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Having motivations in life is vital to achieve personal fulfillment, to be happy and to achieve personal and professional success.

It is easy for us to fall into the thought that life is difficult and complicated, that everything is problems and / or headaches that arise like mushrooms, one after another, and that it is difficult to solve everything optimally, above all, without motivation.

This state of thought affects our emotions. And it can end up generating stress, anger, frustration, hopelessness or lack of joy to live. All aspects that limit our vision of the future from an exciting point of view. Because all of them end up making us believe that we have lost control.

These types of feelings can provoke the feeling of being like a log sailing aimlessly through the middle of the ocean.

Instead, having motivations in life allows us to forge the ability to generate the right personal motivation and convictions to carry out our dreams and illusions in life and thus be happy.

And in this case, the feeling you will enjoy will be that of a captain handling the rudder and directing the ship according to your concerns. Situation that ends up forging the attitude of achieving Success and, of course, happiness. Self-Improvement: The 7 Pillars of MotivationMotivations, Emotions and Feelings

The emotions and feelings that are generated in our day to day attentive to our happiness, in an uncontrolled and continuous way, have the peculiarity of being changeable. They generate concrete moods for us. In addition, they are complex and we must learn to manage and direct them in the direction that interests us.

For this reason, having a clear list of your motivations in life, for each area, will be of great help to control those feelings. Since in many cases they are negative and cause us loss of strength, desire and illusion. A situation that ends up destroying all kinds of personal motivation.

When people act with personal motivation based on their motivations, goals, objectives, dreams and illusions, the appearance of negative feelings is seriously hindered. To the point that they become something very sporadic and easy to detect.

Quite the opposite happens when we have no illusion for anything in particular, nor motivations to achieve success. That’s when these negative feelings rule our lives with an iron fist. And we can end up generating a habit of negative thinking and feelings that determine our path in life.

In short, if you really want to eliminate these kinds of negative thoughts and feelings in your life, which we both know are useless, you should focus on creating the motivations of your life.

Because otherwise, the only thing you will end up doing is returning again and again to the topics that generate those negative feelings and you will create a loop that will become a habit.

Why can having Motivations in Life help me?

Having motivations in life provides you with the right emotions to change the focus and perception you have. Thus, you can take advantage of each circumstance to advance towards your personal goals and achieve happiness.

Therefore, you need these emotions to act, because they really are the precursors of all action. In addition, they provide you with energy levels that you can not otherwise acquire.

Emotions will also help you acquire the necessary habits so that you can carry out your motivations in life to achieve success.

And this is very important. Since your habits, whether at the level of actions, behavior or behavior are not influenced by emotions. Reasons to create a list of Motivations in Life

Success is based on achievement. The feeling of achievement is linked to a challenge, goal or objective determined in advance of its achievement. And determining what you want to achieve should come out of your motivations, concerns, and personal dreams.

And although you may think that everyone knows what they want, the most common thing is that the first difficulty we encounter is to be able to determine our own motivations in life.

But now is not the time to worry about it. We’ll cover it a little later. The first thing, now, is to be clear and know what having motivations in life will bring you:1.- Feeling of Achievement and Personal Satisfaction:

When you get any challenge you have set yourself, no matter how small, the emotion and feeling that has been generated is very enriching. It is difficult to explain, because the levels of personal satisfaction are through the roof as well as your personal motivation.2.- Achieving your own dreams:

When you move through life through a personal goal plan that is designed by you and reflects your personal illusions and concerns, your confidence and security increase exponentially.3.- The path helps you live life as you wish:

It doesn’t matter if your goals are more or less ambitious. Rest assured that as you advance and achieve the first challenges or objectives your vision will expand and it will be easier and easier for you to draw your ideal life.4.- You will be molded and you will be as you want to be:

Living according to your motivations in life allows you to mold yourself and develop the aptitudes, skills and habits that you determine.5.- Feeling of purpose:

The primordial desire of the human being is to have the feeling of purpose in life. You determine your path. You enjoy the experiences you want. And finally, you create your happiness and the attitude that will allow you to see your life with enthusiasm and achieve success.6.- Enjoy a placid life without headaches:

When someone advances where he wants the headaches lose strength and are diluted in such a way that you will soon forget about them, or at least, as you know them now.

Although there is no compelling reason not to dedicate time to yourself and to develop a list of motivations in life to design your life, there are a number of obstacles that you must face and overcome.

Obstacles when defining a list of Motivations in Life to achieve Success

When you decide to get down to work to achieve Success and develop your list of motivations in life, as a roadmap to create the life you want, the main obstacle you will have to face is yourself, and to be more concrete, your thoughts.

Do not hesitate for a moment. Your own thoughts, in the form of mental conditioning, will put important limits on you when writing your list of motivations to achieve success.

(If you are interested you can expand information about this type of thoughts in the article “Mental Conditioning and Limiting Beliefs”)

These limiting thoughts will be presented to you, basically, in four different ways:1.- Thoughts of personal repression:

Although it seems totally illogical, these types of thoughts will directly provoke serious doubts about whether your desires are legitimate, admissible or if you deserve them.

For example, we take a motivation such as learning to play the guitar.

The kind of thoughts of repression that will appear to you can be…

“You didn’t learn when you were a kid, now getting it is going to be impossible.”

“There are other things more important than learning to play the guitar.”

“Why play the guitar if I’m working all day and messing around, I won’t have time to enjoy it.”2.- Thoughts to limit your projection:

To know if these types of thoughts affect you, you only have to see if you can imagine yourself in a future context fully enjoying your desire, as if you had already achieved it.

The limit, in this case, is not being able or unwilling to do so under thoughts such as:

“What a foolish thing to imagine enjoying something I don’t have.”

The strength of these kinds of thoughts lies in desires that you simply dare not acknowledge you have. And the action to overcome it is to write them in the list of motivations in detail, avoiding ambiguity.

You must imagine yourself playing the guitar. And also playing that song that I like so much. You should hear how good the guitar sounds in your imagination. And feel the emotions you feel touching it in front of your friends or family.3.- Thoughts based on rationalization:

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