Problems and benefits of new technologies

This article aims to establish how technology has evolved over the years from the 90s onwards as well as how has it helped us? And how has it also affected us in our daily lives? but mainly tell them how we should take care of the consequences that technology brings us over the years.

This article has to establish how it has evolved over the years the technology that has helped us and also has affected us in our daily lives, but mainly as a guard against the bad things that will bring us over the years the technology

Historically, technologies have been used to satisfy essential needs (food, clothing, housing, personal protection, social relationship, understanding of the natural and social world), to obtain bodily and aesthetic pleasures (sports, music, hedonism in all its forms) and as means to satisfy desires (symbolization of status, manufacture of weapons and the whole range of artificial means used to persuade and dominate people),we can say that about technology.

We live in a world where technology sets the pace of progress and patterns of life, in other words, we live in a world shaped by technology. In our daily lives and this due to the development of technology.

One of the great harms of new technologies is that many times

we forget about the people around us and spend too much time on the computer, MSN… I’m not saying we don’t use them but there are a lot of people who are completely crazy about this. They can create an addition, which if it does not stop can become very serious when expressing ourselves in writing, many spelling mistakes are committed due to both the language of the and Messenger. And also on the internet there are many files with viruses or unpleasant information, not recommended for children under 18 years old, where they can easily access and damage their heads

But if we look at the benefits on the one hand, they allow us to relate and communicate with people from other countries. It broadens cultural diversity in a way.

It is a good source of information if used correctly. In general, new technologies do not only refer to the internet but, also for example, to nanomaterials, which has been very useful since they allow material to be manipulated at the level of atoms and molecules.


During the last years we can say that technology has helped humanity too much in terms of medicine, and has found a solution to those diseases that previously had no cure, for example a project has already come out that consists of a robot, which controlled by a doctor, could in the case of a disease such as a tumor,cut only the affected cells and with a very small incision, that is, there would be no scars left and most importantly many lives could be saved, with this example. There are a lot of new technologies emerging that will allow us to save thousands of lives. And in terms of energy, much more efficient and less polluting storage and production systems are already being achieved.


But if we stop to think for a moment, what harm will this technology bring to us? Well, the answer to this question could be said that before in the offices, workers were forced to stand and walk to deliver information to other colleagues at their desks, but now it is enough to press a button on the computer. As a result, many people don’t perform this little exercise that they could do daily during the workday. Which causes poor physical condition and obesity.

Now let’s look at other aspects in which technology affects us:by having so many aid artifacts, man works less manually, loses natural knowledge such as traditional bleaching of clothes, cutting certain vegetables, etc.people who hang themselves with the internet or television, for example, physically isolate themselves from many people.the means of transport used for everything subtract time from healthy walks, casual encounters with other people, greater interactiongenerates more unemployment because technology is replacing modern man


On the internet there are many files with viruses or unpleasant information, which is not recommended for children under 18 years of age, where they can easily access. One of the great harms of new technologies is that many times we forget about the people we have around us and we dedicate too much time to the computer, MSN … I’m not saying we don’t use them but there are a lot of people who are completely absorbed in this. They can create an addition, which if not stopped can become very serious when expressing ourselves in writing, many spelling mistakes are committed due to both the language of the sms and Messeguer.

And another problem that is happening lately is the threats that children face on social networks such as MySpace and Facebook, fearing that older adults are using these popular sites to deceive and take advantage of children.

Most young Internet users conceive the Internet more as a tool for leisure than as a consultation. This is evidenced by a study carried out by the University of Navarra among 6,000 schoolchildren aged 10 to 18. About two in three (62%) admit to connecting to download music and half (48%) to play, while only 12% say they browse informative or media-related pages.

The preference of young people for more idle content responds, according to the study, to the search for interaction and immediacy, in the case of “chats” and instant mail. For example, for Xavier Brinqué, collaborator of the report, it is necessary to “adapt the system of education and protection” of young people in relation to the media, since the traditional system does not respond to this new communication framework created by new technologies.

“In TV, radio or press we seek to protect the audience, while in new media we do not have viewers but an audience that interacts,” says Brinqué, who believes that conventional media must adapt to the Internet.


The emergence of technology in the educational field has been universal, since it has helped students to develop better learning in their training as a person and as well as intellectual these aspects have been present thanks to modern technology.

At the gates of the third millennium, and in a society characterized by the development of information and communication through new technologies, the Internet is undoubtedly the most important technological phenomenon. The Internet has promoted with great force everything related to the world of Computing, and at the present time it offers society a different way of accessing information and enabling communication. Technological development today allows access to large information resources, process them and transform them to support people’s intelligence and memory. Technology is radically changing the ways of working, the means through which people communicate and learn, and the mechanisms with which they access the services offered by their communities: transport, commerce, entertainment and gradually also, education, at all levels of age and profession. In a matter of a few years, computer science will no longer make sense on its own. The Internet will be the dominant part, and Computing will be a mere mechanism. It is obvious that with the great expansion and acceptance that communication through the Internet is having, the isolated work of a person from his computer without the possibility of access and communication with the rest of the community is obsolete.


When you look more closely at the Internet, you discover that it cannot be considered only “a means of communication” but rather a package of media, although it is common to refer to the communication services offered by the Internet. These services can be used in one way or another in today’s education.

These are one of the most popular uses that the internet has and is the sending of electronic messages over the network.

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