Making Money Online 2022: 14 Legitimate Ways

Never commute to your job again. No more wearing pants in the summer heat and no more office drama at the coffee table. How does that sound?

Welcome to the ultimate crash course to make money online.

Contrary to what your parents may think, making money on the Internet is not dubious or questionable. There are many absolutely legitimate ways to earn some extra pocket money or even make it your full-time job.

Thanks to modern technology, it’s now easier to find ways to make money from home than to remember all your online passwords.

With these 10 jobs and an internet connection, you can finally become your own master.

Can we? Then put on your comfortable clothes, turn on the laptop (or should we say – money printing machine) and make yourself a strong coffee.

Then let’s get started!1. eCommerce

If you like the idea of going all-in and building a brand, starting your own online store is a great way to make money online.

You might think that running an online store requires too much effort. After all, there is inventory management to manage and all the extra features your website would need.

Not surprisingly, we want to tell you that selling online has never been easier as long as you know how to properly set up and run your ecommerce business. We’ll show you how. How does it work?

In short, you create a selection of products and sell them online to customers or other businesses.

You are responsible for fulfilling orders, communicating with customers and marketing your online store.

The beauty of an ecommerce business lies in its flexibility. Whether you want to launch your own clothing line or run a dropshipping store, there are always ways to make money on the internet. How do I get started?It starts with planning. Let’s go through the steps you should take if you want to make money online with eCommerce:Find a product niche

What kind of products would your dream business sell?

Maybe you want to ship tons of print-on-demand t-shirts and murals, or maybe you want to source ethical private label cosmetics.

Whether you want to sell tech, beauty, housewares, or clothing online – or something else – you should start your journey with some market research:What product niche can you currently make money with?Who is your target customer?Could you make more money selling a different type of product?Can the product be easily sold without using physical retail locations?

There are many ways to research the products you think you want to sell. So make sure you have some time to think about it before you decide on ecommerce. Build a platform

To sell online and get really visible results, it’s worth creating your own website.

You can use your online presence elsewhere, but owning your own website makes a huge difference. Here are the reasons:You can build and maintain a brand identity, experiment with products and services, and leverage omnichannel sales.With the right integrations, you can track performance, manage logistics, and run marketing campaigns.

There are many ways to create your own website – you can use a builder, use a content management system (CMS), or pay for a customized creation.

When it comes to affordability, speed, and ease of use, it’s a breeze with a website builder like Zyro or Squarespace.

Not all website builders are created equal. So keep a list for the essentials when you find your perfect platform. It should:Provide you with a free SSL certificate.Provide super-fast loading speeds and mobile-optimized websites.Allow you to customize your layout with intuitive drag-and-drop editors.Give you extra help with clever AI branding and content creation tools.Offer you an integrated order management dashboard.Host a range of payment options to support the efficient sale of products.Choose a business model

As I said, ecommerce is one of the most flexible ways to make money. You can make it your full-time job or do it in your spare time instead.

Before you start selling products, consider what kind of business model you think best suits your needs. You could opt for:Running a dropshipping shop. You’ll find a wholesaler, list and market some of their products, and wait for customer orders to come in. The wholesaler is responsible for accommodating and shipping all products to customers, which means:You save money when buying and storing inventory.It’s a job you can probably do in your spare time.In-house fulfillment. It’s up to you to store products and ship them to customers. While this means you’ll need to negotiate shipping costs with couriers and manage inventory, there are some obvious benefits:You can monitor product quality and adjust prices.You will be able to sell a niche assortment.Use strategic marketing

Don’t expect to make money online quickly if you don’t use marketing tactics to drive traffic to your online store.

From keyword research to Facebook ad placement, there are many ways to market your ecommerce site and increase brand awareness.

We’ve written a lot of tutorials, but here’s an idea on how to get started:Make sure your website’s content is SEO-friendly. Writing descriptions that are cleverly filled with keywords (but not stuffed) will help improve the look and feel of your site in search rankings and attract visitors who have searched organically for your products.Create social media accounts to gain a following and connect with people. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook will help you make money – you can upload your product catalog and encourage people to shop.Leverage website integrations like Google AdWords and Analytics to track the success of your campaigns and create new ones with an informed outlook. You want to know the demographics of your visitors and help with integrations.Consider using paid ads and using affiliate marketing. Paying for ads to be placed where your target customers find them is relatively inexpensive, easy to do, and often brings you a big return on investment.2. Marketplace sale

Having your own website is just one way to make money on the Internet. You can also sell products on an online marketplace.

From Etsy and Amazon to Cratejoy and Society6, there are dozens of popular platforms where you can make money online relatively easily.

Although for the most part they are less scalable than running your own online store, this option offers a lot of advantages. Let’s find out more. How does it work?

It is important to note that in addition to running an e-commerce store, you can also use marketplaces. A website builder like Zyro allows you to integrate and sell multiple platforms.

Alternatively, if you’re not quite ready to solidify your online presence with a website, you can sell exclusively on marketplaces. It won’t stop you from gaining a customer base.

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