How To Get More Money Back On Your Taxes


How To Get More Money Back On Your Taxes – You need to get rid of this one myth: New Year’s resolutions are the only time to set goals. If you’re like me, you’re in bed at 10pm on New Year’s Eve hoping to be asleep before the neighbors set off fireworks.

Even if you’re waiting for the ball to drop, there’s something great about money every day.

How To Get More Money Back On Your Taxes

How To Get More Money Back On Your Taxes

You don’t have to move into a cardboard box, find a winning lottery ticket, or find a second job for these cash flows. All you have to do is step back, stop, and think of a plan B to do something different and better.

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I use Upside to pay less for gas. For example, depending on the station, I can save anywhere from $0.01 to $0.15 per gallon. Since we have a large family vehicle, I usually save about $5 per fill up, which helps reduce the pain at the pump.

You pay full price at the pump, but you get cash back through the free rewards app. You can redeem your earnings for direct deposit, PayPal, or a gift card with a $10 balance.

Bonus Upstream Discount: Use my referral code ZRE5V and get an extra 15 cents per gallon cash on your first gas station visit.

The Upside app also offers discounts at participating restaurants (typically 7% back) and grocery stores (up to 15% back).

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Food and gas are our two biggest monthly expenses, so any savings is a blessing.

Before you can get out of debt, you need to create a plan to get out of debt. The Pay Off Debt app makes planning easy. It offers three different debt repayment plans so you can choose the one that best suits your extra income.

And you can track your payment progress with this app. Also see how much you can save on interest by making extra payments.

How To Get More Money Back On Your Taxes

Have you set aside at least three months of living expenses? If not, start saving money fast.

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When you reach this milestone, challenge yourself to set aside more. Be it six months, twelve months or more. Of course, don’t overlook investing to get more income over the next five years from the money you don’t want to touch.

Personally, I like the “challenge” of saving at least $100 a month with a CIT Bank Savings Builder account to earn the highest interest rate. I will contribute at least $100 in additional income to get the best price.

Many online banks offer FDIC-insured savings accounts and money market accounts that earn more than a brick-and-mortar bank. And you pay no fees to open or maintain accounts. Another option is to choose a local bank or credit union with no fees.

Back to leaving my job, we took a 75% pay cut in the first year until we got back on our feet. As a result, we had to spend less money to avoid going into debt.

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My wife and I wrote each number on paper for 30 days. And we looked at our credit and debit card statements to see what we were spending money on.

Then we canceled subscriptions we no longer needed, like Netflix. These cost-cutting practices came in handy as we were able to save money when our income was low.

In addition, due to generational high inflation, it is more important than ever to reduce monthly expenses. We continue to look for ways to save money so we can afford higher electricity bills and insurance premiums. Some cost-cutting measures include:

How To Get More Money Back On Your Taxes

We also looked at cheaper monthly phone plans. Initially, we stayed with our contract plan, but downgraded to a smaller data plan. Then a few years ago we discovered prepaid cell phone providers like Visible.

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Today, for $30 a month, we can get unlimited voice, text and data (and so can you!). Plus, you don’t have to sign a two-year contract or pay any hidden fees or taxes.

If you can switch phone providers without penalty, we recommend that you do so as soon as possible. I was hesitant at first because I thought the coverage wouldn’t be that good. I’m glad I was wrong.

There are several account reconciliation tools that do the hard work for you. If successful, they keep a percentage of the negotiated savings:

I don’t exactly have time to call during “regular business hours” to see if the companies are reducing my rate.

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Trim saved us a few bucks on our cell phone and home internet plan. The other tools are legit, but Trim was the first I heard of, so that’s what I used.

You may also consider switching to a prepaid cell phone carrier. We left Verizon Wireless for Cricket Wireless and pay less for more data.

Cable and satellite TV packages are expensive. To be honest, in 2014 I watched TV regularly (except for my favorite sports team) because my work schedule and monthly cable costs didn’t justify the few minutes a day I might watch.

How To Get More Money Back On Your Taxes

With the Kill Cable Course, you can cancel your expensive cable TV subscription and choose better options. You can watch your favorite sports and lifestyle channels for significantly less money.

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If you have high-speed Internet at home, you can watch local and cable channels live or on demand. I suggest you try these streaming platforms:

Instead of switching to just a cable streaming service, see if you can switch to a single streaming app for on-demand movies and shows. My household does this as we spend as much time outside as possible and having just one app maximizes our savings.

For family-friendly programming, consider apps like Disney Plus to find something the whole family can enjoy.

Many of us probably do more shopping online now than we did in 2019 – or before. My family uses cash back apps for most of their online purchases.

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These apps are free and make it easy to get cash or gift cards with a $5 balance.

Out of the two, Rakuten is my favorite because the platform is easier to use and they have responsive customer support. However, TopCashback usually offers higher prices at my favorite stores, has limited time bonuses and is easy to use.

If you live in the UK, you can join in the fun. It’s best to avoid overspending and use discount sites like tripplo UK to get what you need at affordable prices.

How To Get More Money Back On Your Taxes

I have a love-hate relationship with our auto and home insurance policies. We pay a monthly fee and (thankfully) never file a property damage claim. Our earthly possessions are protected, but the insurance company gets free money.

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But that doesn’t mean I have to give them more money than necessary. If it’s been a few years since you purchased insurance, today is a good day to do so. And I bet the process is easier this time because someone is working hard to get you online quotes with similar coverage.

We compare our premiums once a year and sometimes we realize that we’re not getting the best rates on car insurance, for example.

Gabi compares car and home insurance rates. I uploaded my policy and received new quotes within 24 hours. I stayed with my current car insurance company but it was nice to get hassle free quotes just to look at.

Did you know that a higher credit score can get you cheaper insurance rates? This is true. Check your credit for free with Credit Karma and learn how to improve your score. 8. Get term life insurance

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I resigned from my old job in 2015. One benefit I didn’t have was my workplace life insurance. Since we had a mortgage, a newborn, and a few thousand dollars in savings, I got independent life insurance.

If something happens to me until 2035, my wife doesn’t have to worry about replacing my income right away. I chose a 20 year term as it was the best place for the monthly payments and the coverage I wanted.

Everyday Life offers a free online quote. Simply enter your current income, place of residence and number of children to receive a personalized quote.

How To Get More Money Back On Your Taxes

They earn the same commission whether they get a “small policy” or a large policy with a high coverage amount.

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Investing is one way to earn passive income with small amounts of money. It is also a very important way to save for retirement. I made investing a priority when I graduated college.

I also have a few individual stocks to diversify my portfolio. Before you buy stocks, you should be more aware of what the market is doing so that you are more likely to choose solid, long-term investments.

One option is real estate, and you can invest as little as $10 to receive quarterly dividends.

You can try investing in crowdfunded real estate. To be clear, it is not guaranteed to make a profit every year.

Where’s My Refund

But my crowdfund investments turned a profit in 2018, while my public REIT stocks and ETFs posted negative returns. So I crowdfund to diversify my portfolio.

These are different crowdfunding platforms that you can use to invest

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