Making money as an artist – I’ll show you how!

If you want to work full-time as an artist, sooner or later you will have to be able to make a living with your art. Many hobby artists therefore ask themselves a very important question: “How much do you usually earn as an artist?” How much do you usually earn as an artist?

An artist’s salary is highly dependent on how the artist earns his money, how well known the artist is, and how well the paintings sell. Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all answer as to how much artists earn, the price range ranges from nothing to several thousand euros per picture sold.Can you earn money with self-painted pictures?

In order to earn money with self-painted pictures you need the right talent on the one hand and a long breath on the other. Of course, you can put your pictures on the Internet and see what prices the customers would pay. But in order to sell good pictures, you need the right network, a good agent and a gallery owner who feel addressed by your pictures.

The whole thing will certainly not be easy, as there are already many good and innovative artists. It is worthwhile to stick to the matter, to always try out new techniques and not to be guided by the usual market laws. Painting must remain a passion and should not primarily serve to earn an income. On the page you can sell art, for example. Is it even possible to earn money as an artist?

How can you really make money with your art? How many manage to get money for painting and drawing pictures. This is a question that many people ask themselves who finally want to turn their hobby into a profession. There are numerous ways and means of earning money as an artist, even if it does not sound very realistic at first to sell a product that apparently has no concrete and practical use. How can I make money with my art

The reality for most contemporary artists is for the diversification of their income streams. If you want to make money as an artist with your art, it is no longer enough to rely on representation in galleries or on free customers. Fortunately, the world is constantly changing and does not stop at the art world, so there are many ways you can earn money with art. Sell prints

You don’t have to be a photographer to sell prints. Painters, illustrators and installation artists or sculptors can also benefit from the sale of high-quality prints. This way opens many ways for fans who would not be able to reach the selling price of an original piece in other ways, so you can multiply the type of collectors you want to address with your art.

You can basically choose two ways to earn money. On the one hand, you have the option of printing the works directly or using the services of one of the many online services that allow artists to sell prints online for a small commission. These services are called print on demand services and also sell products such as smartphone bags, backpacks and much more that can be decorated with your works. Online Lessons

If you feel that teaching is not just your profession, but rather a calling, you should seriously consider teaching on the World Wide Web. More and more people are looking over the Internet for creative and competent teachers to help students reach a new level in the field of art. If you want to learn how to increase your money, read my other post on it.

Painters, photographers and designers are just a few professions of creatives who can earn money with their art through lessons. All those who find a demand for their insatiable thirst for knowledge are able to earn a nice salary with this way. Some people even turn teaching into a full-time job for paid membership services, giving students access to private tutorials.

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Write your own ebook

If you enjoy writing and are also adept at creating video content, you should try your hand at creating your own e-book. As an artist, there are many topics on which you can write your book. Be it a special technique that you master, advice on a particular medium or the basics of human perception and the associated concepts of art. Especially if a special topic can bring money to other people, those interested are also willing to pay money for the book. Give lectures

If speaking in public is exactly your thing, then you can build up a lucrative side business if you give lectures online or offline. Whether for a company event or as a lecturer at the adult education centre. Everywhere there is a market for creative thinkers who want to share their secrets of art with other people. Such a lecture is usually combined with a workshop, which means a whole day full of activities.

At the beginning you should hold a brainstorming session to find the topics of the lectures, then you have to prepare a short and concise presentation about your own work. Afterwards, you should look for an organization that you think could be interesting. You should remember that not only the organization can be interested in your knowledge. If you think outside the box here, you will be able to get more orders. Teaching in workshops

If teaching is your favorite activity, but the thought of planning an entire course is too scary, then workshops might be just the thing for you.

Here you benefit from the personal experience through dealing with the students. Especially popular are workshops with the topic of photography, here holding such workshops can become a lucrative side business, especially if you dedicate yourself to special niche topics. Some photographers organize workshops in which they lead the groups in beautiful places and the trip is designed on a specific theme.

But not all workshops focus on photography. Street artists are also desperately sought. Here you will learn how to handle spray paint or how to cut stencils. But even if your area of expertise is calligraphy, you have a good chance of earning good money by holding workshops.

You should find your artistic niche and think about which niche you want to teach. If you plan carefully, you can also organize travel planning with your students and teach on the go. Become an influencer in the classroom world

Social media is your second home, you have a broad fan base, then use it to make money with it. If you are sufficiently well known on social networks, then companies will become aware of you and you can earn money through sponsored content.

This is especially lucrative for travel photographers, as many people finance such a trip around the world by networking with hotels, airlines that provide their services for free, in return you have to post numerous pictures.

But not only travel photographers can jump into action. Artists also collaborate with numerous companies, from art accessories to fashion brands, to subsequently share the results of the collaboration with followers. Start your own blog or channel on YouTube

In addition to the fact that customers can find your work more easily through a blog or videos, these opportunities can earn good advertising and affiliate commissions. These platforms can also be used to promote your own service. For example, you can promote your own works or inform the fans about new workshops. With the right strategy, you can also get commissions for product recommendation and devices.

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