Nintendo Retro Video Game Consoles


Nintendo Retro Video Game Consoles – Working in the gaming industry for years, being born in the 90s and browsing through hundreds of the best retro handhelds in the world, it’s only fair that I’ve played a lot of consoles, but I have to list the best retro gaming consoles. This is one of the most difficult works I produced for Retro Dodo.

In this list I’m going to take you through a personal time capsule of my favorites, and while it features “retro” gaming consoles, I always want to feature new consoles and handhelds that can perfectly carry your retro gaming past. Mimic mistakes. .

Nintendo Retro Video Game Consoles

Nintendo Retro Video Game Consoles

This is for a few reasons, firstly, retro consoles can be very difficult and expensive to work with, let’s face it, most of us can’t afford more than $150 for an SNES.

Nintendo Classic Tv Game Console With 620 Games, Video Gaming, Video Games, Nintendo On Carousell

Second, not only consoles, but also games are expensive! The demand for retro games is always growing, not only because the demand is higher than ever, but also because many of these games are used in collections and sold for a profit, meaning they are nothing more than showpieces.

And finally, exploring new devices that make retro games affordable and accessible to the world allows us to do our part in video game preservation instead of these big companies taking games from the library. They wipe us out and then force us into new regenerations for profit. .

So I hope this article will show you some of my favorites from the past 50 years and let you know about new consoles that you can explore in the world of favorites without losing your savings. Help me do it.

You’re probably wondering why I put the Mega Drive instead of the Genesis, and that’s because I’m from the UK and it was the first home console I had (I was a SEGA kid growing up).

Nintendo Video Game Consoles

The SEGA Mega Drive sold over 45 million units worldwide (including the Genesis) and competed directly with Nintendo’s flagship console, the SNES, at the time.

SEGA’s Mega Drive collection was amazing with popular games like Sonic The Hedgehog, Earthworm Jim and Ecco The Dolphin. Compared to its competitors, it had much larger controllers, which made the game easier for players.

SEGA has been in the video game market for many years now, especially with the releases of Sonic The Hedgehog and its movies, although they no longer have consoles or arcades.

Nintendo Retro Video Game Consoles

But how much is a mega disk worth these days? Almost $150, and that’s without games! I know it’s expensive, but playing the best SEGA Mega Drive games in their natural form is a must for SEGA fans.

Best Retro Games Consoles 2022: Go Back To The Future

They also released a SEGA Genesis Mini and a SEGA Mega Drive Mini in 2019, which could be a more affordable approach for those who want a more authentic experience.

Huh, what is this? Well, I hear you ask, I’d like to introduce the RG351V, a handheld emulator that looks like the current Gameboy if ever there was one.

The RG351V is designed by a Chinese company called ANBERNIC, they are famous for making awesome handheld emulators, very powerful, so powerful in fact that here RG351V can run all consoles up to the best Playstation 1 games. .

It has a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, along with a simple user interface preloaded with many classic games from your childhood.

Playstation Classic: Sony Launching Retro Gaming Console In December

It has four shoulder buttons, a crisp 3.5-inch IPS display, an analog stick, and enough memory to store your games on the go.

Handheld simulators may be new to you, but they’ve grown in popularity in recent years for good reason! The “right” way to play retro games is getting more expensive by the day, so these handhelds make it easy to get into at an affordable price, even if it feels like the “wrong” way.

You can also load your own roms from the games you already have, or even install the best pokemon fan games (via rom) if jama? The options are endless and this is one of my favorite “vertical” handheld simulators under $100.

Nintendo Retro Video Game Consoles

This list of the best retro consoles wouldn’t be complete without the Nintendo Entertainment System, one of the most popular retro consoles of all time, with over 61 million units sold worldwide (including the Famicom) and some of the most popular consoles in the world. popular video games. personalities, characters

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After the video game crash of 1983, the NES took gaming to the next level, taking the controls of the famous Game & Watch, collecting cartridges and two controller ports for playing with friends, which helped bring gaming to the couch. Resolution cooperative for several years.

Many say it was the console that took Nintendo to the top, finally taking on SEGA and Microsoft and giving Nintendo fans a meaningful home console for the family.

But what made the NES great was its impressive library of video games. From platform games to games that take you to space. Even now, we can say that the graphics look terrible, but there was a time when the evolution was incredible and blew everyone’s mind, and the best NES games helped.

Many gamers loved it, so much so that Nintendo released the NES Classic in 2016 for those who had never played it to experience it on HDTVs.

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The Nintendo 64 was released in 1996 and sold over 33,000,000 copies worldwide, making it one of Nintendo’s most popular home consoles.

The Nintendo 64 took couch gaming to the next level with four controller ports, an incredible game library, and “next generation” graphics that immersed players as soon as they touched the strangely designed controller.

The Nintendo 64 made multiplayer gaming a staple and that’s why many gamers still love the N64 because it brings back memories of playing games with friends and family.

Nintendo Retro Video Game Consoles

Many of the best N64 games still win awards years later, for example, Mario Kart 64 is considered one of the best racing games of all time, and the console provided many incredible experiences with Donkey Kong, Kirby and other Nintendo characters.

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I would say that the Nintendo 64 was one of the most influential consoles of all time. It shaped story-driven gaming and showed the world how popular multiplayer games could be, which is why it deserves a place on this list of the best retro gaming consoles.

Growing up, I was a SEGA kid, and I vividly remember owning a Dreamcast and discovering the many games it had to offer, especially falling in love with Sonic The Hedgehog and using it as a supplement to VMU games.

The Dreamcast was SEGA’s foray into the PlayStation 1 and Nintendo 64. The game was released in 1998 and sold over 9,000,000 units, which may not seem like a lot, but these are huge numbers for SEGA, but as we all know. It was Sega’s last home console.

The Dreamcast took SEGA to incredible heights, some of the best Dreamcast games cemented incredible character relationships along with stunning visuals.

Best Handheld Game Consoles Of 2022

Like the N64, the Dreamcast was intended to be a home console for family and friends, with four controller ports and online capability.

Putting it very high on this list is a personal opinion because it shaped my childhood somewhat, I remember playing it with Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, Shenmue, etc., and while some are considered failures, I think it was a SEGA game. The best console

You might not have heard of the AYN Odin handheld before, and you’re probably wondering why it’s on the list, but hear me out because it’s one of the best retro handhelds coming out in 2022.

Nintendo Retro Video Game Consoles

AYN Odin is an Android based handheld console that can emulate many consoles up to the best Gamecube games. Normally, this kind of power is only possible in high-end gaming PCs, but the AYN team has built an impressive handheld device to make playing the best retro games on the go a reality.

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The handset was successfully backed on Indiegogo in 2022, smashing its goal and receiving over $2,500,000 in backing, making it one of the most successful video game consoles to launch on Indiegogo in years.

What makes this phone a hit is its sub-$200 price tag, making it one of the most powerful mid-range phones on the market. Gamecube emulation has always been difficult, but this lets you play some of the best PS2 games anywhere!

For $200 that’s remarkable. But it doesn’t stop there, the build quality is also impressive, with a more modern feel with LED lights throughout the phone and high quality buttons/triggers to immerse you.

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