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You want to earn money, but have no ideas for a part-time job? No problem, we provide you with 33 suggestions for a side income. And because time is known to be money: Don’t snitch long, tackle your job. Making Money Online: The 17 Best Methods on the Internet 1. Answering Online Surveys at Market Research Institutes

Large companies commission market research institutes for market research purposes in order to obtain differentiated information about the market and their products or services. It is undisputed that an additional income can be achieved quite easily and conveniently by answering online surveys.

Those who take part in online surveys from home are paid in return with money, vouchers or bonuses.

How much can be earned? Payment is made per survey: from 50 cents up to 8 euros per survey, in exceptional cases sometimes more. The possible earnings depend on the number of surveys a participant answers. Accordingly, it is advantageous to register with several survey institutes.

Suitable for whom? For those who want to work from home and who enjoy sharing their opinion.

Additional income with online surveys: Here you will find reputable market research institutes. 2. Earn money quickly on the go: No problem with the right apps

Streetspotr, ShopScout, Roamler or Appjobber – these are the four apps you need if you want to earn money quickly with one or the other job (also called “microjob”). How does it work? Download apps, select and complete orders, collect money. Where do the jobs take place? Often it is supermarkets or other retail stores, such as electronics stores, drugstores, pharmacies, mobile phone shops or gas stations, but also in McDonald’s restaurants or cinemas there were already micro jobs to do.

Suitable for whom? If you are on the road with your mobile phone and have some time left on the way to work or shopping, for example, and like to research and photograph, you will certainly enjoy doing microjobs.

How much can be earned? Every completed order is paid. For small, fast jobs, there is also “only” one euro, for most orders the earnings are between 3 and 10 euros. For very special tasks, sometimes 20 euros are paid. It is particularly worthwhile if jobs can be done several times in different branches, because then you already have practice. 3. Earn money online as a website tester

This method is very much in vogue. In “crowdtesting”, this term stands behind this still relatively young industry, the mass (i.e. the “crowd”) tests websites, apps and software from their home PC and is paid for it – TestingTime is a renowned provider of crowdtesting. By the way, as a crowdtester, you don’t work as an employee.

Suitable for whom? For all Internet users who enjoy surfing. Best of all, no expert knowledge is required.

How much can be earned? Payment is made per test order, the earnings depend on the scope of the test 4. Open a free checking account and earn money with it

“How please?!” one or the other may think of this headline. But it’s true: For opening a free current account, you will be rewarded by some banks with cash bonuses. Such welcome bonuses are usually provided by direct banks that do not operate their own local branch network. Of course, the banks are reputable – they are, for example, subsidiaries of renowned banks such as Commerzbank or HypoVereinsbank.

If you want to know more: Our editors have done the practical test and found that this additional income is one of the really simple ones: Quickly and easily earn 150 euros: Here’s how it works

Suitable for whom? For all those who want to get a free current account and have no problem with it if their bank does not have a branch on site. Cash withdrawals at ATMs are free of charge as long as you use the ATMs of the ATM network to which the direct bank belongs.

How much can be earned? The amount of the premium depends on the bank and the account (in our practical test it was 150 euros). In addition to the premium, some banks also offer their customers cashback (sometimes even 20 percent) when shopping in hundreds of online shops. 5. Become an influencer on the Internet

Jella Haase alias Chantal summed up her career aspirations in the third part of the film series “Fack Ju Göhte”: She wants to become an influencer. What is a thigh knocker in the film is lived by numerous Instagrammers, YouTubers or bloggers: earn money by marketing your own personality. 

Suitable for whom? Ambitious Instagrammers, YouTubers or bloggers who are not afraid to present themselves in public. For successful influencers, not only the topic of beauty plays a role: Entertaining or informative social media accounts can also generate an enormous income.

How much can be earned? Similar to earning money with YouTube, a concrete statement on earnings is almost impossible – there are an incredible number of influencing factors on earnings. 6. Making money as a copywriter: Writing commissioned texts

If you want to work from home and who find it easy to write short texts, you can earn money as a web copywriter or commissioned copywriter. There are various content portals on the Internet that advertise such orders.

Suitable for whom? Students, housewives, employees, pensioners, the self-employed: this job is ideal for anyone who wants to work flexibly from home. Good knowledge of German and careful work are a must!

How much can be earned? Payment is made per written text and is based on the specified text volume. Alternatively, it is paid per word – the possible earnings are between 0.7 and 4 cents per word. Ultimately, the respective earnings depend strongly on one’s own speed in writing. You want to find a part-time job or mini-job?

Are you looking for a part-time job or mini-job nearby? With us you can find many job offers directly in your city. Apply today and quickly find exactly the part-time job or mini-job that suits you! 7. Write creatively and earn money as an author on the Internet

If you don’t just want to write small commissioned texts, but your own (longer) texts, you can start immediately. Because on the Internet nowadays it is very easy to publish and sell your own books. Authors of e-books can use sales portals such as Amazon or they sell the books in self-distribution on their website or blog.

Suitable for whom? For all creative text writers and passionate hobby authors

How much can be earned? A statement on earnings is not possible in general, because who could predict whether a book will become a bestseller? 8. Sell used goods online: clothes, books, electronics and much more

Even old or used things can turn out to be a good online source of income: You don’t have to do more than clean it out properly. Everything you no longer need, you can easily sell on the Internet.

If you want to sell electronics, books or clothes at a fixed price, it is best to do so via used purchase portals such as Momox or Rebuy. But also the sale via a classified ad is possible on the Internet: On eBay classifieds free ads can be placed.

If you’d rather list your stuff at an online flea market, you can use apps like Shpock or Kleiderkreisel.

Suitable for whom? For all those who want to clean up properly.

How much can be earned? Revenue depends on the number and type of items you sell. 9. Online Ancillary Revenue with YouTube

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