From left to right: Ina Jacobi (Managing Director), Dirk Lanwert, Heike Hauk, Julian Schlumberger, Cornelius Hantscher, Mehmet Tugcu, Julian Arends, Dagmar Sakowsky, Onyeka Oshionwu, Christina Urlaub (Managing Director); From left to right: Sabine Morgenroth, Leonie Engelbert, Regina Meyer, Rolf Becker, Susanne Stobbe, Gregor Kreuzer

Our office in the New Town Hall is open on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Our group meetings take place on Wednesdays from 17:30-20:00. Participation is possible online. Registrations at: grueneratsfraktion(at) We look forward to seeing you!

The council of the city of Göttingen has been discussing for some time to give parking in public spaces a price. Part of the discussion is the parking space in front of the front doors of the citizens of Göttingen. So far, parking there has cost nothing, in the future fees could be charged. Why this is not a deterioration, but fair, shows the following paper that we have linked here.

Göttingen continues to struggle with rising rental prices. The rent increases are particularly large for private multi-storey apartments in the portfolio. This is a real problem: after all, this is where the greatest potential for socially acceptable rents lies. Our specialist for construction and housing, Christina-Johanne Schröder, explains which decisions are necessary at the state and federal level so that fair rents succeed in cities like Göttingen.

We discuss how we can make owners more accountable, strengthen tenants’ own initiative, improve neighbourhoods, create new living space and prevent homelessness. What role the qualified rent index, the Housing Protection Act and the Housing Misappropriation Ordinance play in this, you will learn in the context of our event.

Christina-Johanne Schröder, Consultant for Building and Housing of the GREEN parliamentary group and Bundestag candidate Hendrik Falkenberg, Göttingen Alliance for Good Living for All Dietmar Linne, GRÜNE AG Wohnen Michael Przibilla, Housing Cooperative eG Moderation: Doreen Fragel, mayoral candidate for the Greens Host: Regina Meyer for the GREEN Group in the Council of the City of Göttingen

We open the ZOOM room on 09.06. around 6.45 pm. Here is the link to the event:

The city of Göttingen will receive 475 million euros in 2021. The expenditure amounts to around 500 million euros. Time to save, you might think. However, we are convinced that we need to invest wisely right now in order to buffer the consequences of the corona crisis a little. It is clear to us that people are more important than money and that is why we are investing a total of 44 million euros in education, social cohesion and climate protection. Our city should continue to be habitable in the future, offer quality of stay and create secure jobs with fair pay. We are committed to good schools and daycare centers, a future for everyone who wants to live in our city and affordable housing. You can read about the projects we are tackling as part of the 2021 budget expenditure >>here<<.

Germany’s inner cities are changing in order to remain attractive and well positioned in the future. But what does that mean? What does a city centre have to look like in the future in order to continue to meet the demands of visitors, traders and residents?

The most important and exciting places in our city center, where something should change or have already been made, we would like to take a look at during a city walk with you. We start at 4 pm at Gänseliesel. (Bitte thinks of your mouth-nose covering, which must be worn during this walk. In addition, we will pay attention to the necessary distance to each other!) 

In addition, on the same day from 6.30 p.m., the renowned architect and urban planner Wolfgang Christ of the Urban INDEX Institute GmbH will give us an online keynote speech on the future of the city center.

Afterwards, we will discuss with you and actors of the city society online on the basis of photos of the tour how we can shape the future of our Göttingen city center.

Also present: Doreen Fragel, des. GREEN candidate for the office of Lord Mayor Moderation: Dr. Dagmar Sakowsky, GRÜNE im Rat der Stadt Göttingen

Registrations for this event are now possible directly >>here<< via the form. Please indicate whether you will participate in the city walk, the discussion or both. 

We are looking forward to an exciting event with you and you!

In cities, people, animals and plants share the habitat with each other and naturally have different needs. How we as designers of our environment create ideal living conditions not only for ourselves, but also for flora and fauna, is the central question that we would like to illuminate in our webinar on 15.6. with our experts and with you. 

Also present:Viola von Cramon, MEPDr. Heiko Schumacher, Heinz Sielmann FoundationJens Schatz, Leineverband Katharina Kilburger, Institute of Sociology, University of Göttingen

Our online discussion will be moderated by Silke Inselmann, widserve Wissensdienstleistungen. 

Be there and sign up right here.

We are looking forward to an exciting 90 minutes with you!

Nothing is as it was – since Corona.

In this newsletter, we will introduce you to how we combine infection protection and future-proof GREEN local politics.

Events:Cycling Action Day in May: Instead of a joint action, we encourage you to get on your bike on your own initiative. Under the motto: Keep it Rolling you can see our posters in the street space – send us your pictures!

Webinar Protecting Biodiversity and Biotopes in Göttingen on June 1, 5 at 6 p.m. People, animals and plants share the habitat in cities. In the webinar, we will discuss how this can be achieved better.  

Work of the Council Group:Less presence in the office, more presence on the net – that is also our motto. We regularly report on current Council initiatives in videos. You can reach us by e-mail – and our answering machine is also constantly being intercepted. Stay connected with us – and stay healthy!

You can find the entire newsletter >>here<<.

The focusin 2019 was on climate change – and, closely related to it – on the mobility transition. In addition, we have continued to work for an open society, more civic engagement and affordable rents. Through Council initiatives and events, but also through networking with civil society.

2020 will also be packed to the brim with GREEN initiatives:Mobility turnaround: We demand attractive transfer places for commuters from the surrounding area – P&R&Bike on the outskirts of the city incl. express bus to the cityEnergy transition: We want to counter the BI headwind with a BI ProWind – so that we can get closer to climate neutrality in the city and district of GöttingenOpen society, equality and a clear stance against the right: in 2020, the marketplace will be reserved for feminist initiatives for the first time on 8 March, International Women’s Day. The CSD is just as much a part of the cityscape as our position against the right: Nazis have no place in Göttingen!Welcome to Göttingen: We are a safe haven – and we want people to arrive well with us.

You can find this and more in our newsletter! >> << here

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