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How we feel is strongly linked to the way we think, speak and act. If you manage to master these three steps, you have everything gained to activate motivation. It is essential to detect what is failing in what you think, speak and act. So once you become aware of what is wrong, you can correct it.

Our thoughts significantly influence the way we act and vice versa. A state of general despondency, sadness and thoughts of uselessness are not the most conducive to motivation.

On the other hand, motivation never comes down from the sky; it is necessary to act and commit. If you act for what is important and achieve small goals, motivation will increase.1. WHAT AM I THINKING?

Analyze what you think about your situation. You can write it down if you want to better notice what kind of thoughts you are immersed in. If everything you think is negative, hopeless and pessimistic, you will become more and more stagnant and it will be more difficult for your life to improve.

If things do not go very well and on top of that you crush yourself with negativities, you will sink deeper and deeper. I’ve met people who say” but how do you want me to think more positively if my reality is like that?”

We agree that life is not easy, and sometimes we have big problems, but just when things go wrong is when we need more than ever to help ourselves.

How can we help each other? Treating us as we would a loved one, become your best friend. Even if there are problems, you can always give an air of hope to things and look for solutions looking at the future from a different perspective.

There is always something to hold on to, there is always a light that can help us to better handle problems. Life takes many turns and everything can change suddenly, so it is best to accept the present moment as it is and fight for what you want to change.

No one can feel good if they don’t believe that the days ahead will be good, so dream and activate hope. When everything goes wrong is when you have to prove to yourself that you have tools to get out of it and change your life.2. WHAT AM I SAYING?

Not only do we have to take care of our thoughts, but also what we say is an important part of our well-being. Life is like a mirror that gives back to you what you give. Take good care of what language they are using with the people around you.

If you are in a bad mood and you download it with others with bad words, you will not be helping yourself at all, because you will not only transmit bad energies to others, but also to yourself.

Analyze how you are speaking to your environment and remember that if you use pleasant words towards others, you will also be helping yourself.

Paradoxically, the worse you feel, the more you should be kind to others. The good you give will be returned to you in the form of well-being.3. WHAT AM I DOING?

Your actions determine your well-being to a high degree. If you take care of what you think and what you say, but don’t take action, your motivation won’t work either. When you have problems, you tend to do fewer and fewer things.

Do not forget to practice your hobbies, listen to your favorite music, meet people with whom you feel comfortable, go out where you like, sign up for courses, activities, excursions, etc …

If you get into the wheel of satisfying activity, everything will become easier and your motivation will greatly increase. There are always new things to learn and projects to undertake. Life always offers new opportunities, but you have to be attentive to them and open new paths. If you want something to change, you’ll need to do something about it.

Many say that in life only one train passes, but it is totally false, what happens is that if someone is mired in discouragement, he will stagnate and will not be able to see the new doors that can be opened. There are always new opportunities, but it is also true that you have to go looking for them and move because they do not usually come alone.

If you manage to find a positive balance between what you think, what you say and what you do, rest assured that your motivation will rise like foam. These three factors must be united and once one is active, the others will gradually improve.

To activate motivation everything starts with positive thinking, and that will encourage you to use good words with others and then you will want to take action and pursue your goals and dreams. Internalize positivity, then externalize it and get going and get active.


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