Making money online – 6 honest ways that work

No longer being dependent on your payslip, but winning money online yourself? It sounds almost too good to be true. And quite honestly, sometimes it is. But we don’t have to completely puncture that dream cloud for you. You can certainly make money online. Not a whole monthly salary perhaps, but a supplement to the amount on your payslip. We explain you 6 options – without false promises, with which you can earn money online. Making money online – that’s really how it goes!

First, let’s help you out of the slightly too rosy dream. A small side note is in order. On the internet you regularly get a dream life when you search for ‘making money online’. While you turn another page of your book on a tropical island, the money flows in the meantime. You don’t have to go to the office; you make your money online. Almost without sticking out a leg.

But no, as passive as you might imagine, making money online is not. The same as with all other forms of passive income generation actually. So leave the book aside and take your tropical cocktail to the office, because quitting your job is not immediately there.

But if you make smart use of it, you can certainly earn a pocket money online. These 5 ways of making money online might get you a little extra holiday pay. Can you still sip your cocktail on that tropical island. 1. Blog with affiliate links

Have you been considering starting your own blog for years? Or maybe you even have one that you urgently need to dust off? Maybe there is a great opportunity to earn money online. Okay, don’t be under any illusions: if you’ve just started your blog and only have your family members as loyal readers, you won’t be able to get a bucket of money with it. But if you structurally work on your blog and ensure that your site is found well, there may be earning opportunities there.

How? With affiliate links! For this you join affiliate programs, such as the partner program, Linkpizza, Awin or Daisycon (or better yet: a combination of programs). You can then create affiliate links to products that you discuss on your blog. If someone places an order via such a link, you will receive a small part of the order amount in your account. It doesn’t make you a millionaire, but every €0.50 or €1.00 is something after all. 2. Complete surveys

Maybe you’ve heard of it or even tried it. With various online survey platforms you can earn money online. Examples are EuroClix and Opinieland. You then save points or balance by completing online surveys on all kinds of topics.

Please note: the amount per survey is sometimes quite low and there may also be some time involved. So find out what works for you. Also take into account a payment threshold. Often you can only have the saved balance paid out from a certain amount and you must therefore first complete a number of surveys before you see anything of the saved balance back. 3. Investing in stocks and bonds

This is not always completely online, but if you choose an investment app, it certainly falls into the category of ‘making money online’. Investing is becoming increasingly popular among Dutch people, because it can be a smart way to still achieve a return with the savings that now hardly yield anything on your savings account.

For this you can use all kinds of useful investment apps, which make investing with little money even more accessible. You put your money in an index fund that spreads the money for you. Even without keeping a close eye on stock prices on a daily basis, you can earn something nice from investing. Of course, there are also disadvantages to investing. So always read carefully and make sure you have a financial buffer in hand. 4. Making money online with dropshipping

Having your own webshop is not necessarily the same as having a warehouse at home. You don’t have to sacrifice your barn for a warehouse at home. You can also opt for making money online through dropshipping, which means that your products are stored elsewhere in a warehouse and won’t be shipped (by that warehouse or the supplier) until they’re sold. The warehouse therefore arranges the shipment.

Now it is not the case that you can take a nap in the meantime and that everything is arranged for you. You will still have to pay for the marketing, deliver good service and ensure that everything is done properly, so that your customers are satisfied. For example, you can do dropshipping via your own sales account on or a self-created webshop.

Note that dropshipping is sometimes also associated with some shady practices of people who buy for little money in China and then sell the products for ten times (or more) as a “branded product”. Good service, research into the products you sell and excellent reviews are therefore important to make dropshipping a success. Always read carefully about the pros and cons of dropshipping before you start. 5. Own online business

Furthermore, there are many examples of self-employed people who have their entire business online. Just think of large academies that offer online courses, coaches who give online sessions or people who have earned a lot of money with their own e-book. You can also offer your services online as a freelancer on your own site or on freelance platforms. For example, you can use yourself online as a coach, copywriter, website builder or social media manager. 6. Online advertisements

Influencer is not such a strange profession nowadays. Some people have raised a nice amount of money with their own blog, vlog channel or Instagram account. Now the necessary preparatory work precedes this. The followers or readers do not come naturally. But if you do it smartly, you may be able to collect a nice amount of money with online brands promoting.

The most accessible way to make money online through advertisers is to start your own site on a topic that is often searched for. Think of ‘parking Amsterdam’ or ‘holiday tips France’. Make that site easy to find in Google, so that people really come across it. In this case, you don’t have to be an influencer with countless followers to still earn with online advertising.

If your website is visited regularly, you can place advertisements on it via Google Ads, among other things. For every click or sale via such an advertisement, you will receive a small amount. If you create a well-visited site, you can earn a lot of passive income with it. Setting up the site itself (and maintaining it) is of course less passive; that will take some time.

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