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Reflections and poems of personal motivation

There is nothing like feeling motivated for our goals, reflecting on life and approaching that passion that fills us and moves our hearts. I share with you some writings with motivations that lead to reflection and personal development.

Poems for personal development and motivation

One of the best things we can do for our desires is to feel motivated to achieve them, that is why I share these writings, so that they feel motivated and boost their internal power, which will move them towards their goals. Today I chose to be happy

Today I chose to be happyand enjoy the ray of sunshine that wakes me up in the morning,of the song of the birds,of the soft shelter with which I awaken,of the subtle whisper of my heart.

Today I chose to be happyand to love every situation that comes my way,enjoy every moment I live,admire every person who crosses my path.

Today I chose to be happy,for it is not too late or too early to be happy,my decision alone is enough.

Written by: Ana María Gil @anaenletras

Barquisimeto, July 07, 2016What you believe about yourself will be what others will believe about you

If you want to be a dictator, make others believe that you are and you will be.This is how we define and determine our existence in the world,this is how you take strength to propel yourself,this is how unconsciously many mark their destiny and that of nations.

But just as one day you made believe and create one thing,the next day you can make believe and create something else,this is how the prisoner gets salvation or the one who has no resources becomes a millionaire overnight.

This is how we play a role,this is how we play with existence itself,this is how we say yes to the other Being.this is how we choose what we want to be in this world.

So, the crucial question to ask yourself is: What do you think of yourself?

Written by: Ana María Gil @anaenletras

Barquisimeto, January 08, 2016Scritical writings to desiresThe arrival of your desire

And it comes in the moment, in the perfect time, in the perfect circumstance,a magical moment, a wonderful moment, a unique moment,an instant in which you see how your desire is achieved,in which you see yourself as its deserving,in which you discover that your vibration is equal to his,and you recognize in yourself, your creative magic.So, as you enjoy it, the universe rejoices and prepares to ask you again the subtle question, “What do you want?”

Written by: Ana María Gil @anaenletras

Barquisimeto, June 03, 2016Discover your wings

What would you do if you could fly?What would your wings look like when you open them?What would you feel about the sensation of flying wherever you wanted?What would your heartbeat be like?And the truth is that we can fly wherever we want,we can take flight by following the guidance of the heart.however, we tied ourselves to the nearest tree.

How you feel is essential to know if you are flying,sometimes turbulent winds can come to get us off courseand that’s when the question becomes fundamental: Do I stay on the ground or continue my flight?That’s when we challenge ourselves,that’s when we discovered ourselves,that’s when we give ourselves the task of seeing ourselves and recognizing the wings we have,for our wings are our impulse,our body the vehicle to experienceand our heart the engine of this great ship.

Written by: Ana María Gil @anaenletras

Barquisimeto, February 18, 2016The butterfly that liked to fly in the storm

There was one butterfly a little different from the others.

Well, she had beautiful and very striking colors, which you could even distinguish from afar, but she had a great uniqueness and that was that she loved to fly in storms, in fact she looked for them, so much so that her wings got wet being completely soaked until she could not fly anymore, and so, she waited lying on the ground for the storm to pass,the sun rose, its wings dried up, and I would look again for another storm to fly in it and wet it again.

One very sunny day, Mariposa was fervently looking for a storm that would soak her but she could not get one, sad and unhappy she perches on an old and wise tree, who upon seeing her so afflicted asks:

“What’s wrong with you, dear friend?”

To which the butterfly replies: “I can’t find a storm.”

The tree is surprised at the response of the sweet, delicate and fragile butterfly and asks:”Why do you want to find a storm?”

Drowning out his cry, the butterfly replies:-“It’s that all my life I’ve flown in a storm, flying like this, with this sun, is strange to me.”

The great tree, understanding the feeling of a butterfly, tells him:- “How about you dare to venture around the Sun?What if you fly with your companions and make a beautiful decoration for all those who admire their beauty?How about taking advantage of the fresh air to let yourself be guided along its course?It would be lighter for you to fly, plus a grandiose adventure that you will surely enjoy immensely.Try something different, maybe you’ll find that it’s even simpler and enjoy flying out of the storm.”

Written by: Ana María Gil @anaenletras

Barquisimeto, 03 January 2016The Paper Rose

Rosa de papel is a small friend, created by man, she is white because she is made of paper, she was on the shelf of a store waiting for someone to take her, however, this did not happen.

One day, the shop owner, surprised that such a beautiful creation had not yet left his shop, places it in the display; there, she takes a look at the street and notices that there are other roses, these are not paper or white, they are red, she is surprised at her new find and asks them:- Hello friends, who made them?- We are the result of wet soil, well-worked fertilizer and daylight. – One of the red roses responds.Faced with this answer, rosa de papel asks herself , “Is that why they don’t take me?”

One day a girl stares at the roses that are on the street, then goes to the display and sees paper rose, which was very similar to the red roses that were in front of her, not to say exact, she is filled with joy, calls her mother and says:-Mom is beautiful, can we take her?The mother, surprised, replies: “Yes my daughter, if we can have her.”

And it is that the girl wanted a beautiful rose, natural looking, as well as eternal and the mother wanted a rose that did not affect her girl.

At the same time, rosa de papel wanted to be with someone who loved her as much as her creator had loved her, because, seeing the red roses, she thought: “I will not have been born of the well-fertilized earth, the sun or the fresh air but I do know that, when the human was creating me, there was God pleasing the desire for a special heart.”

We are the result of a desire and because we are the result of a desire, God has created us to satisfy it.

Our desires are being created from the moment they arise in our hearts and manifest themselves in the most special and grandiose way that can exist, for they are works of God Himself in person.

Written by: Ana María Gil @anaenletras

Barquisimeto, January 02, 2016Never forget your roots

If you are a singer, remember the first song.

If you are a writer, remember your first writing.

If you are an engineer, remember the first project you did.

If you’re a doctor, remember the first patient you’ve ever had.

If you are a student, remember the first exam you took, even if it was to show if you knew how to read.

These are all small achievements or, rather, small successes, that will propel you to great success or greater success, remind them that these will bring you humility and strength to move forward.

If one day you fall, keep remembering them, that they will give you the strength to get back up.

Written by: Ana María Gil @anaenletras

Barquisimeto, June 06, 2013Phrases of motivation for your wishes

Pretending to be what I was not, come to you, and by showing me who I really am, is that I am what I want to be.

Written by: Ana María Gil @anaenletras

Barquisimeto, December 09, 2015Personal growth reflexionsWe have been created to be happy


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