Making money as a child – we have recommendations and tips

There are also children and young people who have the desire to earn money independently. And there are also numerous possibilities. We have looked around for you for experiences, tips and instructions on how it is possible:

Making money as a child

There are great opportunities for every child to earn money, the will to “work” must of course be there. But the best thing to do is to read and look at the testimonials we have found. An insightful video with ways children can make money:

Twelve ideas on how to earn money as a child or adolescent. What is the right age to start a business today 25, 30, 40? What if I tell you that you can even become a managing director before you even get a driver’s license? We are talking about young loners with real companies. Ten-year-old Ryan Kelly is one of the youngest contestants in the series The Cave of the Lions who runs his own dog reward company called Rheinsberg, as well as Micaela Ulmer, who took classic lemonade to a new level and as at the age of only 11 years. These children are living proof that age in the business world is nothing more than just a number.

So as if you’re a kid with an entrepreneurial mind and you’d like to make your own money, I’ll show you twelve simple ways to do just that. But before we dedicate ourselves to this fun, you should subscribe to our Chanel

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Number 12: Take care of the household. Here comes a clever way to get some pocket money, the children should help in the household right? Well, this is also a good opportunity to teach them something. Money has to be earned, ask your parents nicely if they are willing to pay you some pocket money for folding the laundry, or dusting off the furniture. I’m sure they’ll respond to this suggestion, as not only are you working hard for the money, but you’re taking some of the endless list of chores away from your mom and dad.

Number 11: If you offer this type of service, you should make sure that you can handle the lawn mower alone. Ask in the neighborhood if someone would like to have their lawn mowed for some pocket money, don’t just drive indiscriminately you can’t just drive along wherever you want with the lawnmower.

First you have to ask how they would like to have the lawn mowed. Find out which parts of the lawn need to be mowed, and which should be strictly avoided.

In addition to mowing the lawn, there is another garden care service that you could offer. And that is raking leaves. Most people hate to do this themselves, which is why this is a perfect opportunity for you, and it often goes with the

Lawn mowing, which is why we could also consider offering this as a package. You can earn a lot more money if you offer to rake and remove the foliage first before mowing the lawn.

Number 9: Open a lemonade stand. You can certainly rely on this classic. But you can also spice them up a bit to earn more. Beautiful ice-cold lemonade is just great in summer. Simply exchange them for hot chocolate in autumn and winter, set comprehensible prices, and keep your money in a safe place, such as a lockable box or in a money belt.

But be careful not to set up your stand on private property or where you could be punished for unauthorized entry. Also, don’t sell in places where you need a sales permit.

Number 8: Sell baked goods. Selling baked goods such as rolls is a great start. But always ask your parents in the kitchen for help so you can avoid injuries and accidents. You could sell the baked goods individually or in a package for a low price. You can even sell them along with your lemonade or hot cocoa. Give the store a professional look, and attract more customers by packing your luggage in colorful and packages. The packaging of a product is often just as important as what is in it.

Number 7: Organize a garage flea market. Make books, toys, clothes, or other things you no longer use into money instead of throwing them away. Since you probably don’t know the original price of things in detail anymore, you can ask your parents how much they spent on it. Then you can set an honest price depending on the condition. First, take promotional photos of your things and when you start the flea market. Distribute flyers and hang posters in the neighborhood so people can read everything important.

Number 6: Sell your stuff to second-hand stores

If you’re not that good at negotiating or selling, go to the nearest dealer and have them sell for you. Of course, you must be accompanied by your parents or an adult when you go there. The things you want to sell must be in good condition. Put yourself in the customer’s position, would you buy second-hand goods with stains, holes or many torn buttons?

Quality is much more important than quantity.

Number 5: You sell your own handicrafts. Do you have a knack for crafting? Then turn a creative hobby into a profitable business. Make and sell alternative jewelry. Fancy bookmarks and garden decoration to name a few examples. Also use holidays to your advantage, you can create colorful paper flowers and greeting cards, for example for Valentine’s Day. The possibilities are endless in this type of business. As long as you only have enough imagination.

Number 4: Give tutoring. Are you particularly good at a subject, such as math or foreign languages, or are you talented at musical instruments? Then use this to your advantage by teaching other children for some money. Just make sure that and work and school are in balance. In addition, you need the consent of your parents before you can give tutoring. You also need the consent of your parents so that they know what you are doing, your safety and well-being are their top priority.

Number 3: Upload photos for others to back up to their computer and edit them. Whether you’re doing this for someone who just doesn’t know how to do it, or it’s a busy adult who has no time to lose.

You can download photos stored on the camera to her computer to save them. You know how to edit photos, or change them with Photoshop?

Then offer your services, help him by performing simple but time-saving tasks that only require basic computer skills.

Number two: Create a Facebook profile for others. There are millions of people out there who still don’t use this popular social network. According to a 2018 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, only 68 percent of adults in the United States are Facebook users. Which means that the remaining 32 percent do not have a user account. Ask your parents friends and classmates if they know someone who would like to join Facebook but doesn’t have enough time or knowledge to create a profile. Tell them you’re doing it for a reasonable price. The same goes for other social media.

Number 1: Invent mobile games. Without experience in programming, no longer a problem. It’s now possible to develop mobile apps or games, even if you don’t know a programming language at all. ¬†Websites like Stenzel and Romo and quick Ninja can help you with their user-friendly software. No matter if you consider yourself a total gamer or you just like to play from time to time.

You’ll find out what aspects you don’t like about your favorite games, once you know you can, you can invent even better versions of those games.

Don’t work with strangers and do something with someone in the family. Knowledge and trust are important.

Impress your customers with your honesty and diligence. Don’t vote for a job you can’t do. Know your own abilities, your limits.

Ask your friends and family for help if you need it.

Make sure that you should not offer your products and services in dangerous neighborhoods or places. And also otherwise, always be accompanied by an adult. Ask your school for permission if you like to sell there

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