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How to increase sales: 5 strategies

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Estimated reading time: 6 minutes How to increase sales: 5 sales strategies for SMEs

With competition increasingly head-to-head, it is important to think about how to increase sales, as these are one of the main pillars of any business.

In this post, we take the opportunity to talk about how you can increase sales, and take up topics such as keys to selling more and better and strategies to increase sales.

Keep reading and find out!What is a sales strategy?

If we think only of the simplest definition, we can assume that the sales strategy is a strategy that aims to achieve certain sales objectives established previously.

But in practice, sales strategies are all the plans that a company, or person, carries out to sell its products or services in order to make a profit. That is, the sales strategy begins in the elaboration of the product or service, goes through the analysis of the target audience and reaches the after-sales.

All sectors of the company must be involved for the sales strategy to be successful, since its effectiveness does not depend only on the commercial department. The marketing department is a very important part of the sales strategy, since it will create many of the strategies to sell more and find new customers in the different digital channels.

The greater the involvement of the departments of the company or brand, the greater the success of the strategy.

In the development of a sales strategy should include:Sales channelsObjectives of each channelMeans by which each objective will be achievedBudget allocated to each channel and each sales actionTime dedicated to the development of each actionType of actions to be performed, frequency and order in timeAnalysis and correction tools

Here’s what you can do to sell more and better. How to sell more and better

To sell more, you do not depend only on the number of customers approached by the sales team, but also on the quality of the lead and the knowledge that the seller has about their behaviors, desires and actions.

To achieve this scenario, you can use some solutions such as CRM. In addition to being an excellent tool, CRM is also a strategy. Through this tool, sales teams receive access to a world of possibilities when it comes to evaluating and generating insights that can help close more deals.

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Know some tips to sell more and better:Have a mobile device

Along with the advancement of technologies, new points of contact between customers and companies were also created. Therefore, to increase sales it is necessary that sellers are connected with customers at the time and place they want.

Managing that relationship requires a multichannel strategy and the help of a solution that is able to organize leads and the sales process. New channels can be leveraged to create more leads than ever before and, consequently, close more deals.Simplify the sales cycle

The most connected and informed customers changed the sales funnel and the way this process unfolds.

Therefore, the best strategy to increase sales is to simplify this cycle,so that sellers can access all the information about the customer journey in a simple way and in one place. Thus, sales teams can focus on contacting leads, discovering new opportunities and closing more deals.

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Build customer loyalty through personalized customer service to increase sales. The customer relationship is at the heart of the experience, which is why it’s important to strengthen and generate long-term connections.

As we already know, today customers expect much more than a product or service: they want a complete experience that can, in addition to solving a need, add value.Train your team and apply effective sales techniques

Actions to motivate and empower your sales team should occur periodically. A motivated salesperson with all the necessary information has more opportunities to increase their productivity and sell more.Use AI-powered data and insights

Big data is a good resource to get to know the customer better and increase productivity. By using technologies, marketers can analyze insights from customer interactions, audience engagement, and lead connection. That way, it will be possible to prioritize and identify which sales have the most chances of happening.

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Perfecting the sales strategy should be a priority for any company thinking about growing. With this in mind, we made a list with 5 sales strategies to increase the sales of your business.

Get to know them and promote the change of your company!Make a good first impression

You won’t always have a second chance to make a good first impression. Thinking about this, you should focus on satisfying the customer’s wishes from the beginning and not focus only on presenting a good offer.

If the beginning is difficult, so is the end. Take advantage of the first impression so that your future customers are convinced that your business is the best option and, of course, that they are also important to you. Otherwise, you’ll have to work hard to change a bad first impression.Sell solutions to customer problems along with a good experience

Currently, consumers no longer buy just products or services, but seek solutions to their needs from companies that offer a good experience.

Knowing these needs well and solving them is the way to multiply conversions. A good sales strategy is based on showing the customer that your product or service is the solution to their problem or the answer to their need.

Know the context, concerns, desires and desires of customers and highlight the benefits and value of your product or service instead of focusing efforts on describing its features. In addition to offering good customer service through different channels at all times.Use new technologies to your advantage

It is practically impossible for a company to increase sales and stay out of the technological revolution.

The Internet has made available to the consumer a lot of information and new ways to access the purchase. Using new technologies to boost sales is essential in any commercial strategy aimed at achieving business objectives.Define a clear language for sales

The script or speech is a fundamental strategy for the sales process. Its objective is to facilitate communication with the potential customer in a climate of trust and closeness directing the conversation towards the sale.

When a consumer looks for an establishment or hires its services, in reality what they want is to contact a brand that speaks their language. A very common mistake of professionals is to explain things using technical terms, therefore, it uses a clear and easily accessible language.Keep communication open

Good communication is a basic concept to ensure a long-term relationship. Many think that customer service ends when the consumer buys the product or service they wanted. On the contrary: Knowing your opinion, level of satisfaction and perspectives is essential to continue offering exactly what you need.

Ask for suggestions, offer them a direct hotline, and send opinion polls via email or other means of communication. And most importantly: it offers 24/7 customer serviceCount on us for the development of your business


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