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Tutoring used to be a face-to-face personal matter. In the meantime, it has shifted to the net. Especially for students, online tutoring is a great way to make money online. You need in-depth knowledge in your field, a video software such as Zoom or Skype with webcam and stable Internet connection as well as a provider who teaches you desperate students. Suitable providers are the “Studienkreis”, “Easy Tutor”, “”, “Tutor Boost”, “”, “”, “Bidi” or “Udemy”. Of course, you can also acquire tutors on your own to eliminate the middleman and keep the commissions, via online ads and bulletin boards, for example. Native speakers who want to teach a foreign language also have good cards.Become an influencer

Professional influencer – a dream job for many. On Instagram, considerable revenues beckon from advertising placements, not only for A, B or Z celebrities, but also for self-made influencers. You “just” have to find the right niche and have an eye for topic selection and visualization. Travel nomads and hobby chefs are particularly popular on Instagram. But beware: The effort is much higher than you probably think. Influencer is a full-time job.

Reading tip: How much do you earn as an influencer?Shoot Youtube videos

With Google’s video platform Youtube you can not only earn money, but also become famous. Rezo (aka the destroyer) is the proof. Logically, Youtubers should not be shy of cameras, but they should bring good equipment with them – and have humor or something to say. They earn money through the advertising clips before, in and between the videos. The more viewers, the higher the revenue.Become a Tiktoker

Tiktok is a video platform of the Chinese technology company Bytedance. She is considered a rising star among social media platforms. Users can upload short clips – such as parodies or gags – and reach millions of fans. The videos can be monetized via sponsorship deals, donations from fans, affiliate marketing or merchandising. The most famous Tiktokers in the world have long been multimillionaires.

Reading tip: How can I make money with Tiktok?Sell stock photos

Stock photo platforms thrive on the shots of their community. For hobby photographers, a considerable additional income can jump out. On platforms such as “iStock”, “Adobe Stock” or “Shutterstock” you can offer your photos, but sometimes have to pay hefty commissions.Rent a car

The Shareconomy was hard to come by until Corona drove her into the parade. However, you can still lend your car for money, for example with car-sharing platforms such as “Snappcar” or “Abracar”. Attention: Clarify liability issues beforehand in order not to experience a nasty surprise!

Reading tip: What do I have to consider with the company car?Rent an apartment

Almost a classic: Apartment or room rental via “AirBnB”. Especially tourists and trade fair visitors are very keen on a cheap place to stay in German cities. Be sure to check the legal and tax aspects carefully before you become an AirBnb host! The regulations sometimes even vary from city to city.Affiliate Marketing

If you run your own website or blog, you can recommend products or services there. If a user clicks on the link and/or buys an item recommended by you, the checkout rings. There are large and small affiliate programs from a wide variety of companies, from the online bank N26 to the retail giant Amazon.

Reading tip: How does affiliate marketing work?Trade domains

Buying a domain and later selling it again at a profit – this is called domain trading. The business can be worthwhile, but it doesn’t have to be. When selling a domain, you can set a fixed price or start an auction. Thematic know-how is absolutely necessary; Domain trading is not a business for beginners!Crowdlending

Crowdlending platforms arrange loans from private individuals to private individuals. Through providers such as “Funding Circle” or “Auxmoney” you make capital available and get it back with interest. Return prospects: high! Risk of failure: Even higher!Become an e-athlete

Electronic sports are no longer a trend, but a serious economic factor. Millions and millions of people from Seoul to San Francisco play games such as “League of Legends”, “FIFA” and “Fortnite”. Astronomical prize money awaits at major tournaments. In addition, sponsorship money and Twitch donations flow. Disadvantages: An e-sports career is usually over in your mid-20s. And the competition is huge, success only with maximum discipline, endurance and talent reasonably realistic.Writing SEO texts

More and more agencies and companies are discovering content marketing for themselves. An important part of any content strategy is search engine optimized websites. The corresponding texts are sometimes written by professionals, sometimes by amateurs. The latter receive meagre fees. But with good writing and SEO know-how, they can increase your market value. Many SEO orders are also available in the relevant freelancer and clickworker portals.Doing micro jobs

They are known in technical jargon as click or crowdworkers. People who earn a few euros via microjob portals. They don’t need more than a smartphone to get orders. Some micro jobs can be done at home on the screen, searching for information on a website, for example. For others, they have to go out to take photos of store shelves or products in the supermarket, for example. Attention: The hourly wage is often meagre, but the processing is tedious. However, a small additional income could well jump out. Among the most well-known microjob apps are: “EntscheiderClub”, “Mobeye”, “BeMyEye”, “Roamler”, “ShopScout”, “AppJobber” and “Streetspotr” (these are not recommendations, always pay attention to the type of jobs, modalities and reviews!)Designing T-shirts

Up-and-coming designers design their own T-shirts and sell them online – for example at “Spreadshirt”. The shirt shop offers hobby designers to offer their individual designs on the marketplace or to open their own T-shirt shop.Become a power seller

As an Amazon retailer, you can earn good money. Provided you have the right products and suppliers, do top self-marketing and encounter increased demand. Putting all this on the road is hard work, internet retailers are full-time entrepreneurs.Engage in dropshipping

The term dropshipping describes a trading model. Translated, it means “drop shipment”. Anyone who engages in dropshipping trades in goods that they do not have in stock themselves and with which they do not even come into contact. Dropshippers order the goods directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler, who send them directly to the customer. With dropshipping, in principle, anyone can easily and cheaply set up an online shop, but must necessarily observe liability issues, customs duties and VAT regulations.Sell e-books

Anyone and every woman can be an author and publisher today. “Simply” write an e-book about your field of expertise and sell the work as a self-publisher on the net. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, ePubli, and Tolino Media are three of the leading providers.Become a Virtual Assistant

Even if the title suggests otherwise: Virtual assistants are not robots, but people of flesh and blood. They take on all tasks for which their customers have no time or no desire – or no time AND no desire. Virtual assistants organize business trips, edit images on the homepage and schedule the visit to the doctor. Clients are usually entrepreneurs, consultants or teams. Disadvantage: As a virtual assistant, you have to be extremely flexible and always react to inquiries at short notice. This makes time management extremely difficult – and makes it difficult to impossible to earn money online in other ways.Auction on Ebay

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