How to make money with OnlyFans

The shift from office to working from home during the pandemic has taken its toll on many, and some have only benefited from it. In 2021, OnlyFans unleashed its potential – the media was filled with enviable regularity with news about another model buying a villa or something else that wasn’t available through subscriptions. I’ll explain how the platform works, how difficult it is to sign up and how much money you can make with OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is a social network for creators of content of all genres,

which allows you to monetize your creativity by building relationships with your fans.

OnlyFans is associated with something like Pornhub or webcam, but not only pretty girls in minimalist clothes can earn money here. The platform was originally founded as a competitor to Patreon to monetize any content. However, two years later, in 2018, it was bought by the owner of the webcam service MyFreeCams. And a completely different story began.

Currently, around 1.5 million authors are registered with OnliFans – and 150 million subscribers, 87% of whom are men. Nearly 45% of “fans” are Americans, followed by the UK, Canada, Germany and Australia.

Yes, much of the content on the site falls into the “advertising” category, but you can’t just make money from images and videos of hidden places: any expert content on OnlyFans can be successfully monetized if you get appropriate visitor numbers. That’s why travel bloggers, fitness trainers, psychologists, chefs and other gurus are also at home here.

And even with erotic accounts, it is not so easy. Unlike sites, communication is a top priority here – basically, a member has to build a community around them and not just submit content and wait for tips.

Surprisingly, many people are actually willing to pay for company and not for videos of items put into a pretty girl. But who knows what’s going on in private…

Without interaction with the audience, only familiar faces can make money. For some reason, OnlyFans is especially popular with American rappers, many of whom are on the platform.

How to make money with OnlyFans?

One of the features of OnlyFans is that there are no restrictions on the cost of accessing the content, there are only minimum prices, and the cap depends only on the wishes of the author.

In general, you can make money through paid content, monthly subscriptions, private messages, “tips,” and through a referral program.

The paid content can be individual contributions or parts of contributions: For example, a user sees the description of a contribution for free, but has to pay for the photo or video part. Such an option is available for “free” profiles.

A subscription allows access to the content for one month – many offer “package” offers for 3 months, six months and a year at a discount.

Private posts involve communicating with the account owner and performing various tasks for the subscriber for a fee: for example, recording a video greeting.

After the publication of 10 posts, a “tip” function will be available – any user can voluntarily send a donation as a thank you for the content.

How can I register with OnlyFans?

To start making money, you need to register, provide your international bank card details and upload your identification documents. That’s not hard if you want to work with your own content.

If you decide to monetize someone else’s passport — which is also possible with a little skill — you’ll need to use Photoshop to draw something that resembles a pass.

If you’re not willing to steal content, you can hire a model (or an expert). A win-win scheme: it provides photo, video and text material while you manage the profile, communicate with subscribers – and generally take care of all routine tasks. The winnings will be shared, or as you agree.

Only adult users can become an author on OnlyFans, no matter what content you intend to publish.

Since most users speak English, it’s best to write your profile and posts in English.

Don’t neglect the embellishment of your profile – a memorable avatar and description will grab the attention of potential followers.

Be prepared for the platform to retain 20% of your revenue.

Where should the traffic to OnlyFans come from?

The platform’s main paying contingent is men, so we need a low-cost male audience that we can shift to OnlyFans – themed Telegram channels, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok. For adults, it’s better to choose sources that stick to 18+ content: Twitter and Telegram are well suited.

Caution should be exercised with Instagram, as explicit photos and videos can easily lead to a lock. However, attracting users is a viable option. The most important thing is that you remember to add a link in the bio.

The cases show that a good income can be achieved by using Reddit.

You need to pique users’ interest, spark their interest with free content, and don’t forget to make promotional offers to buy exclusive content.

An essential part of the development of onlifense is the maintenance of the interest of the audience through communication with the subscribers. In particular, a user’s profile subscription is withdrawn once a month. For the author, it is important to retain employees and increase revenue.

How much can I earn OnlyFans?

Famous personalities and top models earn millions of dollars. American rapper Bhad Bhabie, for example, earned $1 million with subscriptions 6 hours after her account was created. Model Blac Chyna currently has the most subscribers on Onlifans, with about 16.2 million people earning at least $20 million a month.

Let’s face it: it is better not to rely on such numbers, so as not to have pain later. According to statistics from the platform itself, the top 3% of accounts earn $10,000 or more per month. The top 1% earn an average of $1,200 per day.

However, surveys of active creators show that the average earnings start at $1,000 per month – assuming a subscription costs at least $5, you only need 200 subscribers to reach that amount, a more than realistic number. Don’t forget about the private messages and tips – they can bring in extra revenue.

At OnlyFans, it all depends on the quality of your content and regularity. Without regular updates, you can’t expect to make more than $200. But if you post photos and videos at least a few times a week, actively communicate with your subscribers and maintain their loyalty, success is guaranteed.

Important: As of 2019, Onlyfans has introduced mandatory identity verification through selfies with a document. If you want to make money from other people’s photos, you can try to solve the problem with Photoshop. There are Telegram channels with databases for such selfies. However, the best (and most legitimate) option is to publish photos of the real model with real documents.

Once you’ve found content, you can create a page and upload the photos yourself. On the first day, upload a few photos. Then take a break and post a few more. The most important thing is that you do it regularly.

In parallel, run an advertising campaign for the page and gradually get subscribers on the idea of buying access. Then the account can be monetized according to the standard scheme, or you can make money by brokering the traffic.

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