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How to motivate a sales team

How to motivate a sales team to influence the sales process? The sales process has changed at the same rapid pace as the digital transformation occurred in all areas of society. Today’s customers are increasingly demanding and increasingly informed and have at their disposal a wide range of alternatives that can meet their needs and requirements.

In this new context, the success of organizations increasingly depends on the management and leadership of those responsible for the sales process, including their ability to motivate, which will be what will retain the best talent on staff.

Commercial agents are the most visible representatives of companies and often the only ones who are in direct contact with customers. Therefore, the sales force of companies plays a key role in diagnosing consumer needs, developing customer trust and strengthening business relationships. Why is the motivation of commercial agents important?

Motivation is a procedure that begins through a physiological or psychological desire and stimulates an action that has a specific objective or goal. Those responsible for employee motivation should remember that salespeople are motivated by a combination of factors, and not just by external or internal motivators.

This gives them the opportunity to reorganize the sales process, starting by recognizing that success comes not only from the implementation of advanced technology, financial bases and competitive positions in the market, but also from motivated employees with the right professional skills that contribute to performance and high productivity.

In fact, performance is a decisive measure in the role of an organization’s business department. To understand it, we must pay attention to two aspects:   The behavior of the sales force in the context of achieving the organization’s objectives (behavioral performance). Here it would be necessary to attend to sales calls, visits made, budgets sent and meetings with customers, as well as the current level of sales achieved (production performance).   The results obtained. This would be enough to evaluate the results attributable to sellers, such as traditional sales metrics, market share, new accounts and other achievements.

Some may be surprised that the metrics to take into account are not only the euros entered by sales. But today’s evolving sales environment is much more complex and demands significant changes in performance metrics, goals, control and compensation.

Here are some types of motivation you can implement in your sales team: Feedback-based motivation

Employees are motivated by a combination of factors and, to identify them, we can turn to performance appraisal, one of the best-known HR practices. Its mission is to measure and improve the employee’s actual performance and also their future potential. In addition, being supported by an objective performance evaluation and management system is an indispensable part of the adequacy of an organization’s human resource management.

Employee reactions to evaluation in terms of perceived fairness, accuracy, and satisfaction are important components of evaluation effectiveness because they can motivate a sales team and improve their performance. That is, performance evaluation serves as a means of providing feedback that can result in better performance. Because money is not the only way to motivate and that can be discovered with such a tool. Motivation based on the approach to the process

In a highly competitive global environment, organizations are constantly under pressure to retain their workforce. Highly trained, reliable and experienced employees are a valuable asset to any organization, key to success in the sales process.

It is evident that highly motivated employees are more likely to have high productivity. However, good performance is not only due to work motivation, but also includes skill, means and time.

Companies concerned about how to motivate a sales team should analyze whether they provide them with the right means to perform their work optimally (did you know that new artificial intelligence solutions increase the effectiveness and satisfaction of employees in this area?).

A workload and objectives appropriate to the working day, sufficient means, training and training options to grow in the position and coaching or mentoring programs are options that ensure good results in any area not only the commercial.

Discover how to measure employee satisfaction and motivate a sales team to meet their goals.The personal approach to motivation

Another aspect to consider is that different people are motivated by different factors. Therefore, it is important that those responsible for the area understand what motivates each of the employees and do not assume a one-size-fits-all approach, this is key when defining how to motivate a sales team.

It is also very important to maintain open communication in order to encourage employee participation regardless of their position.

An organization is only as strong as its workforce. Employees are a special resource to which special attention and management time should be paid. If you already know how to identify and maximize ways to motivate employees while mitigating turnover and underperformance, apply them to your sales process.


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