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Motivation in EL PAÍS

Adolescence: keys to building resilience in adolescents

Let’s teach our children to turn every setback into a great opportunity to learn, to improve, to try to find the best version of oneselfCrianzaThe importance of putting limits on children: is it about punishing or repressing?

For experts, one of the most complicated parts of setting standards with children is achieving the break-even point so as not to fall short or overreachInghow the end of the mask affects children’s socialization and what their parents can do.

During the pandemic, the ability to interact with strangers has been greatly limited, so social skills have not been trained as necessary. This generates greater insecurity, according to expertsMusic ‘The little great book of music’: a fun trip for children to dance and learn what rock or hip hop is

Although the purpose of the album is for the little ones to know the different musical styles, it is also an invitation for them to experience Children’s and Youth LiteraturePedro Mañas: “Many times it is the parents who stop children from approaching books starring girls”

The writer presents a new saga, ‘Frida McMoon’, with which he enters for the first time in the world of comicsCrianzaLearning to do household chores is as important as learning to read

Ana Sancho and Noelia Terrer offer some keys that help us to make the distribution of work at home a reality in all families. They tell it in ‘Shared tasks, happy family’ ReadingFomentar reading in the reading crisis of adolescence

Young people complain about the compulsory readings of books which, despite their undeniable capital importance in the history of literature, are completely alien to them. Most of the time, inaccessibleAdolescenceHest mistakes we should stop making with our teenage son

Adolescence is the period of development in which the child must face numerous physical, psychological, cognitive, emotional and social changes that will cause them a lot of instability and uncertaintyCrianzaOnce simple exercises for your children to better tolerate frustration

So that the creatures do not become unhappy and dissatisfied adults, it is essential to talk to them about frustration. Self-esteem, learning and mental health drink from the fear of falling, missing or being left third-partyPedagogyWhy it is important to enhance social skills in children

To be able to relate in an effective way, we must develop behaviors that allow a satisfactory interaction with others, and the first years of life are essential to achieve thisReadingSeis children’s magazines to feed the curiosity of children

Very careful illustrations, thick paper, fun and quality content that interests the little ones of the crianzaYessica Clemente house: “Children playing develop body, mind and heart in a balanced way”

The expert has just published ‘Growing up without haste’, in which she treats the game as a means for children to acquire knowledge, as well as for them to self-regulateEducationThe nursery school: why it is important what and how it is learned in those first years of life

This educational stage is a moment of great sensitivity and of utmost importance to establish in children the bases of the aspects that will shape their future as peopleCrianzaSeis strategies to help our children to tolerate and face frustration

This unpleasant emotion appears in those situations where we realize that we cannot achieve something important to usEducationHow to get children attracted to science.

Specialists in the field of science suggest applying new methodologies, combining learning and play from childhood to enhance the interest of the little onesLearningHow to enhance critical sense or empathy in children with thinking-based learning

This educational methodology promotes active learning and achieves in-depth understanding. It can be applied at school and at home ParentingHow to motivate an apathetic child

General dissatisfaction can come from many causes, and experts stress the importance of differentiating them from other disorders and what to do in these casesInternational Asperger’s DayAsperger’s Syndrome: “Being a new mother, I did not see at first the signs that were emerging in parenting”

Considered a subtype of Autism Spectrum Disorder, it remains a mystery to science, but, above all, to society who does not understand it for the most part. Noelia, Lucas’ mother, explains her experienceSalariosWhat hides behind an extraordinary gratification to the staff

Companies use these pay premiums to retain and attract employees in highly competitive sectorsReadingHow to make children hate reading

Behind a child who hates reading, there is likely to be an imposition on reading and that books are not part of their daily lives. EducationPlaying with dolls develops empathy and other social skills in children

A study, carried out at Cardiff University, concludes that when children interact with these toys there is an increase in brain activity in the region involved in the development of sleep capabilities.

When a baby comes home, parental fatigue from their care can lead to irritability, anxiety, or sadness, among other symptoms. The equitable distribution of tasks with the upbringing of children is one of the approaches that can most favor restCrianzaA safe environment: the space of calm and understanding that children need

Experts consider that no one can be autonomous without having previously received large doses of dependenceEmotional educationWhy is it necessary to implement emotional education in ESO or Baccalaureate?

Learning not only has to do with teaching in the classroom, but with personal fulfillment and the interrelation with othersWorkThis will be the ‘trending topics’ in the workplaces of 2022

The trends born with covid will be consolidated this year and human resources departments will gain powercreativityTools to stimulate children’s creativity

This ability to get out of the way by generating new concepts and ideas, encourages the invention of other freer and more capable paths.


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