to always being motivated

We must remember that another of the objectives of motivation is to have a positive mind, so that it faces difficult situations that create negativity.

Triggers are very good at reminding us of the positive parts, at reminding us that there is a different way of seeing and doing things.

However, it is essential to remember that everything is still in the mind.

If you wanted to, you can motivate yourself without the need for an external trigger, we simply must have the capacity and self-knowledge to stimulate the mind and that it remembers its possibilities.

This is not to say that triggers are not good, they are actually important; because we do not always have the sufficient will to stimulate the mind and memory. But you need to know where the source of motivation comes from.

By understanding the causes and functioning, we are in a better position to stay motivated, we can use both the will and the triggers to generate really powerful motivation states, which in the end achieve the goal, move forward.

I have designed these contents to contribute to personal growth and self-knowledge. It’s all based on what I’ve learned in years of research and application in my own life. I am co-founder, editor and writer of the digital magazine and creator of On my YouTube channel I am dedicated to the dissemination of various topics of a spiritual nature such as meditation and the application of various teachings of Hindu philosophy.


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