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Personal motivation: how does it influence our work?

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Did you know that personal fulfillment has everything to do with professional success? For example, a personally unmotivated person may not see any point in getting a good job, creating new things, and succeeding at work.

On the other hand, people who enjoy good self-esteem and feel good about themselves are more creative, enthusiastic about the idea of knowing and doing new things and are more optimistic about everything – which, obviously, has a positive impact on the way they develop in their jobs or businesses.

In short, feeling good on a personal level is very important to achieve professional achievements. Therefore, in this post we have brought several tips so that you can be motivated and succeed in your work or – in case you are undertaking – in your business.

Why is personal motivation important to succeed at work?

Unfortunately, personal motivation is something that is often underestimated within the work environment. When you enjoy good self-esteem, feel good about yourself, and are happy, you get benefits like the following:You have more energy to work and face challenges.

Being happy gives energy. When you feel motivated and comfortable with your personal life you show greater enthusiasm when working and facing new challenges. It is no coincidence that people who face personal problems tend to deteriorate in their workplace. You increase your creativity to create new things

Creativity is something that comes naturally and has a lot to do with the way we feel. When a person feels motivated on a personal level, they are much more creative to formulate new things and develop skills to turn problems into opportunities. Improve your relationship with the people around you

People who do not feel motivated on a personal level are often full of insecurities and frustrations and one of the ways they find to drain so much negativity is to get along badly with others.

One of the advantages of being motivated and feeling happy with who you are on a personal level is that you improve your relationship with the people around you, which is essential when it comes to succeeding in a work environment and succeeding at work.

Now that you know why personal motivation is important to succeed at work, here are some ways to stay motivated and happy with yourself: Write down your goals.

Goals are all those challenges that must be overcome in favor of greater realization. One way to self-motivate and keep your spirits up is to write down your goals and place them in a place where you can visualize them.

For example, if you have the goal of moving to a better place or buying a flat, write it down in a place where you can always see it, such as in a post-it stuck on the refrigerator door (believe us, it does work). This will help you not to lose focus and to work day by day with motivation to achieve your goals.

It is also important that you set quantifiable goals, such as: eating out only once a month, not spending on unnecessary things, creating a housing account and depositing a percentage of the salary every month, etc. Set deadlines

Setting deadlines is another way to stay motivated and achieve your goals. It is important that you are realistic when setting deadlines; avoid being too demanding of yourself and setting limits that are impossible to achieve, as they could end up frustrating and demotivating you much more. Track your progress

To stay motivated it is not only important to focus on everything you want to achieve but also on the things you have achieved over time. Accompany your progress, congratulate yourself for each goal achieved; looking back from time to time and realizing everything you are capable of doing is sometimes the best way to encourage and motivate yourself to keep working. Focus on the present

As much as you want to, the past is something you can’t and won’t change, so focus on the present. Living today and now is the best medicine against demotivation. Eat well

When you eat well, your health and body appreciate it. In addition, it is a nice way to value yourself, take care of your body and enjoy good self-esteem. Perform physical activities

Performing physical activities allows you to keep your mind moving, motivate yourself every day, meet people and socialize, in addition to having new experiences. Sleep well

Rest is something that cannot be missed when it comes to being motivated on a personal level. Get used to getting a good night’s sleep! Eight hours per night is the amount recommended by specialists in the field. Spend time with friends and family

Spending time and enjoying with family and friends helps you see life from a much more positive point of view, as well as self-motivation and making you feel comfortable with who you are.  Meditate

Take five minutes of your mornings and dare to meditate a little. A quiet moment is often all you need to be at peace with yourself and motivate yourself personally. Get to know yourself well

Enjoy time alone, get to know yourself and learn what makes you happy. Getting to know yourself well is a big step in being happy with yourself and staying motivated. Seek professional help if needed

Have you followed all these tips and still fail to feel personally motivated? Then dare to seek help from a specialized professional who has the ability to treat your case in depth and can help you find a way to feel better.

As an employee, business owner or entrepreneur, you probably have people in charge or have a team that accompanies you every day. It is important that as a leader you work and strive to keep your team motivated on a personal and professional level.

But how to achieve it? Here are some tips to motivate your team:Offer constructive feedback

Positive feedback is very important when it comes to motivating a work team or group of collaborators. Well-communicated comments are always potentially constructive, function as a source of motivation and help strengthen relationships between those involved. Celebrate your team’s achievements

Many bosses make the mistake of approaching their employees only when they need to make a wake-up call. One way to motivate your team is to celebrate their achievements. A few words of recognition or some kind of incentive is often all an employee needs to take a little inspiration and be motivated. Listen to what others are saying

Promote integration among the members of your work team and make them feel important by listening to their opinions and contributions. Many times, hearing is more important than talking. Be positive

Nothing more demotivating for an employee than a pessimistic and negative boss. Therefore, another recommendation to motivate your team is to maintain a positive attitude every day. Looking at the glass half full and not half empty is the best option to face day-to-day situations. Offers challenges

Employees always aspire to more: offer them challenges that motivate them to improve and improve every day, get them out of their comfort zone and help them grow personally and professionally.3 cases of personal improvement

Personal motivation is something that has helped many people to surpass themselves, fulfill their dreams and achieve happiness. Fortunately, there are many stories of self-improvement that we can find around the world, people who despite the difficulties and the different situations they have had to face have found a way to self-motivate and get ahead.

Meet these 3 cases of self-improvement: Anderson Rey

Charles Laveso

Paula Abreu

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