How To Sell More Wine


How To Sell More Wine – Many wine brands like 19 Crimes are looking at augmented reality as part of their unique branding opportunity.

Until 2017, most winemakers may not have heard of augmented reality (AR) technology or thought about how it could be used to sell more wine. All that changed with the launch of the 19 Crimes wine brand by Australia’s Treasury Wine Estates, which created a successful AR event to accompany each bottle of its wine. To date, the Living Wine Labels app used to create augmented reality has been downloaded over 1 million times, and images of users interacting with wine bottles can then the use of AR has been published on social media.

How To Sell More Wine

How To Sell More Wine

The key to understanding why 19 Crimes AR wines are so successful has a lot to do with how consumers choose their favorite wines. Wine buyers are looking for brands with a special story or explanation, and that’s exactly what 19 Crimes offers. The whole idea behind the brand is that British prisoners were sent to Australia to commit one of 19 different crimes, and each type of wine represents a various prisoners. Therefore, the AR experience includes learning the story and history of these prisoners. When you download the AR app and point your smartphone camera at the name of the wine, the prisoners come to life and tell their stories in their own words.

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Needless to say, marketers noticed the buzz AR was creating among wine drinkers. In December 2017,

The magazine wrote a glowing review of the technology, calling it “a beautiful example of augmented reality targeting adults.” Quite simply, Treasury Wine Estates showed how to build consumer engagement with a brand. Even better, creating different stories for different prisoners meant that customers were tempted to buy more bottles so that they could collect all the stories together. In 2017, 19 Crimes was a great success and Marketwatch named it the Wine Brand of 2017.

Building on this initial success, Treasury Wine Estates has rolled out its unique AR platform to other wine brands in its portfolio, including Walking Dead, Beringer Bros, Chateau St Jean and Gentleman’s Collection wines. The Walking Dead wines are very notable because they take the concept of augmented reality to the next level, turning each bottle of wine into a unique story about the zombie hunter Rick Grimes and the various zombies he has to deal with. When you draw your phone in a bottle, a perfect animation comes to life. And here’s the funnest part – when you put two bottles from the collection together, the two bottles interact! In fact, the brilliance of this idea is that a customer who walks into a wine store looking for a bottle of wine is now tempted to buy a second bottle for the whole experience.

And it’s not just Treasury Wine Estates that has experimented with how AR can be part of its marketing mix. Paso Robles-based Robles Wine Company has created unique AR experiences to help tell the story of the brand and engage consumers in new ways. If you pick up a bottle of red dough, you will see the story of a comet that hit the city of Florence. If you pick up a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, you will see the story of Mount Vesuvius erupting in the city of Pompeii. All you have to do is download the Rabble Wine Company app on the App Store or Google Play Store, which means anyone with a smartphone can enjoy these AR experiences. .

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And in September 2017, the Argentinian winery The Owl and the Dust Devil unveiled a new augmented reality version featuring both the owl and the dust devil. In this AR experience, you can watch an owl try to escape a tornado. It refers to the power of augmented reality in the creation of models like movies with a bottle of wine.

One way to get customers to buy a bottle of your wine is to showcase your wine brand as part of a larger event or trend. . In August 2018, the emBrazen Wines brand was launched as the #MeToo movement spread to support women. The wine has featured famous women in history including Nellie Belli, Josephine Baker and Celia Cruz. If you point your phone at the name of the AR wine, you can hear Cuban-American singer Celia Cruz explain how she became the most successful Latin artist of the 20th century. You don’t just hear his voice – you also see his face moving around in the bottle, as if the bottle is alive. This is why many wine owners call them “living wine brands”.

When customers connect with those stories and want to share them with their friends and family on social media, that’s when the real magic happens. How nice is a bottle of wine that speaks to you. But when that bottle tells a story that you want to share as part of your social identity, it becomes something that can easily be shared on social media.

How To Sell More Wine

Ultimately, augmented reality is all about improving engagement with consumers, converting wine drinkers into fans of your brand, and finding new ways to stand out in an increasingly crowded market. . In addition, since the users of AR technology are generally a younger demographic, creating these types of AR brands is a great way to connect with young millennial wine drinkers. Some wine brands even create special displays for retail store environments. If the stories you tell through AR are fun and compelling, you can be sure wine drinkers will come back for more. Never miss the latest news and information about the beverage industry. Sign up for our award-winning newsletter – delivered to your inbox every week.

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For many professionals, the New Year represents a time of change, with good resolutions and healthy habits that encourage a sense of hope for the coming months. But for wine and spirits to repeat, the first three months can be a disaster. Now that most of the holidays are over, stories are rarely tasted and sold. So making a monthly purchase can be very difficult right now. But don’t give up now. SevenFifty talks to retailers across the country and finds tips to help you sell more. Here’s what we found:

First, take a moment to breathe. Remember that every customer faces the same January challenge as you. It’s not a “you” thing; This is “Q1”. The key to mental health? Don’t assume that the customer is not interested.

Looking at your goals yearly instead of month by month will help you get through the slow times. “It’s not a month-to-month job … you have to look at it as a marathon, not a race,” said Richard Jones, managing director at Epic Wines and Spirits in Santa Rosa, Calif. Understanding and accepting big goals will help you put things in perspective when the pressure gets to you.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean bold reds are the only thing in style. While you’re stocking up for phone calls, pick up a few random bottles like unique rosés, food-grade rosés or high-acid whites to hit the spot. You are from doubling down on big reds.

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Get in front of customers as much as possible, advises Lisa Stevens, fine wine specialist at Henry Henry Wine Group in Benicia, Calif. “Get involved. If you’re not there, then you don’t have a chance,” he said. Stevens recently visited a media outlet, with no intention of selling. But since he was right in front of the customer, he started a conversation about cheap Chardonnay options. “He didn’t ask if I wasn’t in front of him,” he said. “You have to be there all the time – that’s the golden rule for the whole thing.”

Emily Damon, an account manager in Los Angeles for Wine Warehouse, notes that the holiday season is a great time to schedule tastings. “It seems so obvious, but it’s only when it gets in front of [customers] — if they’re not crazy,” he said. You may have more time and attention now than in busy months.

How To Sell More Wine

If your customer made a lot of purchases during the holidays, “help them with solutions to keep the search moving,” says Daman. Depending on your company’s resources and your client’s needs, you may be able to provide more ideas. For an in-house story, this can mean planning drink menus, creating special cocktails, or creating special happy hour events.

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For the website, Stevens recommends introducing key flavors. “Your stories are slow and they don’t want them

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