How Can I Get Cash Right Now


How Can I Get Cash Right Now – These are the times that try the soul of traders. Bull day traders and quick money players lost all their money in this crisis, shrinking their portfolios without work. But the trader and investor in today’s market will create strong positions that will be the envy of casual traders and long-term investors who cannot adjust their portfolios.

This question has been asked by our community, so I think many of you are thinking about it too. So, let’s discuss this question in depth. We will talk about strategies to manage your portfolio better. Frankly speaking, Who among us has not experienced such an idea, or perhaps now? This is the toughest market we’ve seen since the “Great Recession.” Some data subjects have been declining for weeks and others are similar to the “Great Depression”. This week’s analysis is not about optimism and the idea of ​​hitting rock bottom. Let’s put that aside for now. I probably said this last week. And now, there are many technologists who predict that we will fall. However, Although we can leave several hundred points in the S&P sky. Leaving today is the coup of the century.

How Can I Get Cash Right Now

How Can I Get Cash Right Now

What happens next? When are you coming back? Human nature makes it difficult for a person to leave; Then you are eager to enter, but at a specific moment. Perhaps, There is no one, precise moment to recognize. Because no one rang the bell at that time. At some point the stock market is looking ahead and at some point we are likely to take a big jump and move on. Someone who leaves completely will hesitate to re-enter because they expect to be bounced. Or they want to prove that this hell is over. The problem is, The stock market breathes a sigh of relief that the punishment is over before anyone can think about it. Dumping all your stocks before a decline can be a coup; The money you save will outweigh the stocks going forward.

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The key is to win it; to remain in the market; It is playing a little defense and playing down and out. It takes more time than normal people, and it is dangerous to play to the lower part. Even protection is taken care of to keep costs down. So what to do? I would recommend joining with cash, no. Using money as a tool to help smooth out fluctuations can be the first step in managing volatility going forward. If we fall to 3200 in the S&P. Does working with cash as a separate asset class stop all losses? no But it helps to smooth out small fluctuations. You can stack some fenders and shortening the stock in certain areas helps a ton.

Will the Cash Management Discipline approach completely miss another 500 basis point drop? less, It is more effective for current fluctuations where the market is regular. I believe this is a very effective way to capture alpha without the usual frustrations associated with taking losses and taking profits. Again, I encourage you to move to a smaller position. Not all at once. In addition, You can gradually set aside some money and wait for a more settled market to redeploy all the money you have saved. This allows a safety net to be set aside when markets fall. Many things went wrong that made the current disease worse. At this time, it is reasonable to assume that China will end these incomprehensible closures. Unexpected clustering of ports, which was no problem before. The most important is Putin’s war in Ukraine. Besides the human tragedy and destruction, the loss of wheat exports from Ukraine has thrown the entire agricultural trade system into disarray and led to food inflation. There are other factors such as the price of diesel and fertilizers. I could go on, The assumption is that animal domestication destroys the economy. So, the S&P 500 fell to 3,200. My natural inclination is to be optimistic; But I don’t want to talk about the counterargument. I want to talk about ideas for operating in an environment where strategy and ideas may not exist.

So what does the threat of a sharp decline in the S&P do? The next level is usually protected so you can use the options. Options are considered very risky. How did the index become a tool to help reverse the Great Depression? it’s ok Think of it as insurance; Insurance is cheapest if you don’t need it. On the other hand, if you want coverage for the next 6 months, it is very expensive. It is best to throw the fence if you are worried about what will happen. Or you can add legs to the fence; So, to know a drop that buys a Put, At the same time, you can sell at a discount to that level of 3200. What does that mean? When you buy something, you buy the right, but not the obligation, to “put” that stock on someone else. As the market falls further, your Put becomes more valuable. You can only sell to collect alpha. So the Put is against the decline. The problem is that Puts that have been out for months are expensive. One way to lower the price is to “spread” the put by selling the put at a lower level. The chances of getting the S&P at the 3200 level jumps, Not only do you get a premium by selling it, but you get a discount from the S&P 500 to 3200 and the amount you get and pay. I sell there. In addition, If you are smart enough to know when the S&P 500 is diving, you get a huge amount of alpha from buying Puts at current levels. However, if you have this farm every month, it can be expensive. So I reserve it for times when there is a high probability of a trade. What will Powell do if he still has a chance to raise rates next July? We know that September and October are the worst months for the stock market. You can protect yourself from that too. Options are a very powerful tool, and like most powerful things, they can not only protect you, but hurt you if you’re not careful. So if the concept of this protection seems confusing, please educate yourself. I left out many details; First, It would take several pages to discuss all the different things you can do with the placement options. There are also calling options. So here’s what you need to do; Every broker is educated on how to create and execute options. Do your research before actually putting money into it. My colleague Serop Elmayan is an expert on options in our community, and he probably enjoyed the little detail I shared here. I cannot give an exact formula for protection; I did not give the symbol of the S&P 500 ETF to buy the put against the first. I introduced the concept of driving to educate you so you don’t feel like a sitting duck while everyone else talks about the wreck.

Another thing that you can do is to change yourself to pick the stocks that you fall. You don’t need to short a full 100 stocks to have a meaningful impact. This is especially true if you have a lot of stock that you think will run out. It’s a different way of thinking and it’s hard to change myself to think like that. You’ve probably been looking for winners for years. Also, you can short a large stock that you think is psychologically difficult to do. Another important point is that you cannot sit short because a stock can theoretically go up. It takes work to master shorthand. So many of them lead to talk about my trading in shorts.

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