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The number of people who decide to earn something with an online shop or even to become self-employed is increasing every day. But is this step even worth it? How high revenues can you actually achieve with an online shop? Is an online shop still worthwhile?

This is probably the most frequently asked question when it comes to running your own online shop. Under the right conditions and with the right work ethic, this question can certainly be answered with a YES. The number of online purchases is still rising year after year.The following chart shows you how high the average monthly order volume of online shops is according to a recent study by us.

As you can see, almost 80 percent of our respondents have a rate between 1 and 1000 orders a month. A full 7 percent can even generate monthly quantities of more than 5,000 orders.

Nevertheless, you should make it clear to yourself that an online shop means an enormous amount of time and work and that success is usually a long time coming. Many young entrepreneurs see the potential in earning money online with a webshop, so your competition is correspondingly high.

You should also keep in mind that an online shop does not mean a regular income and not everyone is made for self-employment. It is therefore important that you make it clear to yourself whether you are up to the pressure and the effort and how much income you want to earn at all to enable you to live a carefree life. How much can you actually earn with an online shop?

How much exactly you can earn with an online shop, of course, as so often depends on many factors. For example, from the products, the operating costs, the number of orders and so on. But in order not to fob you off with this general statement, we want to show you with an example what is financially possible with your own online shop. Example:

Let’s say you offer 2 different products in your shop, product A and product B. You sell product A at a price of 40 euros and product B costs your customers 50 euros per piece. Since both have the same variable unit costs of 30 euros per product, this results in a unit gross margin of 10 euros for products A in our example and 20 euros for product B. If you can now sell product A 150 times a month and product B 100 times, you will achieve a total contribution of 3500 euros per month (150×10 euros = 1500 euros, 100×20 euros= 2000 euros, 1500+2000=3500 euros).

From this result, you now have to deduct monthly expenses such as advertising, insurance, shipping costs, storage costs, etc. Let’s assume here of about 1000 euros per month, you have 2000 euros to live. Not a bad merit at first glance.

But let’s calculate down how much time you have to invest. With a normal job, you work 8 hours a day on about 20 days a month, which results in a total monthly working time of 160 hours. 2000 euros divided by 160 hours results in an hourly wage of 12.50 euros. However, this also includes vacation and the proportionate costs that your employer bears for you, e.g. health insurance. If you have an online shop, you are your own employer, usually work on weekends and do not get paid vacation. We don’t even want to think about sick days. As you can see, with all these parameters, the hourly wage goes further and further into the basement.Conclusion

On the basis of our graphic above, you can also see that online is still diligently ordered and the growing number of online shops also shows that many seem to earn enough to live on, even if a lot of commitment and passion are required here.

If you are still brand new in this area, it is sometimes worthwhile to start with affiliate marketing and sell products. Finally, when you’ve gained a bit of experience online, you can start much more relaxed and with fewer rookie mistakes. Surely you will know better which niches are worthwhile at the moment and which type of online shop currently has the greatest potential. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and niche sites, then read our other articles on these topics.Your own online shop with Projektify

You are motivated and want to finally get started? If you can’t wait to own an online shop yourself, then Projektify is the right place for you. Our free platform specializes in the purchase and sale of web projects of all kinds. As consulting experts, we are of course happy to assist you with the purchase of your own online shop. Take a look at our ads. Surely there is already the right offer for you.

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