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Since agriculture began thousands of years ago in ancient Mesopotamia, technical advances have been constant. Technology goes hand in hand with agriculture, since the farmer has always tried to facilitate the hard work involved in the field. From the landfill plough to the tractors connected via satellite to your mobile phone, technology in agriculture means advances and improvements in the efficiency of your farm. What we mean by technology in agriculture

We can define technology in agriculture asa tool that represents an advance in the working model and that improves the efficiency of a farm. Although we hardly perceive it, many of the activities and tasks that are carried out in a day of work in the field involve the use of technology.

In the field, technology must meet three objectives:Facilitate, or directly carry out, the work of farmers.Increase crop yields.Save on production inputs.

The idea is to be able to carry out agricultural work with the minimum time and the minimum possible personnel. For example, think about the advance that the tractor was. The use of the machine implied a substantial improvement in working efficiency compared to animal traction. Today, the most powerful tractors allow work to be done in much less time than the first ones that were invented.

Farmers are aware of the advantages offered by technology in agriculture, so the vast majority want to use the most up-to-date and advanced possible. In these times, the technification of the field has reached such a point that we already talk about smart agro, agrotech or Agricultural Technology – all concepts that we can summarize as precision agriculture. That is, computer science at the service of agriculture.

Perhaps you relate the term to the use of drones to obtain high-resolution images of crops that help you estimate fertilization needs, or GPS navigation to harvest without driving the tractor. But it goes much further. It is a digital revolution that also reaches the field and that leaves us to solve a few challenges. Challenges that have to do with the agricultural and food sector and very ambitious goals related to this overpopulated, globalized planet in which resources are clearly finite. What is the cost of leveraging technology in agriculture

Technology must help optimize the profitability of a farm, so it must be economical. Only then will it be worth implementing. For example, a machine used to collect the olives from an olive farm must involve a lower cost than that involved in harvesting manually. This should be assessed in each case.

The digitalization of the field makes it possible to increase the yields of an agricultural holding and reduce inputs. Applying precision agriculture to crops results in better preparing the soil, providing plants with only the necessary nutrients, the exact pesticides to fight pests and diseases that affect them and better distributing inputs in the field. Again, if a technology is going to be a benefit to the farmer, the price of it cannot be greater than the benefit it entails. For example, a fungicide for a wheat crop that allows to harvest 10% more, can not exceed, per hectare, the value of 10% of the harvest obtained. Benefits of applying technology in agriculture

As we have seen, precision agriculture, thanks to technology, allows farmers to save costs. Thanks to the advances, it is no longer necessary to apply water, fertilizers and pesticides uniformly throughout the farm, with the cost that entails. On the other hand, technology allows to apply the minimum quantities required and to do it in specific areas, really those that need it.

One of the great benefits, for the farmer, of the use of any type of agricultural technology is the saving of time. Whether you use a plow or a drone, both tools allow you to perform tasks in much less time than if you did not have them. In this lies one of the keys to technology. Thinking about that factor, management software has been created. They facilitate the task of organizing the paperwork. For example, digitizing the field notebook, writing down the costs of the work done, etc. Having on a mobile device all the information related to the plots, among other things, will save you a lot of work at the end of the campaign.

Thus, we can summarize some of the benefits of technology in agriculture as follows:Increases crop productivity .It lowers the consumption of water, fertilizers and pesticides, and that affects the final price of the product. For example, a drip irrigation system saves water.Chemical discharges into rivers and groundwater decrease.It increases the safety of workers on the farm.It allows greater control of the farm by being able to consult information on past harvests.Improves crop efficiency .Increases the food quality of products.The environmental and ecological impact is reduced.The same work is done involving fewer people.The farmer delegates to technology the performance of tasks that would take time. In this way you have time to plan and improve the management of your farm.

One of the biggest advantages of using technology in agriculture is the possibility of developing greener agricultural practices. Applying the technology to the field has an effect in terms of environmental efficiency. If the technical assistance provides complete information about the plot and the crop, the farmer will be able to preserve resources and not waste them. It avoids the depletion of the land and is better cared for.

In view of all these advantages, more and more small and medium-sized farms continue to incorporate advances in agricultural technology into their routine. We could say that it is almost essential to have it in your farm. And all this technology, which includes management tools, helps you organize and get the most out of your plots. With Agroptima you will have at your fingertips a management software capable of handling all the information related to your farm. It will be available anytime, anywhere in the palm of your hand, so you can assess which agricultural technologies are right for you. Do you want to discover it? Try Agroptima for free.

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