Making money on the Internet – the 5 best ways

Self-determined working hours, no dress code and working from your own sofa: the Internet offers numerous opportunities to earn money from home on the side. We present you the best ideas.

For links on this page, the dealer may pay a commission, e.g. for those marked with or green underline. More info.Earn money on the Internet with online surveys

A very well-known way to make money online quickly and easily are online surveys. How exactly this works, we explain to you in the following.Many different portals offer the possibility to fill out surveys online. The filling is then rewarded with discounts, vouchers or money.To do this, you first have to register for free with one or more portals. Then you can start filling out surveys. This usually only takes a few minutes and can even be done on the go with the mobile phone.Among the most important and well-known providers in this area are Toluna, GfK, Meinungsort, Meinungsstudie and LifePoints. In most cases, you can earn a few euros per completed study, but sometimes even up to 15 euros.Earn money online with shares & Co.

Investments can also generate passive income and be managed from home.Investing your savings in stocks or funds can generate high profits in the long run. The more intensively you deal with the topic and are actively active on the stock market, the greater the successes are usually.However, investments in equities in particular are always associated with a risk. Therefore, you should deal intensively with the topic in advance and listen to expert opinions and tips.Popular and widespread institutions for such investments are, for example, Consorsbank, comdirect or ProRealTime. However, you can also contact your bank directly to find out about the possibilities there.

There are many ways to make money on the Internet easily from homeimago images / Sven SimonMake money with photography on the Internet

You can also earn money online with your own photos or graphics. We explain what numerous possibilities there are here.A first way to make money with photos is the social media platform Instagram. With a large number of followers, you can earn an income through paid cooperation with companies. To do this, however, you first have to build up a large community.Another option is stock photography. Here, very different images are uploaded to stock photography platforms and are available for download for Internet users. The photographer is usually remunerated according to the download numbers. The main platforms here are iStock and Shutterstuck.One last way to earn money with photos are photo contests. These are available on numerous different topics and areas of photography. Often there are high cash prizes or non-cash prizes. It should be noted, however, that there is often also a participation fee for the competitions.Earn money online as a product tester

The job as a product tester is also another way to earn money from home and without prior knowledge.As a product tester you can register on various online platforms such as mingle,, or Toluna. Companies also sometimes offer jobs directly as testers for their own products. This includes, for example, product testers at Apple or Samsung.On the portals you can then choose between different products. As a product tester, you then receive them, test and evaluate them and are remunerated for them.A nice bonus is that you can usually keep the products you test. The product range ranges from cosmetics and food to technical and household products.Earn money online with your own products

You can also earn money online with homemade products. We introduce you to the available possibilities.If you have a special hobby and are particularly fond of artistic or craftsmanship, it makes sense to offer these products online. It does not matter whether it is textiles, pictures or other decorative or everyday objects.A common platform for this purpose is the Etsy platform. It offers private individuals the opportunity to sell their own products. To do this, you can easily create your own Etsy shop on the platform, Etsy charges a small fee for selling on the platform.Other platforms such as Ebay Classifieds or Palundu are also alternatives to Etsy. They all offer the opportunity to offer their own products online easily and without much effort.On your own behalf: product tests, competitions & more at brands you love

Instagram, Facebook & Co. are your world and you would like to get to know new trend products? Then brands you love are the right place for you!At brands you love you can share your opinion – with friends, followers and the manufacturers themselves. In addition, you get exclusive offers and discounts from your favorite brands.You can find out how brands you love works here.Here you can register for free.Note: like CHIP, brands you love is a subsidiary of Hubert Burda

At brands you love you become an influencer yourself. (Image: Pexels/Tracy Le Blanc) Video tip: How to make a lot of money out of little money

Have you found a suitable part-time job for yourself and are now working on the application? In our next article, you’ll learn how to find the best tips and tricks for applying for a part-time job.

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