Making Money Online 2022: What Really Works

Take part in a survey and get money for it. In the past, this was only possible in the city centre. In the digital age, you can now participate from anywhere: comfortably from the sofa or mobile on the go if you have an Internet connection there. How do I make money with surveys?

You register with an online survey provider of your choice with your valid e-mail address (overview page). Fill out your profile completely immediately afterwards and you will receive corresponding surveys in the portal or additionally by e-mail.How much money can I earn with online surveys?

The remuneration depends on the scope of the survey and the respective provider. On average, there is 1 Euro per survey. The survey lasts between 10 and 15 minutes. The payment is partly made in money (via PayPal) or in vouchers. It is best to register with a good 10 providers. Per provider about 15 to 20 euros per month are feasible. Learn more about making money with surveys.

By the way, we also run our own survey panel. Here you do not earn any money, but can receive vouchers for online shops (Amazon, Zalando & Co) as a bonus. What is different with us: The payout limit is 1 Euro and there are an insane number of surveys. Our most active participants receive a monthly 50 Euro voucher for participation in surveys. You can participate here.2 Become a product tester

Testing new or existing products extensively and the whole thing even against payment is quite appealing. Often you are also allowed to keep the test product. You can help improve products and make it easier for others to make a purchase decision. How do I make money with product testing?

You log in to a product tester portal. Registration and participation in the tests is completely free of charge. Either you test products (then an Amazon account is usually required) or you test websites and apps.How much money can I earn with product tests?

As a product tester, you are allowed to keep the tested products in most cases. In addition, you get about 5 to 10 euros per order. For websites and apps, the remuneration per test is about 1 to 10 euros. If you stay on the ball, you can earn a good 100 to 200 euros per month.3Pay for surfing the Internet

That sounds too good to be true? But it is! And with the Nielsen Mobile Panel. Without any effort, you earn money while surfing the Internet.How do I earn money by surfing the Internet?

You create an account with the Nielsen Mobile Panel. Then install the Nielsen Mobile App on your smartphone and/or tablet. Once you have activated the app, you can use your phone or tablet as usual and collect points in the background.How much money do I earn by surfing the Internet?

You can install the app on up to five mobile devices. For each active device, you will receive Monthly Nielsen Points. You can redeem these at Nielsen as part of the bonus system – up to 35 euros per year. Five devices cost up to 175 euros. For your points, you can choose shopping vouchers, cinema tickets or beauty products in the rewards shop. You can find out more here.4 Earn money with cashback

Saving money with every purchase works with cashback. You probably know a cashback system: Payback. Offline not a bad deal, but for online purchases there are much more worthwhile providers such as or With Payback you only get 1 point per 2 Euro turnover (corresponds to 0.5% discount for 100 points). With the two alternatives, there is partly 12% cashback. You can have this paid out to your account later. More exciting cashback promotions can be found here. How do I make money with cashback?

Create an account with a cashback provider. When you order something online, you log in to your customer account with this cashback provider and choose the right partner shop. The Shoop system records your order and notes your cashback. In the background, the following happens: The merchant confirms your purchase to the cashback provider and pays out a commission. You will then receive your share of the commission as cash or voucher.How much money do I earn with cashback?

If you order a lot online, your earnings will also be relatively high. However, it remains dependent on the commission amount of the respective trader. According to Shoop, you can earn an average of 240 euros a year through cashback. That definitely sounds realistic.5 Give online courses

If you offer courses on a specific topic, there are several options: You can teach in person in a rented room – with a limited number of participants. Disadvantage: You incur space costs and you are bound to one place. With online courses, on the other hand, you can reach a much larger group of participants. In addition, your participants save the travel time and the money for travel costs.How do I earn money with online courses?

We recommend the German provider Elopage. Offer your specialist knowledge on the Internet as an online course. When others buy your course, they benefit from your knowledge around the clock. How much money do I earn with online courses?

It depends on how many courses you sell and what your course costs. Furthermore, fees are incurred if you use such a platform. At Elopage you pay 3.9% of the course price + 0.25 euros per transaction (attention: VAT is also added). Advantage: Once turned off, you can continue to earn a passive income with this course.6Virtual assistant

If someone has a lot to do professionally, many things are left behind due to lack of time. But not only professional things fall by the wayside, but also private things. Many entrepreneurs and managers therefore rely on personal assistants to support them in these things. A personal assistant can work directly on site, but also online. Then the job title is virtual assistant (VA) or virtual personal assistant (VPA). How do I become a virtual assistant?

You can create a website or offer your service as a virtual assistant via an intermediary platform. Some companies only want to hire trained virtual secretaries. Don’t let that put you off. If you’re good, you can surely convince them of you. You’ll need at least one computer and one phone. If both are available, you can start immediately. How much money do I earn as a virtual assistant?

Your fee is a matter of negotiation: As a self-employed person, you are not subject to the requirements for the minimum wage. This is just under 10 euros at the moment – you should not go below that. There is no upper limit. The fee also depends on what tasks you do and how extensive they are. 7Make money as a copywriter

Do you love to write? Then you can upgrade your account as a copywriter. You will receive orders from different industries and for different media. The more flexible you are, the better. How do I become a copywriter?

Basically, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done before. The important thing is that you write well. Important: you should be fit in new German spelling, grammar, style, expression and text structure and content. Clients attach particular importance to this. How much money do I earn as a copywriter?

For the most part, you receive your payment by words. There are also flat-rate orders, which depends on the client. A payment from 2 cents to 6 cents per word is common. Agencies sometimes offer texts from 9 cents per word and more (source). In addition to copywriter exchanges, you can also search for orders in Facebook groups and thus build up regular customers.Become an 8Blogger

Are you particularly familiar with one area? Then blog about it. Show on your blog with articles or in videos (VLOG short for video blog) that you are an expert in your field. How do I become a blogger?

There are many providers where you can create a blog for free. If you want more, you should think about your own domain. You only invest your time in the content on your blog. How much do I earn as a blogger?

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