Technology, benefits to society.

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Technological progress is something that is increasing with giant steps, the world of multimedia is becoming a revolution, which provides many advantages, the creation of applications where various elements are mixed interactively, and where navigability can be developed in a pleasant, very pleasant, perhaps fun way,but without losing the informative focus, it is something that we can already observe in many places, multimedia is being implemented in many devices and means of transmission and is making communication possible at a universal level, achieving a worldwide integration of society through different applications and through various media.

The following list shows us a compilation of articles related to the benefits of technology in society.1.- INTERNET AND SOCIETY

Today, based on globalizing processes, it is pertinent to admit that information and knowledge constitute one of the most important axes of development in the world. In that sense, the Internet is considered both as a tool and as a source of information in itself. By promoting the use of the Internet, a remarkable information circulation is promoted, which builds a firm infrastructure for the societies of today and tomorrow. It is proposed, on the other hand, that information technology has not only modified the study of and access to science, technology and industry, but also all the activities of human life: culture, commerce, entertainment and education. (Read More)


What is known as Science, Technology and Society (CTS) deals with these three concepts: science, technology and society, so it could be said that CTS does not bring anything new about the disciplines themselves summarized by the three words that make up the acronym.Even when STS is part of educational curricula as a distinct content or subject, it could be considered redundant. Are there no already science subjects or subjects in the education system? Isn’t technology also taught? Aren’t you also studying various subjects of social sciences or humanities that focus on the understanding of what we call society? (Read More)3.- SOCIAL RISKS AND BENEFITS OF TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT.

The studies “Science, Technology, Society” (CTS) are one of the most important facets

renovators in the field of research of the late twentieth century

. In this trajectory is the interest of Eusko Ikaskuntza – Society of Basque Studies, which has already begun

last year to this series entitled Society, Science and Technology”, where priority was given -as

its very name indicates the role of society in relation to the contemporary techno-scientific process. (Read More)


The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO, 2001) recognizes that technology represents great potential to improve learning and teaching, expand access to education, improve the quality, management and delivery of educational services, although its real effects are still in the analysis and discussion phase.  (Read More)


ICTs play a decisive role in the teaching-learning process of universities

European In meeting the challenges posed in the project of convergence of the

different national systems (European Higher Education Area -EHEA-) referring to the

innovation in the forms of generation and transmission of knowledge and the commitment to a

continuing education throughout life.

on the assessment that teachers of Spanish universities make about the advantages that

the use of ICTs reports to this process. The information collected by survey

personalized by email shows that the main advantages are the

breaking of the spatio-temporal barriers, the possibility they offer of interaction with the

information and how useful they are as a tool to support learning. 
On the contrary, the

Less valued advantage has been the saving of time that the teacher could devote to other tasks. (Read More)


The presence of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the world of education is today an undeniable reality, and the possibilities, advantages or results of this presence has become a first-line issue in the analysis of experts, in the priorities of educational administrations or in the suggested changes in the training and updating of teachers. One could describe as incessant the avalanche of business initiatives, congresses on education, educational policies, programs sponsored by large computer corporations, etc., which time and again insist on the improvement of teaching promoted by the presence of technologies in the classroom. (Read More)7.- THE ‘DIGITAL DIVIDE’ A CHALLENGE FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE KNOWLEDGE SOCIETYThe development of information and communication technologies (ICT)

within the knowledge economy is generating important transformations in the current economy and new development expectations. Without

However, the opportunity that ICTs offer to economic growth does not

seems to materialize for the least developed countries, generating what

it has been called the digital divide. (Read More)


 Scientific and technological development is one of the most influential factors in contemporary society. Globalization, polarizing wealth and power, would be unthinkable without the advancement of the productive forces that science and technology have made possible. Above all, since the sixties various efforts have been made to integrate the social studies of science and technology into an interdisciplinary perspective that is called Studies in Science, Technology and Society (CTS). Already in these yearsnumerous evidences accumulated that scientific and technological development could bring negative consequences to society due to its military use, ecological impact or other means. (Read More)

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