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MOTIVATION: What is it and the importance of being motivated – Coaching Esencializate

Surely you have heard on more than one occasion that motivation will take you far and that you should never lose it. But have you stopped for a moment to think if you really know what motivation is? How can we take care of something we’re not sure we have?! ๐Ÿ˜….

Neglect, yes, we all have motivation only that, for certain things, it is present to a greater or lesser extent. Motivation is impossible not to have. However, I will explain in a simple and brief way what it is and why it is important.

The word motivation derives from the Latin motus, whose meaning is “cause of movement”. In this sense, motivation can be defined as that which organizes a person’s behavior and guides them to make the decisions that are crucial to their life, to satisfy a need or a goal.

Motivation is a key factor in achieving success. When we are motivated we feel good, full of energy and eager to achieve those goals that we have set, and when this lack, we suffer a loss of interest in what came to excite us so much, that we can even give up our objectives. It is very important to learn to identify demotivation, in this way, we can act as soon as it appears and we will avoid that our plans and projects remain unfinished.

The lack of motivation manifests itself in many ways and in many areas, from school and family, to business, personal goals and relationships. Signs that indicate lack of motivationNegative thoughts, we think we are not doing it right.Fear for results, we don’t want to let ourselves down or those who believed in our goal.Pessimism, we feel that in the end nothing will go well.Sadness or reluctance, we no longer feel emotion or happiness for those small steps that previously seemed like a triumph.Insomnia, we lose sleep quality and sometimes night sweats.Stress, headaches and dizziness.

Never turn a deaf ear to demotivation, as this can be a sign that we must rethink our goals to achieve what we truly want. Importance of motivation

Being motivated is what keeps us alive, safe and designing plans that help us achieve those objectives that will gradually bring us closer to our great goal. “Personal success” is different for each person, some dream of a cozy home, a beautiful family, a stable job and a quiet life, while others want to travel the world, live a thousand adventures and have no commitments of any kind, in both cases, fulfilling each of those goals is to achieve success.

In order to achieve everything we propose, we must be motivated, that is what will drive us to move forward despite the obstacles that may arise, motivation will not let us stop. If at any time we feel that we lose motivation, we should not give up, we should only rest for a moment and analyze what is making us lose interest.

If they are our negative thoughts we must start taking care of them and avoid pessimism (here I leave the link of my post to improve your thoughts). If what is lowering our spirits is not reaching the goal in the expected time, we must redesign our plan, but this time with concrete and small objectives.

Remember: it is easier and more effective to take 5 small steps than 1 single big one. Click To Tweet

Never compare our progress with that of other people, let’s rejoice in every little victory and keep the focus, only then will we take care of our motivation and achieve what we crave.5 benefits of being motivated

The importance of motivation in our lives goes beyond achieving our goals. Although being motivated is what will propel us towards success, it also gives us excellent benefits that make us more aware, persevering and confident people. Some of these benefits are:

The importance of motivation lies in the fact that it clarifies our objectives, so that we know what we are working on and thus be able to identify which are the points of our plan that we must discard, improve or reinforce. If we are unmotivated, we will not be able to analyze exactly what is preventing us from achieving our goal.

2. It helps us set priorities in our lives.

When we are motivated, we will make our goal one of our priorities. If the goal is to start a healthier life, we will dedicate more time to rest and physical exercise, leaving aside the holidays and sedentary lifestyle, for example. Motivation will make us commit to ourselves to fulfill what we have set out to do.

It is completely normal that on the way to our goal, we feel at some point a little demotivation and doubt about the possibility of fulfilling it. But motivation will not let us give up, it will drive us to continue and try as many times as necessary, thus learning to be persevering.

4. It teaches us to fight our fears

Motivation is greater than fear and that we realize when we are motivated and suddenly feel afraid of failure, but our desire to meet our goals is so great, that it allows us to see beyond our fears and visualize the excellent results we can get if we do not give up.

Motivation raises our self-esteem and makes us feel unstoppable on our path to success. Each small step that we manage to take and that brings us closer to our goal, makes us feel that there is nothing that can prevent us from achieving each of our objectives, and even invites us to propose new and more challenging ones.

May the motivation accompany you ;-D ๐Ÿงก


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