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The year is moving forward and so is our life, which is why it is important to take the time to reflect on what we are doing, and how we are doing it.

There is a phrase that says: “Madness is to continue doing the same thing and expect different results” and it is a reality, if we continue to make the same mistakes of 2016, 2017, in 2018 we can not expect different results, surely the result will be the same: Failure, frustration and bitterness.

That is why today we are going to reflect on three very important words that will help us change our today and our tomorrow with the help of the Lord.

In order to no longer commit the folly of doing the same thing and expecting different results we need to do three very important things in our lives today, which we are going to summarize in THREE WORDS:FIRST WORD: SELF-ASSESSMENT (VS 13) As the Apostle Paul says in this verse: Not that he has already attained it, nor that he is already perfect…. That is to say that if something has not been achieved or something is not yet perfect, it is because it can be done better, more can be done, there are still things to do.Self-evaluation is to evaluate ourselves as our life is today, that is, not what others tell us or what others see, but to evaluate ourselves, asking ourselves: Am I satisfied with what I have achieved? Am I happy with how my life is today or can I improve it? Have I done everything I could do or could I do more?Self-evaluation helps us to have contentment and gratitude for what God has given us today, but it takes us out of conformism, out of stagnation, knowing that with the help and power of our God we can be better, we can advance further.Let us not allow stagnation in our lives, let us remember that the path of the righteous is like the light of the dawn that is increasing (Proverbs 4:18). Let’s not get used to living in failure, let’s remember that our God is a God of victory and that victory is shared with us through Christ (2 Corinthians 2:14). SECOND WORD: DECISIONS (PHILIPPIANS 3:13) The apostle Paul said: I recognize that I have not reached everything yet, I recognize that I am not yet perfect, I recognize that there is still much to be done, and I make a decision: I will forget what is left behind and I will extend to what is in front, I will not conform, I do not see myself I will stagnate, TODAY I DECIDE TO MOVE FORWARD.If you recognize that in your life there are things to improve, things to achieve, goals to be met, changes to be made, things to be left, tasks to be continued, then what you need first is to MAKE DECISIONS.To transform our lives we have to choose if we want to continue living the same or we want to do something to change, everything begins with a decision, with a step of faith, by deciding to believe in god’s promises.We have to understand that only when we were babies and in our childhood stage the circumstances around us dictated what happened in our life, it did not depend on us, we were helpless, we could not change our situation, but when we grow, when we are becoming adults it is no longer the circumstances around us that dictate how things will be in our life,but our choices, our own decisions, GOD WILL HOLD US ACCOUNTABLE FOR OUR DECISIONS NOT OUR CIRCUMSTANCES.Think and ask the Lord for wisdom to know what decisions you have to make TODAY in your life to transform what you are experiencing.THIRD WORD: SELF-DISCIPLINE (PHILIPPIANS 3:14) We have to understand that decisions by themselves do not transform life, decisions are the beginning of change, DECISIONS HELP US TO START WELL, BUT IT IS SELF-DISCIPLINE THAT HELPS US FINISH WELL.The Apostle Paul said: I continue to the goal, that is, it is not only about deciding to move forward, it is not only about deciding to change, but about maintaining it every day, to do it every day.Self-discipline is the ability to set a goal or FORMULATE A PLAN AND FULFILL IT with the help and strength of our God, He does not want any of us to be fickle in what we do (James 1:8) God wants our decisions to be firm and to have constancy (1 Corinthians 15:58)


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