Netflix Shows To Binge Watch


Netflix Shows To Binge Watch – Let’s face it, self-isolation can easily get boring. That’s where Netflix comes in! Build your regular routine with these 10 newly released series, sure to fill your time with excitement in the comfort of your own home! Pop a bowl of popcorn and pour a glass of your favorite wine while watching these must-see shows!

Director Cassie Lemons brings the beginnings of American ethnic hair care to life in this autobiographical short series, from the struggles of poor washerwoman Sarah Breedlove to her eventual triumph in revolutionizing hair care as we know it! Actresses Octavia Spencer and Tiffany Haddish brilliantly demonstrate resilience as Sarah, later known as Madame C.J. Walker, as well as the first self-made female African-American millionaire in the United States. Be inspired by this must-see feminist series from history!

Netflix Shows To Binge Watch

Netflix Shows To Binge Watch

Follow this romantic social experiment in Possible Love as a group of singles volunteer to meet each other without ever seeing another person! Since these men and women can only hear each other’s voices, they must trust their hearts to decide if it is love and if they are ready to spend the rest of their lives together. Only then can they finally see each other and face the million dollar question: Is love blind? Yes, I know it’s crazy, and yes, I watched the entire season twice! Open a bottle of wine (or 2) and immerse yourself in this addictive series you can’t stop watching!

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Step into Los Angeles through the eyes of five young friends whose bonds are tested by teenage fever as they enter their freshman year of high school! As local gang-related secrets and issues arise within their group, each must decide where their loyalties lie. With a predominantly Latino and African-American cast, this series offers a refreshing sense of authenticity about growing up in a community of color. This performance, along with the comic relief of actress Jessica Marie Greca (aka You Girl Jasmine) will keep you wanting more of this three-season series!

This plot-busting documentary series follows the real-life events of exotic big cat owner, also known as “The Tiger King” as his one-time obsession with tigers led to his death. Zoo owner, country singer, and political activist are just a few of the hats Joe Joe wears, as his dynamic personality pushes him to push the limits for the sake of his name and the Tigers. Decide for yourself how far your beloved is in the name of war!

Since Netflix’s first production was almost entirely in Yiddish, this series captures the essence of culture: the good and the bad. Based on Deborah Feldman’s unorthodox life and novel: A Scandalous Denial of My Hadith Roots, this series focuses on the defining moments of 19-year-old Etsy. Through vivid costumes and the power of tone, we travel to New York in a harsh modern society, where East conforms to an arranged marriage and a life where religion dictates her boundaries as a woman. In a brave attempt to assert his independence, Etsy flees to Berlin in hopes of a new beginning, but will he ever escape his roots?

Worldwide videographer Tim Noonan embarks on an adventure to explore wedding rituals from around the world with his fiance PJ Madame! With only a camera in hand, they travel from the Nigerian desert to the Brazilian rainforest for a year, testing each other’s patience while becoming closer than ever. In this unique adventure, the couple discovers the strange beauty of different cultures, how they define love through ancient rituals that are still used today! This experience will lead us to their paths or individual paths

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Created and starring drag mom Ro Paul herself, the series explores the unusual, yet always heartwarming relationship between a ten-year-old hustler and a dynamic drag queen! Orphaned AJ in Ruby Reed’s RV joins the two as they move from city to city for the show and away from constant danger. This groundbreaking series is one of the first series of its kind to faithfully represent both the drag and LGBTQ+ communities. Through laughter and tears, this dynamic duo reveals what it really means to live your best life unreservedly!

In Los Angeles in the 80s, a group of outcast women join forces to form their own wrestling group! Silence every voice that never said no to them, these women are shattering the status quo of what a “woman” can be as they shape powerful figures inside and outside of the ring! Their strength is tested when they are threatened with losing the empire they built, will they be strong enough to save it? Don’t miss this female-dominated cast rebelling against the body and redefining womanhood!

Join the ride with Gwent Palou’s company Goop as it takes its employees to places less traveled in search of self-enlightenment! Together, they discover and seek treatments that can improve lifestyles through mind, body and spirit. Take a look at this documentary series and see Goop reveal the truth behind taboo topics like energy healing for female sexuality! Open your mind to these interesting philosophies and practice them at home!

Netflix Shows To Binge Watch

Watch as 100 people from various fields volunteer in various social experiments that explore human nature and what really makes us tick! This documentary series tries to explain why we as humans do what we do and explains what these patterns mean. Prepare to be amazed by these amazing discoveries! Get a better understanding of the world we live in by clicking through these series and thinking about where you fit into the equation! As we eagerly embraced the new decade nearly a year ago, full of positivity and hope for the year ahead, we were blissfully unaware of what lay ahead. No one was ready for 2020…

Top 5 Netflix Shows To Binge Watch During Quarantine

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Netflix Shows To Binge Watch

Any cookie that may not be strictly necessary for the website to function and is specifically used to collect user personal data for analytics, advertising, other added content is called a non-essential cookie. You must obtain user consent before running these cookies on your website. The sheer number of TV shows to choose from on Netflix has led to a nation of binge watchers eager to catch up on the latest programming to hit the streaming service. .

The Best Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix While In Quarantine

, which is about to wrap up its 14th season, Netflix offers endless opportunities to watch your favorites and curl up on the couch. The sheer volume of content, the auto-play-next feature, and the pressure to watch something quickly to catch the latest craze means that binge-watching has become a common activity, especially among Netflix users.

According to new findings from Netflix — a subscriber “first” in honor of Valentine’s Day — new members take an average of 12 days to start watching a show, and more than 90 percent watch their first show within a year. Membership. Most viewers finish a season in three days. To collect data, Netflix defined a “badge” as finishing at least one season of a show within 7 days of its launch and focused on members who joined in the past five years.

With so many TVs, it’s hard to remember where you’re watching

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