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Actually, this article should be called “How much money can you earn on the Internet”. However, there are so many earning opportunities out there on the World Wide Web that I have to limit myself to one thing here.

I focus on passive income. Ideally, with digital products. This is the best way to earn your money time and place independently.

Because that’s the real goal. Always earn money no matter when you are where.

I come to the real question, how much money can you earn with a website? Is it enough to live? Be able to pay all running costs and then have something to live on?

Yes, it can be enough to live. And it doesn’t matter how high your standard of life is or should be. The only question is, how much are you willing to do for it?

That’s why I’m going to list here how much you can earn and how the income is composed. To make things easier, I give examples from a blog.How much money can you make with a blog? What is realistically feasible? Earn money with affiliate marketing

Let’s start on a very small scale. A small niche website on which you only advertise an affiliate product or product groups generates between 10, – and 500, – Euro per month. Earnings fluctuate depending on the niche and search volume.

To clarify the bill more easily, you can expect 100, – Euro / month. You can create a niche website in a week with a little practice.

If you put one website online every week for a year, that’s 52 niche websites. Makes after a year of continuous work 5200, – Euro monthly earnings.

If only half of them earn money, that’s still 2600, – Euro passive income. There are online marketers who have put 300 or more niche websites on the net, each of which works.

I don’t have to calculate what comes out of it now. So what prevents you from doing it after them? The situation is similar with an Amazon shop. A niche shop that exclusively advertises Amazon products.

A good shop generates more money than a niche site. But it also makes more work.Earn money with your own blog

A blog is probably the best basis for building a passive income. You can start as a niche website and continue to expand and build it. Use a blog as a business headquarters.

You are perceived as an expert and can rank well on Google to get visitors. On a blog, you can tap into different sources of income.

You can promote affiliate products by presenting and rating them in a report or by including banners of the products. In your texts you can spread affiliate links to Amazon products.

Make your Page available to Adsense ads and make money from it when someone clicks on that ad. All in all, these revenues can generate a turnover of 50, – to 2000, – Euro / month and more.

If you only advertise an affiliate product once a month on which you earn 50, – Euro commission, then you can also manage to earn 50, – Euro commission every day. Makes 1500, – Euro / month.

A blog is a full-time job. That’s why you should only focus on this one website. There is certainly nothing against opening a second and third blog, but only if the first one is running and there is still time and potential. Earn money with Adsense

Adsense are the small text and advertising banners that you will find on various websites. This advertisement is displayed by Google and is always suitable for your blog topic.

All you have to do is sign in to Google Adsense and paste your generated HTML code into your website. Ready. If a visitor clicks on this advertisement, you earn a few cents.

Some websites pay for themselves exclusively through Adsense advertising. There are websites that generate 1000, – Euro a day, only by clicking on the small ads.

With an old blog of mine, on which I have not been working since August 2015, (I don’t bend a finger anymore) I still earn 1000, – Euro a year. Completely automatic. Sure, that’s not a big number, but it’s money that just flutters into my account. Earn money with email marketing

If you have a blog and exhausted all advertising measures then you can deal with email marketing. This means that you collect the e-mail addresses of your visitors and interested parties with the help of an e-mail marketing software.

So you have a list of people who also have a real interest in you and your niche. Now you can send new tips and offers to your list at any time.

Let’s say you have collected 100 email addresses and write an offer for a new product to your list. Of these hundred interested parties, one buys this product for 100, – Euro, then you have earned with an eMail 100, – Euro.

But if you have 1000 e-mail addresses of your visitors, you can sell 10 products. This means (statistically) every e-mail address can generate one euro of earnings for you.

With this system, you can scale your earnings to infinity. The “affiliate king” Ralf Schmitz has earned according to his own statements, with an e-mail to his list, over 200,000, – Euro. Earn money with your own product

Once you have got everything up and running, nothing stands in the way of creating and marketing your own digital product.

The advantage lies in the uniqueness and the turnover of 100% that you can collect completely. The price is relative. Depending on marketing and split test, you can charge between 7, – and 1000, – Euro per sale for an eBook or online course.

However, it should already be in relation. If you sell an eBook for 50, – Euro only once a day, this is 1500, – Euro in addition to your other income that you generate through your blog.

Top marketers sell their products every minute. Since 5- to 6-digit income is possible every month. Why wouldn’t you be able to do that too? Because every online marketer has started from scratch at some point. Just like you. The reality in online marketing

This article is only intended to show you what is possible. Or rather, that it is not impossible to earn money over the Internet.

They are all realistic calculation examples. However, there are websites out there that have to tear out a leg to finance domain and web hosting at all.

Now, of course, no one forces you to make money with your blog. It can also be a cherished hobby. So don’t expect too much, especially at the beginning.

Before you get to work now, keep in mind that it can be a long, hard road. No blog owner got rich overnight. It can take many years for your work to bear fruit.

So be aware that you also have to work. Because only from reading no one has yet become rich.

Hi, I'am a developer website, content writer and social media enthusiast. Happy reading....

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