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Technology 4.0: benefits and applications for your company

In the world of technology 4.0 there are already many solutions, offered not only by great technological leaders, but also by a considerable number of SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs. The latter have made the democratization of knowledge their weapon to participate with their products and services in this so-called fourth industrial revolution.Any of these solutions is perfectly valid and has enough quality and reliability so that a company, large or small, can use it with guarantees. Let’s get rid of the preconceptions about the product quality of small companies and start-ups, but let’s also not think that this innovation and Industry 4.0 is the exclusive property of this type of small companies. The large ones, although somewhat slower, are also capable of offering cutting-edge and disruptive technologies.That said, choosing which of these solutions to apply and how to apply them is crucial, so that they are really effective and generate competitiveness once implemented in the company. And if not, they do not make much sense, since what we are looking for is always to improve the profitability and sustainability of the company. Technology 4.0: Planning and personalization as a basis for success

But a service company is not the same as an industry with a high content of labor (such as textiles), or an industry of large series and highly automated machines or robotic processes. Moreover, each company is a world that at all times has different priorities, needs and opportunities.Therefore, apart from the technical knowledge about the capabilities and characteristics of each of these 4.0 technologies, the company that wishes to launch the fourth industrial revolution, must analyze in depth what are the critical aspects of its management and its processes. This way you will be able to invest and apply these technologies in an orderly manner, prioritizing and attending first to the critical aspects of the company. It is also very positive to have a strategy at the enterprise level, which will allow us to align the 4.0 technology that we adopt with what is marked in this long-term planning. We can not (nor should we consider) applying all these technologies at once, nor thinking about standard packages, it is a mistake, since advancing in the digitalization of the company, successfully addressing Industry 4.0, means creating a tailor-made suit in each case. Technology 4.0: Factors to consider before implementation

In this way, we must ensure that our company has the necessary skills and capabilities to carry out a strategic analysis of the performance and critical points of the company. This will allow us to identify in which areas we must act as a priority, in which we do not have to apply any 4.0 technology because it is not necessary.On the other hand, it is also necessary that we have in the company capabilities and skills in terms of definition and improvement of processes in each area. Technology 4.0 has to be at the service of the company, and implementing it cannot be an end in itself, but it has to be a mechanism that allows improving its competitiveness through simplification, automation or acceleration of its processes. That is why prior to the implementation of any 4.0 technology, an exhaustive definition and analysis of the affected process or processes must be carried out. If what we try is to adapt the company’s processes to a given solution, inefficiencies can be generated by affecting specific processes that are already highly efficient. This aspect must be taken into account. Solutions and technologies have to be adapted to the company’s processes, improving them and making them even more competitive. Technology 4.0: The basis of its application

In short, any aspiration to apply 4.0 technologies to become a company or an Industry 4.0, is to be very clear about its positioning and strategic approach, as well as the operation of its processes.Implementing technology 4.0 to be implemented, will only lead us to spend money on investments that will cost us to amortize, and to be disappointed with something that, well understood, can be very beneficial for any company.For this, it is very desirable to have in the company personnel with the aforementioned capabilities, who are able to know and support in the concrete definition of the solutions to be implemented. Undoubtedly, there is a large number of consultants perfectly prepared to advise us in this process, although I consider that the process is of such magnitude that the company is medium-sized, that it must be supervised by internal personnel of the same.Do you want to learn how to design smart products and be more efficient in their manufacture?¬†Get trained with ESIC’s Superior Program in Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.


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