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PERSONAL MOTIVATION TO CHANGE TO ADVANCE IN LIFE – The Oratory and Communication Springboard

For this personal motivation to change to occur in a positive way you must first understand what these terms mean. Therefore, it tells us that the individual will initiate a process of transformation that will modify his way of life. The purpose of this life change is to think about the personal development of the individual and applaud their growth. All change requires commitment, either of behavior or of taking actions of what does not allow us to move forward. We need to evaluate our day to day so that we can modify the behaviors that prevent us from achieving success. In this sense, the objectives that they want to obtain in any section of motivational coaching are: 1.- Encourage change to achieve the goals that each one as an individual person has.2.- Overcome resistance to change of life and behavior. Change must be analyzed as a feeling and in turn a thought. That is, the person must have the desire or intention to improve, in addition to reflecting on it. This would be the first thing to take into account so that the person is really motivated. If you really want to grow in life, you must understand that you have to adapt to the environment and look to the future. Real change occurs with the will that encourages action to be forceful to achieve the goal.

In life two important situations happen, the first is produced by the very evolution of events. Many times situations force us to generate changes in our lives. The second option is the desire we have to modify what we do not like. Decision making is essential to make the necessary changes and determine the plan to follow. When we are already sure and have an idea of our reality, the only thing left is to execute. When a conflict occurs that requires you to make changes in the short, medium and long term, they can be classified as follows:By approximation-approximation:

In this case there are two alternatives that can be very favorable and in both wonderful results will be obtained. For example, choosing between two great job offers. Also another case could be, having two great options to spend holidays. In reality, these situations rarely occur. However, life would be easier in these positive circumstances. The personal motivation to change, would be given without stress of any kind because any decision would be favorable. The choice would start from what we like the most and sometimes the environment could justify the selection. By avoidance-avoidance:

This is the point that none of us would want to reach, since we have to choose between two equally unpleasant alternatives. Here the opposite of the previous circumstance happens, because we find ourselves with two equally negative situations. An example of this would be, request a loan from the bank to pay the rent of a property. However, we may decide not to go into debt and live in the home of a depressive relative. Such negative circumstances make it difficult for us to have a personal motivation to change. It is difficult to have the desire or the will to change when at the moment there is no choice. Then, we select the alternative that is less painful or that represents the greatest difficulty for us. By approximation and avoidance

People are attracted to an option and in turn have negative behavior. This type of behavior condemns the achievement of the proposed objectives. A specific case would be to want to lose weight, then you go with a nutritionist, but the temptation for improper food is greater. You want to reach the goal, although it is difficult to reach because you sabotage yourself. All these situations can help us or pressure us to make decisions. Ideally, personal motivation to change occurs in any circumstance of our lives, especially in the most complicated moments that it is difficult for us to have a positive attitude and ambivalence occurs.

It is a state in which the mind in relation to a specific issue presents a conflict with ambiguities. For example, a person with agoraphobia who wants to face that problem in his life. However, the same individual prefers to flee the conflict rather than face it. Personal motivation for change depends on both the person and the circumstances. It should also be mentioned that others can collaborate to favor or not an appropriate behavior. Evaluate if in your relationships with other people you practice the following styles:Accommodation style:

Maybe it happens that you seek the approval of others and do activities where you forget even your own goals. You disappear from the conflict so as not to defend your position because you don’t want the relationship to be damaged. Competition Style:

This type of individual only seeks to win, regardless of the personal motivation to change of others. The goal is to force people to abide by their positions and lose conflict through dominance. Evasion style:

Usually, they are people who turn away from conflict or from anyone who generates problems. Their tendency is not to have lasting relationships and very rarely do they reach their goals of personal motivation to change. Compromise Style:

They are people who love to preserve already established relationships. However, they are able to negotiate their goals if others are also willing to make sacrifices. Collaborative style:

We refer to those people who maintain a balance between personal relationships and their own goals. His ideal is that all parties are truly satisfied. In conclusion, the change will be decisive when the person is committed to making the necessary modifications in any aspect of his life. In addition, personal motivation to change helps to improve certain behaviors. If you want to move forward in life to achieve your goals and you can’t alone, you should ask for help. The best way to win and grow personally is through coaching. In El Trampolín we help you face the changes.Do you want to travel by caravan? looking for options in caravan rental valencia


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