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Maintain your drive to succeed

Maintain your drive to succeed.

You’ve probably had to give up on a project after a short period of time because of a lack of drive. There are two possible causes of this lack of motivation:

The goal you had originally established for yourself is no longer relevant to you.

Think about a person who’s preparing for a town hall test and simultaneously enrolling in a language school so that they’ll be better prepared for the job market if they don’t get in. After only a few weeks of learning the new language, he passed the test and was accepted into the municipal hall.
To begin with, he wanted to improve his chances of finding a job in an unsteady economy. In spite of this, since he has the job, his future employment is secure. As a result, he’ll be less motivated to complete learning the language he’s begun. In this situation, he can only think of one thing to do: locate a new prey.

However, your original aim is still extremely important to you, but it’s more difficult to accomplish than you expected.

The great majority of individuals find themselves in this situation. We set out to do something with a lot of zeal, but as time passes, we come to know that it is going to be more difficult than we anticipated. Is this something that you’ve experienced before, and if so, how did you get yourself into such a situation?
There are many instances to choose from. When someone first joins a gym with the goal of losing weight and achieving the body they’ve always desired, they quickly learn that coming to the gym every day isn’t simple.
“It’s been a long day at work, and I just want to get home and lie down on the couch.” “I think I would have time to go to the gym. But I have the house. I’ve made it a pigsty, so I’m going to take advantage of it and clean it up.” “It’s cold and it’s raining, so I’m going to take advantage of it and clean it up.” On Thursdays, we often use the phrase, “On Monday I start seriously,” as an excuse for a few drinks with pals. This way, we can sip on those straws guilt-free since Monday is going to be a rough day for us.
It’s only a matter of time until Monday rolls around and our week is a carbon replica of the one before it, prompting us to invent new reasons not to get out of bed or revise our old ones. We expect our drive to shift with the start of a new week, but this is seldom the case.
As a result, the number of days available for sports participation has been cut in half. If we additionally take into account the food we consume, it becomes almost impossible to get a lovely body. Even if we are still pursuing our goal, it no longer has the same allure as before when we learn how much it costs.
To remain motivated, disregard the calendar.
Why do you start a new project based on the days of the week, which is only a social convention? Even if you exercise on a Sunday or Monday, you will reap the same physical health benefits.If today is a nice day to go for a jog, why not take advantage of it? Maybe it will rain tomorrow. Don’t put off putting on your shoes any longer.
When I’m on vacation, I tend to engage in more physical activity. I’ve heard people say things like “but guy, you’re on vacation; don’t go to the gym.” I’m more motivated to participate in sports now that I’m on vacation and have more free time to do so. Don’t use your vacation as an excuse to avoid exercising, but rather as an opportunity to get back into the swing of things.
Every year, at the beginning of the New Year, we create a slew of lofty goals and plans that we promptly forget about within a month. Don’t wait till the new year to start doing what’s beneficial for you. Start working on it right now. In order to achieve your objectives, you must not let your life revolve around societal norms, which will allow you to easily come up with reasons to keep you from achieving them.
You must live in accordance with the beat that emanates from your innermost being. In order to avoid making excuses, you must have a strong desire to succeed in the first place. Somebody recently told me they planned to stop smoking after they completed their degree, since examinations give them so much anxiety that it’s now hard for them to stop… Is there anything you’d want to know about that person’s future plans? No doubt he will come up with a new reason to smoke, such as a stressful employer. Get off the schedule and listen to your inner voice.
Keep yourself motivated by setting smaller objectives.

The more clear your objective is, the less likely you are to lose motivation. Your objectives should be quantifiable and specific. Additionally, you need to be able to meet the deadlines. Weight loss is neither quantitative nor a specified time period for accomplishing the objective. You may accomplish this by changing your goal to “reduce two kilograms a month for five months” or something similar.
You’ll lose 10 pounds in five months without even noticing it. There are really five smaller objectives that have kept you motivated throughout the process of dropping 10 pounds. For every month that goes by, your drive grows and your strength grows as a result of checking off that mini-goal.
When I’m studying for my psychology examinations and I realize how many books I have to read, it makes me question whether or not I’ll be able to complete my degree. Because of this, I’ve been compelled to create a study schedule in order to meet my weekly objectives. Those daily mini-goals become weekly mini-goals as the examinations get nearer.
I never start a half marathon with the idea that I have another 13 miles to go. The first 5 kilometres are all I think about. At the 5th kilometer, I started thinking about the 10th kilometer. When I’m 10 years old, I start thinking about when I’ll be 15. For the rest of my journey, I’ll keep going like this till I get to kilometer 21. The race would have been a lot more difficult for me if I had already started thinking about kilometre 21 from the starting line instead of adopting this mental plan.


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