List Of Retro Game Consoles


List Of Retro Game Consoles – If you look at the list of all Sega consoles and handhelds in order… Calling Sega’s history in the hardware market “colorful” would be an understatement.

Some hits, some misses, some surprises. But of course there was no effort from Sega, which is often considered a direct competition to the king of video game hardware, Nintendo.

List Of Retro Game Consoles

List Of Retro Game Consoles

As we’ll see shortly, Sega certainly gave Nintendo stiff competition at times. Although Nintendo’s sales peaked at some point.

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Sega is a hardware and software developer that has truly made their mark on our personal history, and always has a seat at the king’s table in any conversation about video game history.

Let’s look at all their consoles in order, and see the failures and successes that will become Sega legends.

The Sega SG-1000 is a home video game console and their first home game console.

The SG-1000 was released on July 15, 1983, the same day the Nintendo Famicom was released in Japan.

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Sega was one of the most successful arcade manufacturers in the 1980s, but the video game market took a turn for the worse after the success of the Magnavox Odyssey and Atari 2600.

Not to be left in the dust, Sega began developing two home consoles, SG-1000 and SG-3000 (personal computer type devices) to be released simultaneously.

The new home console had a strong game library in its first year on the market (21 game titles in the year), which led to more than three times the expected sales.

List Of Retro Game Consoles

The SG-1000 also saw a few upgrades throughout its life, the SG-1000 II and the Sega Mark III.

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The SG console series sold almost 1.5 million units in its lifetime, which is considered a relative financial failure.

But it also introduced the most popular console in gaming history to come from Sega.

The first entry on the list of all Sega consoles, and it’s easy to see how it set Sega up for the success they would soon see in the home video game market.

It was originally the next iteration of the SG console line, a revamped version of the Sega Mark III.

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The Sega Master System is to the Sega Mark III as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is to the Nintendo Famicom (ie the western rebrand of their Japanese console).

Rumor has it that the name was chosen by an employee of Sega of America by throwing a bullet at a name suggestion board.

The Master System II was released in 1990, and was a cheaper model. They also chose to put in a Sega card slot. Its new design also heralds what’s to come from Sega.

List Of Retro Game Consoles

The Master System sold about 20 million units in total, which was a relative failure compared to the success of the Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicom (which sold over 60 million units).

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True, the new brand of the current console, lack of third-party software developers, and small marketing team all lead to poor sales and poor recognition for the master system.

So Sega has yet to see the success they hoped for in the home video game market compared to the giant Nintendo.

But soon we will see a tide of change for Sega and we will see them finally gain popularity in popular culture.

You can review some of your favorite Master System games by using one of the 5 best Sega Master System Emulators.

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In South Korea, Samsung distributed it as the Super Gam*Boy. With the release of the Nintendo Game Boy in 1989, it’s easy to see why it was a bad choice.

The Mega Drive saw its launch across Europe and big in Brazil, but it was the North American release of the rebranded “Genesis” that saw Sega’s first major commercial success in home video games.

One of the reasons that the Genesis has become more popular is because of its strong library of more than 900 games, including the first release for Sonic the Hedgehog. Ever heard of him?

List Of Retro Game Consoles

And the Master Drive/Genesis competed directly with the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System and the 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

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And there was a clear battle of consoles in the late 1980s to the early 90s between Sega and Nintendo (a rivalry that we would eventually see culminate in the amazing Mario & Sonic crossover franchise of the latter in the history of the game).

Through strong marketing efforts and a lot of hard work behind the scenes, Sega finally managed to control 65% of the 16-bit console market in January of 1992.

We’ve seen a ton of great game titles (see 31 Best Sega Mega Drive Games) and it’s cool to see competition for Nintendo that will encourage both companies to maintain quality and quantity. of game titles coming for players.

It’s also interesting to think of those times when most homes with children or teenagers had a Nintendo or Sega console on the TV (or some lucky kids had both!). Handheld Game Console 5.1 Inch Pro Retro Games Consoles Built In Classic Games Rechargeable Battery Portable Style Game Consoles X12

Speaking of the magical feel of Sega’s golden age, we saw the release of the Sega Mega Drive Mini and recently Sega announced their New Mega Drive Mini 2.

The Game Gear shares the Master System’s hardware design and can play many Master System games with an adapter.

The Game Gear has several technological advantages over its competition, such as the most obvious… the full color backlit screen.

List Of Retro Game Consoles

Sega marketed the Game Gear and Genesis as older alternatives to the Nintendo systems of the time.

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And if you look back at some of the marketing angles used, it’s definitely not appropriate for today’s society. But at that time, they played the stereotype of “cool” versus “cool”.

They even saw some push in these marketing topics at the time, but were ultimately unaffected by the bad press.

The Game Gear proved to be one of the most important handheld games of its time, but never came close to Nintendo’s success.

And with Sega’s huge success with the Genesis, and their focus on future additions to that console (Sega CD and 32x add-ons) the final sales figure reached nearly 10.6 million Game units Gear of 6 years life.

Nintendo Entertainment System

The Game Gear remains a very popular console for retro gamers, and has a growing community of modders and enthusiasts on social media.

The Japan-only Game Gear Micro comes preloaded with some of the 20 best Sega Game Gear Games of all time, giving new gamers the chance to experience a smaller version of the magic the original had to offer. on the Game Gear.

The Sega CD, also known as the Mega-CD, is a CD-ROM accessory for the Sega Genesis that expands the game library and hardware capabilities of the popular home video game console.

List Of Retro Game Consoles

Optimizing the Genesis (which was already good enough) with a faster CPU and new graphics capabilities like resizing and rotating sprites (something Atari Lynx did on mobile!) .

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The addition of CD media games means that more than 300 times the amount of data can be transmitted in a single title.

The advantages of this new medium are on full display in the controversial game title Night Trap, which uses video media.

In the end, the support from Sega proved to be the reason that the Sega CD was not going to be a hit like they had hoped.

But that didn’t stop gamers from picking up more than 200 game titles in their short time on the market, including the 30 best SEGA CD Games of all time.

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Did you know that this was a great idea during the most commercially successful home video game consoles? To develop video consoles for children’s education.

That’s what Sega did. And in 1993, the world saw the release of the Sega Pico, also known as the Kids Computer Pico.

Its design is similar to a children’s laptop, although it does not include a screen and must be placed on a video monitor.

List Of Retro Game Consoles

The game cart is shaped like a children’s storybook, and has a small connector at the bottom to attach to the console.

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With the marketing title “A computer that thinks it’s a toy.” We can argue the opposite.

We “serious gamers” can roll our eyes all we want, but in the end Sega sold 3.4 million Pico consoles and 11.2 million games worldwide.

So clearly the Pico is not a bad idea. It’s not something we expect to get after the start.

But if this list of Sega consoles has taught us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t think we need to know what to expect from Sega next.

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While Sega is working hard on the development of their next big console (which appears next on this list), we can see that they are not done with the Genesis…

The 32X add-on for the Sega Genesis video game console was released on November 21, 1994. Yup… one day before it was released.

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