Motivation to live a healthy life: the 9 best tips


Don’t you always have the motivation to do your workout? It happens to us too. It’s impossible to always be motivated, but we all know that exercise is an integral part of a healthy life. So today we bring you some keys and tricks to help you overcome those downturns, get to train and advance in the face of your goals.

Haven’t trained in a while, aren’t motivated enough, and don’t even know where to start? Nothing happens, it happens to all of us at some point. You just have to remember that a little is better than nothing. Start with a brisk walk after work or an easy hiking trail on the weekend. You don’t have to start at full throttle with crossfit or suddenly become the master of parkour. Do a little bit here, a little bit there and you will get used to reserving time for yourself and your routine.2. Convince a friend

Call your friend, one you can count on to train. It can be someone who also wants to start getting in shape or someone who already trains on a regular basis. The fact is that it is someone who does not leave you stranded. That you don’t have any? Have you thought about your dog? 😉3. Try something new and fun

Does a lack of motivation prevent you from going to the gym or running? Nothing happens, there are many other activities you can do without having to go to the gym, such as cycling, hiking, training with your own weight, Zumba, martial arts, swimming, and much more! Choose something you like and not that you are afraid to do.

Before you start your workout, write down how you feel and do the same right when you’re done. You will notice that before you will write sensations such as “tired”, “lazy”, “stressed”, “not wanting to train”. And then words like “happy,” “energized,” “recharged” will come. This is a great way to motivate yourself on those days when you really don’t feel like training at all. Remember your last workout and you’re sure to feel great again.5. Set goals and set them everywhere

Write them down and put them everywhere. Yes, yes, in ALL. In the car, at work, in the bathroom mirror, in the wallet, etc. This will constantly remind you why you are working and why a lack of motivation should not prevent you from reaching your goals. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it.6. Start each workout with a clear intention

Take a minute to close your eyes and think about your intentions for this workout. Do you want to free yourself from stress? Improve your time by about 5K? Lifting more weight? Maybe just give your best! Whatever it is, measure it and focus on going in that direction.

7. Involve your family

Let healthy living be a family thing. This is especially important if you have children (or family members in childhood) who see you as a role model. You want to be a good example, right? Spend time playing games or doing a workout at a playground while they play, for example. And a family bike ride? Or on skates? Create a support system and team spirit and motivate each other to stay in shape.8. Mens sana in corpore sano

Training and strengthening also transcends many other aspects of life. If you manage to overcome a hard training, you will have the confidence to face other great projects at work or in your personal life. If you know how to focus and how to make yourself a priority, you can do anything!9. Mentalize yourself: there will be hard times

Do not think that this adventure will always be a path of roses. It won’t be. But if you mentalize yourself you will not have to be upset or demotivated when the worst moments come, but you will be ready to face them.

We hope these tips have helped you get back on track and made you realize that it’s up to you to make time for your health and fitness. No, there is no one who is always motivated so do not get frustrated if you fall into a pothole. Go back to our blog and read it regularly, we always post useful information to help you. In addition you can also subscribe to the Runtastic Fitness Channel on Youtube where our trainer Lunden publishes workouts, recipes and tips. Surely you will reach success with Runtastic!

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