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We are experiencing a real digital revolution worldwide. Every day, there are different news in all four corners of the world. When we believe that nothing more innovative can emerge, we are surprised by even more advanced systems and software.

This invasion could not be restricted to individuals, so virtually all companies are using various tools that directly contribute to improving the quality and management of Brazilian enterprises.

Technology in industries is a reality and there is no way to get away from it. In today’s article, we’ll show you how technological tools can help manufacturing processes. Check! Increased agility, productivity and process efficiency

The lack of use of technology in manufacturing processes can be one of the major causes of low productivity in industries. As the market is increasingly crowded, it is essential to make manufactured processes more agile and efficient.

Speed in certain procedures is also required by most customers. As technology evolves, the processes of service, information delivery, and other actions that are targeted to a customer need to be more agile.

However, by “making processes more agile”, we cannot allow the quality of products to fall in the same proportion, and should keep it simultaneously while the manufacturing process is optimized. Technology, therefore, is able to remove the contrast that exists between these two concepts.

By implementing the technology in these manufacturing processes, you can replace some manual procedures or better manage the division of labor, in order to increase the efficiency of your employees, ensuring that the quality of the products is not affected.

Still on this subject, it is wrong that entrepreneur who thinks that this type of technology is restricted to large industries. Medium, small and micro enterprises have access to technological solutions capable of optimizing daily work. Nowadays, technological tools are accessible to various types of business.

In the previous topic, we highlight that the technology is accessible to a large number of companies throughout Brazil, both larger and small and medium enterprises.

The problem is that many of these companies, with the aim of reducing costs, end up investing in technology only when they realize that they are obliged to do so, or when old processes are no longer able to meet the needs of the company.

This type of practice is a big mistake, because the cost of maintenance over the years, in many cases, is higher than the expenses arising from the acquisition of these tools. In this sense, we observed that old processes are becoming more expensive than more advanced technological tools.

Thus, the doors are becoming increasingly open for the arrival of all the technological innovations created, as well as those that are still in the design or testing phase.

It is important that you be prepared, because when these technologies reach companies, the invasion will be immediate and will no longer be able to run from them. After all, the benefits they can provide end up being more advantageous than their possible costs. Optimized management

To date, we highlight the importance of technology in industries, especially with reference to the shop floor. However, it is not only this department of the company that benefits.

Despite being responsible for generating the company’s results and deserve due recognition and care, the administrative management of the business is also optimized and facilitated with the acquisition of new technologies.

They are able to integrate all the information generated in the company, as well as provide accurate reports and analysis, crucial to support the management decision-making important for the growth and success of the company.

In addition, many processes can be automated, enabling more cost reduction, more time for managers and administrators to take better care of the company’s production, as well as other important tasks, such as: customer and supplier relationships, employee management, among others.

The most used technological tools in the management of companies are the famous ERPs. These are highly technological systems that are able to integrate several departments within the company. Monitoring innovations

Finally, by having the support of technologies in the industry, your enterprise will always be up to date with the news that arise in the context of your business. This makes it easier to adapt and take advantage of the key benefits these tools can provide.

In addition, your venture will be closer to adapting to the emerging concept of industry 4.0, which we will discuss better in the next topic. Keep reading! Industry 4.0: concept and application

Industry 4.0 is a process that comprises the application of the main technological innovations and modern processes related to manufacturing and industrialization. The basis of this concept is related to the performance and connection between machinery, manual processes and intelligent technological systems in the production process.

It may seem that this reality is very far from the Brazilian manufacturing market, however, as we mentioned in this article, these elements are becoming more accessible. As the years go by, new tools emerge and the need for companies to obtain them increases. Thus, it is inevitable that they will be more accessible to as many companies as possible.

Some say that industry 4.0 is the biggest change that this activity has undergone after the last industrial revolution, which occurred around the 19th century, in which industrial and manufactured processes underwent significant changes and intensified until reaching the point where we are currently experiencing.

In this context, the concept of industry 4.0 is a reality in many sectors. It has been adding technological tools to increase the integration and monitoring of processes, building a complete database that can be used throughout the production chain, optimizing the entire process, from the acquisition of raw materials to the sale of products.

With this, we can conclude that technology in industries is completely changing the old and obsolete work methodologies, which are no longer able to meet the needs of the market. So you can’t be left out!

Did you like today’s article? Want to know more about this? So check out our post on industry 4.0.

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