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Since technology began to gain strength, it is what makes life easier for society and is that in the last half century, technological advances have been so great that they have modified even our way of living, communicating and relating, they have even allowed us to advance in fields as important as education, science or medicine. So we can say that technology has brought us great advantages for social development. Next, we see the great advantages of technology, are you going to miss it?

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In recent decades, technology has brought us incredible inventions and we have products and applications that have changed the way we communicate. Mobile phones, Skype or WhatsApp with clear examples of, how now it is easier than ever, to be connected in the distance quickly, easily and cheaply. Advantages of technology

It is clear that technology makes everyday life easier, so here we explain the advantages of technology: Quick access to information

The first of all the advantages of the technology that we are going to name is access to information, thanks to technology, it is getting faster. This allows more people to have access to more data that can help them make better decisions. In addition, through websites or devices, anyone can have access to any type of knowledge. This, together with speed, is a very valuable tool especially in training processes. Facilitates communication

Internet access and technological improvements, as we mentioned at the beginning, facilitate communication, shortening distances not only in the personal but also in the workplace, having a direct impact on the economy. Improve entertainment

Since streaming emerged thanks to technology there is much more interaction in social networks and video games. In addition, it allows those who were previously consumers of content to now also be creators and not only on platforms that serve to display content, but now each person can also be their own means of communication. Stimulates creativity

Today, there are many technological resources that allow creation in multiple areas such as artistic, academic, musical, among others. Before these resources were very expensive, but thanks to advances in technology, they are increasingly accessible, which helps to stimulate creativity and encourage new spaces and formats of creation. Facilitates educational processes

As for education, according to a study prepared by the Economist Intelligence Unit, 90% of leaders in the education sector believe that thanks to technology students are more imaginative and creative, and 80% say they are more productive. As for students, there are many applications that make the task of learning much more fun. Now with technology we can have more educational resources and thanks to the internet you can make online schools such as IEBSchool, in addition to classes and training of any kind online. The processes of distance education and augmented reality applied to education are two examples of how technology can significantly influence academic training. Simplify household chores

With the Internet of Things we can have a connection to home devices to the same network. With this, it is possible for a person to remotely control and from a mobile phone, heating, or automatic doors, turn lights off or on, blinds, the security system or even the car. Transportation improvements

The advances in transport systems have been very noticeable and, each time, new alternatives are being proposed that allow more people to be transferred to new destinations and in less time. New jobs

As technology advances, problems arise that need innovative solutions, creating job opportunities. Fintech, the demand for professionals linked to software engineering, UX development or specialists in data analysis, would be clear examples. Master in Business Intelligence and Data Science

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I’m interested! Promotion of scientific activity

The promotion of scientific activity is another of the great advantages of technology, health is the clearest example. Every day there is more chance of surviving diseases that were previously incurable. Greater efficiency in industries and administrations

Another advantage of the technology is its use in industrial processes helps to increase productivity allowing the manufacture of parts in large quantities and in less time. On the other hand, technology allows you to control processes that were previously manual, so you can avoid human errors and have much more verifiable data in real time.

On the other hand, in administrative terms, cloud technology allows companies to free themselves from the costs involved in the IT infrastructure and thus guarantee the security of their data.

As we are seeing, technological advances today overwhelm by the speed with which they occur and are essential to make our lives easier, work more productive and in general, improve the quality of life.

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Download Disadvantages of technological advances

But all that glitters is not gold and that is that the twenty-first century is facing a very divided panorama and its greatest challenge will be to face the collateral damage of certain advances. Here are some disadvantages of technological advances. Dependence

The misuse and excessive use of technology means that there are more and more important health problems such as addiction, depression, isolation, anxiety, among others. In addition, being able to work from home can also favor isolation and loneliness. Can lead to unemployment

Although it may seem contradictory, the great advance of technology can also generate unemployment. Every time, all actions are being robotized more, so that can make basic jobs end up disappearing. And it is evidence that, increasingly, machines and robots have been replacing the hand of man with the negative consequences that this entails. As technology advances, human labor is undervalued. Worsens productivity

An inadequate handling of technology through mobile devices can generate inconveniences both in work and student or personal environments. For example, social networks and online games are considered the main distractors, for that reason, in many cases the use of the mobile phone or access to a web page is restricted. Expiry date of technological devices

Nowadays, planned obsolescence means that many technological devices have an expiration date, that is, in a relatively short period of time they stop working to encourage the purchase of a new one. Security

There are 3 everyday acts that can compromise our security: connecting to an open wifi is one of them, anyone can access the data you have entered while browsing and steal it. Taking pictures and posting them on the net is another bad idea; you’re telling the whole world where you are and what you’re doing, giving other people a chance to know that your house is empty and unprotected. Buying online and typing passwords on computers that are not yours is also something we should avoid and we don’t.

And what do you think of technological advances and the advantages that technology brings? Do not hesitate to leave us your comments and share!

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