Making Money Online 2022: The 12 Best Methods

Making money online today is easier than ever – once you’ve found the right methods to really make money. So that you can start immediately, I have tested over 100 methods for you. Here I would like to introduce you to the 12 best methods.Let’s get started right away.The Top 12 – Make Money Online 20221. Earn money online with your own website or blog

Having your own blog or website is one of the best ways to earn money on the web. Because here you can not only use one revenue opportunity, but also fall back on different ways. For example, you can make money with affiliate marketing, but you can also use Google Adsense to generate revenue. The Amazon partner program, for example, is particularly lucrative.

My tip: Build a so-called niche site. This is also suitable for beginners and allows you to build up a passive income.

2. Earn money with surveys on the Internet

Surveys are a popular way to make money on the Internet. The big advantage: You don’t need any previous knowledge and can answer the surveys anytime and anywhere. For example, on the go via your smartphone.

There are several platforms that offer paid surveys. With all the portals that I recommend to you, you can simply register free of charge and without obligation and get started immediately. The earnings per survey often depend on the duration of the survey. Between 1€ and 30€ is actually everything in here.

You can find more information in my post “Making money with surveys”. I can fully recommend the following platforms for paid surveys:

3. Earn money on the web with microjobsEarnings: medium to highWith Microjobs you can make money quickly by taking on small tasks and jobs for companies. They are usually jobs that only take a few seconds or minutes and are not remunerated with an hourly wage, but you get a lump sum for the job done. Most microjobs are researching, watching ads or small videos, data collection, test purchases, testing online games or creating small content. Answering surveys or giving likes are also microjobs that are paid with a few cents per job.On the website of Swagbucks you will find a variety of microjobs. Starting with surveys, product tests, testing online games, watching advertisements and much more. You can read more about Swagbucks in my special post Swagbucks in the big test: Is it worth it? (+ Tips for particularly high earnings).Surely you will also find microjobs on the “normal” job portals, but there are special portals where microjobs are offered. I would like to introduce you to some of them here:

4. Become a product tester

The jobs as a product tester are very popular. For example, you test websites for their usability, online games for bugs or whether an app works properly. Products are also tested for taste, appearance, packaging, etc. Exact specifications of what you need to test are given to you by the companies and for your feedback you get your earnings. In most cases, you are even allowed to keep the product afterwards.

In my post “Become a product tester: This is how it works [+ the best programs]” I introduce you to the best product tests, tell you the advantages and disadvantages and how much you can earn with them.

Either you register with the companies directly as a product tester at the companies, for example at REWE or Philipps, or you choose the way through various portals that offer you jobs as a product tester. The best portals to find a job as a product tester are:

5. Receive money rewardsBy changing your DSL, gas, or electricity provider, it is very easy for you to earn money online. Many providers of electricity, gas or DSL lure with so-called exchange premiums. So you get money from the companies for switching to a new, different provider. Several hundred euros exchange premium can easily be in there.Earning money online with rewards also works through referrals. So if you recommend a product or service to one of your friends and they buy the product or use the service, you will receive a premium from the provider for your recommendation.Receive your reward and easily earn money online with exchange or friendship rewards:

6. Become an influencerWith one of the most sought-after jobs on the Internet at the moment is that of the influencer. Easily earn money quickly with jobs in fashion, cosmetics, holidays, sports and lifestyle – who doesn’t dream of it? As an influencer, you can really make a lot of money with jobs that are really fun.Influencers publish their posts, videos and photos on various social media channels. With advertising partners and companies making their products available, influencers can earn several thousand euros with one post.I’m currently writing a big special post about influencers and will link it to you here as soon as it’s ready.You can find the most successful influencers on the following social media channels:

7. Make money with YouTubeOn YouTube, you can make money online as an influencer, YouTube star, or business. To make money with YouTube, you’ll need to apply for the YouTube Affiliate Program (YPP), which gives you access to more monetization opportunities. More information about the YouTube Partner Program can be found in our glossary.Many want to make money with YouTube, but it’s not as easy as it used to be when you started making money with YouTube. The competition is now very strong and the market is very competitive.YouTube offers you different sources of income. Among other things, you can earn money online with Google AdSense and ads, affiliate links/affiliate marketing, advertising deals and product placements on YouTube.

8. Earn money online as a freelancerEarnings: medium to highAs a freelancer, you can best earn money online through special portals. You can upload your profile to the portals and companies will then find you and suggest jobs. Jobs are available in the categories Design, IT, Online Marketing, Content, Copywriting/Translations, Administration & Assistance and Audio & Video and many more.You can also look for a job on the portals. Just look around on the portals for suitable jobs for you and apply for them. Registration for most portals is free of charge.An advantage, you can set your profile in addition to your skills and strengths also directly your “price”. The potential customer then immediately knows what you can do and what they have to pay for it.

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