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Self-motivation and Personal Motivation

Self-motivation is the inner engine that drives us towards what we want. Personal Motivation is the essential basis for achieving what we want.

If we are not motivated, we repeat habits, we live asleep, and so there is no possible change. If we are motivated, we act, we move, we feel an internal demand that makes us create opportunities and be open to the new.

Desire, wanting, self-desires are the elements of personal motivation that stimulate us to live with greater joy and happiness. Key to Self-Motivation and Personal Motivation: the self

Self-motivation is moving from ourselves. Self-motivation emphasizes the SELF as a subject. Many times we act for others, without us really wanting to do something, and that’s where demotivation arises.

Personal Development and overcoming the problems of relationship, profession, partner, fear, anguish, depression, self-esteem, inferiority complexes … it is only possible to the extent that the individual is motivated, and participates freely and committedly in his process of healing and evolution.

Personal Motivation leads you to experience and live life consciously. To motivate yourself is to learn to direct your personal power, transforming your present and current reality. Self-motivation leads you to Self-knowledge

Personal self-knowledge at all levels is essential to know what motivates us, what we really want. If we don’t know what we are like or what we want, where are we going to seek our happiness or well-being?

What we are is not the same as what we have learned or what we have been taught or instilled; on numerous occasions, what we want does not correspond to what others wanted for us. Distinguishing it helps to clarify and find our way.

Self-motivation leads to self-knowledge, which further drives personal motivation. What it takes to have Personal Motivation

Self-motivation has as its background the following fundamental keys related to Personal Growth:Discovering you, getting to know you, experiencing you, looking at you and seeing you – > process of Self-DiscoveryConnect with the true Self, with the authentic background. Being Yourself -> Self-RealizationDissolve our conflicts, overcome or face fears, etc. Accepting -> Gestalt TherapyContact your emotions and make them participate in everyday lifeBe aware, realize. Know and understand your experiencesLearning to look goodFace your life and your being by making yourself responsible from your own freedom. Dare to change and make decisions

And also correct attitudes or habits that do not favor well-being, learn new resources, express from the body, etc. Self-Motivation QuestionsWhat makes me attract the same type of experience? What situations do I live?What is my life motivation?, what do I look for?, what do I need?What is the meaning of my life?Who am I?

It is evident how these questions in themselves provoke a movement of consciousness. Astrology for Personal Motivation

Personal Development is about activating your potential, which requires true Self-motivation. Well, the Natal Chart of each person reflects all their energetic potential.

Astrology serves as a tool to find what motivates us, since you look at yourself and understand what underlies your behaviors, emotional reactions or affective relationships. It is a fine eye that helps you look. Astrology in Madrid.Articles on Self-motivation

Coaching is one of the tools to find our motivations and direct them properly towards goals we set for ourselves. In the Personal Development category you can read articles about self-motivation and coaching.

Here are some of the most prominent articles:Ask yourself and know how to askCoach yourselfInstruction and practice for personal coachingSelf-motivation with the birth chartFrom intention to attention. The reality of attending to somethingPersonal Motivation in Madrid

What do I want? What motivates me? At the Center for Alternative Therapies in Madrid you can awaken your Personal Motivation. Interact, see yourself, feel, express and be you in fullness.

There will be time for Self-Discovery, for Astrology, to express and play with Gestalt therapy if necessary… All for personal motivation, for Self-realization, for “Being More Me” 🙂

And all this in a fun, constructive way, creating, enjoying the process and its changes, and looking towards full satisfaction. It is an integration, a deep knowledge and development of your being without deception or superficialities.

If you can’t get close to Madrid, you can access the Sermasyo School for Self-Realization.

We encourage you to get to know yourself, understand your life and be yourself feeling better and better. Be the protagonist of your life! Find yourself as a unique individual.

Jose Ignacio Marina© SERMASYO


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