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The best motivational films in history

If you are looking for motivation, with the selection of films that we have prepared for you you will find the necessary strength to encourage you or face any challenge. Take note, they are all worth it.

Cinema is not only a hobby, it is also the way to transmit emotions and help us when we need it. Sitting in front of a movie we like can also be a training mode, because it all starts in the head.

There is a topic about romantic movies after a breakup (especially those that end up “badly” to see that we are not the most unfortunate), but also a sports movie can motivate us if we want to do some exercise at home.

However, motivation goes beyond sport and sentimental situation, and there are many different examples of motivational films that deal with various topics of self-improvement and that can help us see life with another color.

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Yes, cinema, like video games, music and other artistic manifestations, has among its functions to entertain, but it must also awaken something in the one who is on the other side of the work. Whether it is the situation of the protagonists or the charisma of them, we connect easily with them, which helps us empathize with their situation and the facts of the film.

Below we go with a list of the best motivation films in history. Rocky, the 1976

Rocky is the movie you’d expect to see at the end of a list of the best motivational movies in history. So… why not put it first? It is a classic written and starring Sylvester Stallone. This earned him an Oscar for best original screenplay (yes, Stallone has an Oscar) for a story that is the representation of the “American dream”.

The film tells the story of Rocky Balboa, a thug who is dedicated to collecting loans (with punches) and who has a special talent to give… and to receive. That’s why, encouraged by his friends, he gets into the world of boxing.

Starting from the bottom, training hard and eating a bunch of raw eggs, he gets to take on some of the biggest boxers at the professional level. It is one of those films that never tire, no matter how much you see them, and the most important thing is that it fulfills its role perfectly.

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If we are physically active people, it always makes us want to do some weights at home, and if not, it also encourages us to get in shape. In addition to the physical, Rocky shows us that, if we strive and fight, we can get whatever we want.

And if you liked Rocky, you have a string of films from the saga to choose from. Of course, the quality is not the same… The Fighter

From a classic of boxing cinema we went to one of 2011. This film has everything we ask of a sports movie: good characters, conflict and overcoming.

Starring an ultra-thin Christian Bale and a very strong Mark Wahlberg, it tells the story of two brothers who live in a troubled neighborhood that suffers from a major drug problem. Through a story of redemption, the film helps to focus on life and avoid problems in search of achieving new goals.

Although it went somewhat unnoticed at the box office, just for the performances it is worth it. Whether you like cinema with an important social context or if you are a boxing lover, it is a film that you should not miss. The Indomitable Will Hunting

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck sign the script and star in this delightful film in which Robin Williams plays a psychology professor in a role that earned him an Oscar. By the way, Matt and Ben also got the award thanks to the script.

The story is about Will, the character of Damon, a young man with a great IQ who makes some mistakes and hits his feet in jail. However, Professor Lambeau (played by Stellan Skarsgård) encourages Will to study under his supervision to avoid prison.

The deal involves visiting different therapists to control his anger, but no treatment works until Dr. Maguire, played by Williams, appears on screen. That’s where we see the good-natured actor giving one hundred percent in an impressive role that gets Will, and the viewer himself, to open up.

We could put in this position The Club of the Dead Poets, but, while Williams does an outstanding job also in that film, in The Indomitable Will Hunting it is even more touching.

Best War Movies everMillion Dollar Baby

There are many boxing movies that deserve to be among the best motivational movies ever. ‘The Wrestler’ or ‘The Fighter’ are two great films that orbit around the world of professional combat. However, you have to choose and another of the greats in history is ‘Million Dollar Baby’.

It is the film directed by Clint Eastwood who, despite being a regular in the role of the hardliner, has an exquisite taste when it comes to directing. ‘Gran Torino’ is an example, and this ‘Million Dollar Baby’, another.

‘Million Dollar Baby’ is one of the best motivational films in history, and twice. Maggie is a waitress who dreams of being a boxer and is determined to have Frankie Dunn, a very talented trainer, but with little luck, be her mentor.

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When the two characters come together, an undeniable chemistry occurs that will lead both to overcome each other. And, in addition to Clint and Hilary Swank, absolute protagonists, we also have an immeasurable Morgan Freeman.

It was quite an event in France. Released in 2011, it tells the life of Philippe, a paraplegic aristocrat after an accident, and Bakary, an immigrant with a criminal record.

They are two characters belonging to very different worlds whose lives intersect to leave us one of those delicious films that are about overcoming and leaving aside prejudices and complexes.

Philippe, tired of having caregivers who only felt sorry for him, decides to count on the services of Bakary, who does not have the best of attitudes not to take care of him, but in his own life.

Little by little, the relationship between the two is strengthened and the two discover that they can achieve whatever they want if they lean on each other. A tender drama with comic overtones of those that you do not get tired of seeing again and again. Billy Elliot

If you haven’t seen ‘Billy Elliot’ by now, don’t keep reading and go for it. It is one of the best motivation films in history and tells us the story of… Billy Elliot, a young British man whose dream is to dance.

As you can imagine, to achieve his dream, Billy suffers a lot. He is one of the children of a family of miners in England in the mid-80s. His family is sunk in misery by the coal strike and Elliot’s father enrolls him in a sports center to learn boxing (yes, boxing again).

Elliot hates him, but loves to dance and starts doing it behind his father’s back. With the help of a teacher who aims to exploit the boy’s talent, Elliot will have to fight to convince his family that his dream is to dance and that he has a great talent for it.

It is a beautiful film, shot with great taste and one of the best examples of motivation that we can find in the cinema. The Theory of Everything

This is one of the best motivation films, and one of the most recent. It is a biopic of the life of Stephen Hawking, one of the most important scientists of our time and, in addition, the protagonist of a story of overcoming like few others.

Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones are the protagonists of the film and play in a masterful way Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde, the first great love of the brilliant scientist.

As you know, Hawking, who died recently, was diagnosed with ALS, a disorder that was to give him two years to live. However, he managed to sell alS and lived to give us great scientific theories. The film shows that scientific aspect, but above all it is a story of overcoming for its characters.

And, like many drama and love films, it does not have a happy ending.

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Another boxing movie and, like some others on this list, based on real events. ‘Ali’, starring an unrecognizable Will Smith, is one of the best motivational films in history.


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