Get Money Back From Scam


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Why is it so hard to recover money from scams and what are victims’ chances of recovering what they lost?

Get Money Back From Scam

Get Money Back From Scam

SINGAPORE: Scams are on the rise and have come to light after several high-profile incidents in Singapore.

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Tradenation is nothing more than a luxury goods scam with victims losing thousands of dollars.

The couple behind it, Singaporean Pi Jiapeng and his Thai wife Siriwipa Pansuk, were charged with fraud in court on August 12.

More than half of the 46,196 reported crimes in 2021, or 23,931 incidents, were related to fraud, an increase from the previous year when fraud accounted for 40 percent of all cases.

This figure is a 53 percent increase from the 15,651 scams reported last year.

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Overall, the total amount of fraud for the top 10 types of fraud rose from $175.2 million last year to $504.4 million last year.

How difficult is it to recover the proceeds of such scams and what are the victims’ chances of getting their money back?

The Anti-Fraud Center (ASC) was established in June 2019 to disrupt fraudsters and reduce victim losses.

Get Money Back From Scam

Since then, more than $822 million in fraud and losses have been reported. In a written reply to a parliamentary question last month, Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam has so far recovered more than $200 million, or 25 percent of the lost amount.

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Last year alone, the ASC received more than 2,321 fraud reports, resulting in losses of around $520 million, according to 2021 crime statistics. During that time, it grossed more than $102 million.

Police will freeze bank accounts suspected of involvement in fraudulent activities and the money will be seized as proceeds of crime.

ASC also works with the Monetary Authority of Singapore and financial institutions to quickly freeze bank accounts suspected of fraud, increasing the chances of recovery.

In 2020, the ASC launched partnerships between the police and more than 60 agencies. After a fraud is reported to the police, most bank accounts suspected of being involved by fraudsters can be frozen within a day, compared to the previous 14-60 days.

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The time it takes to refund victims depends on the circumstances. Factors include whether there are multiple plaintiffs or whether the money is for an investigation or lawsuit or other legal action.

Lawyer K Anparasan, Managing Director, Whitefern LLC: “In cases where the amount recovered is small and the victim is large, the court will decide how to allocate the money to compensate.”

Police said at least 90 percent of fraudsters in Singapore originated from abroad in their 2021 annual crime statistics. The scams were described as “coordinated, well-planned and technologically sophisticated”.

Get Money Back From Scam

Investigating and prosecuting such cases is difficult because efforts will depend on the level of cooperation of foreign law enforcement agencies.

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Mr Danny Ong, a partner at Rajah & Tann’s Fraud, Asset Recovery and Investigations and Dispute Resolution law firm, said that most of today’s frauds involve overseas money transfers and money laundering. This increases the complexity of the recovery process.

“Tracing the money through the senders across multiple jurisdictions will require considerable effort, and doing so will depend to some extent on the effectiveness of law enforcement, courts, and the various laws in each jurisdiction,” he said.

“Furthermore, if the fraudsters are operating in the virtual world and across borders, it is not easy to identify the fraudsters,” he said.

If the fraud involved cryptocurrencies, it would increase the odds of a successful recovery, Mr Ong said.

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Mr. Shanmugam replied in writing that the freeze on the bank accounts would be lifted once the police investigations were completed and the investigating officer would apply to the court for an order to return the money to its rightful owners. assembly.

Important considerations include the speed with which the victim moves, the speed with which funds are transferred to other jurisdictions, and the ability to trace and freeze those funds whenever possible.

“In addition to filing criminal complaints with the authorities, victims can seek disclosure orders and suppression orders from courts in Singapore and elsewhere to facilitate investigations and recovery.”

Get Money Back From Scam

“However, differences in legal traditions, laws and procedures, and sometimes language, often hinder access to legal aid.”

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“There is a high probability that the money will be dispersed and that the claimants will not be able to trace the money.”

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If the money is returned as a result of the fraudsters compensating the victims, courts may consider it a mitigating factor in sentencing, he said.

“If recovery does not occur through some positive and cooperative effort by the fraudsters, the victims concerned are unlikely to achieve any degree of recovery.”

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Apart from compensation to the victims, the amount of money defrauded by the fraudsters will also be a mitigating factor, Mr. Anparasan said.

Immediately notify your bank and file a police report through this website or at any local police station. You can call the fraud hotline at 1800-722-6688.

If you see any unauthorized bank transactions, call your bank immediately to report the situation. If there are signs of agreement, immediately keep your bank account and bank account with the bank.

Get Money Back From Scam

After a victim of fraud files a police report, officers ask for more information to better determine the type of fraud that occurred and file the report accordingly.

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If necessary, the center will work with stakeholders such as banks to seek and recover funds for victims.

The police can ask the bank to freeze the relevant accounts. Banks will also try to provide other information to the police.

They can visit this website to learn more about the different types of scams and steps to take to avoid falling prey to scammers.

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Lloyds is one of the UK banks to sign up to a conditional refund model designed to give victims of fraud a fairer and more consistent redress. Photo: EnVogue_Photo / Alamy

If you feel like you’ve been scammed, it’s a scary moment when you resist the urge to hide in a dark room – instead, contact your bank immediately. When fraud is reported, you should contact the bank that operates the account your money was sent to and the balance may be frozen.

Unfortunately, most victims of fraud will find their savings long gone. This is when a battle begins to take back some or all of the bank. Honestly, it’s still a lottery how much your bank will pay you back. However, you can greatly increase your chances.

Get Money Back From Scam

In May 2019, half of banks agreed to adhere to a new code of practice called the conditional payment model (CRM). It is designed to provide fairer and more consistent redress for victims and to compensate defaulters before and during payment transactions.

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If you’ve ever transferred your bank balance to a fraudster’s account—known as authorized push payment fraud—a CRM is your best hope for recovery. The problem is that not all banks have signed up. So far only Barclays, Co-op Bank, HSBC, Lloyds, NatWest, Nationwide Building Society, Metro Bank, Santander and Starling are available – and the lack of code gives victims plenty of reasons not to repay.

Richard Emery, who has fought against banks on behalf of consumers through Bank 4Keys International, should the bank refuse your request for a full refund, the first thing you should do is file a contentious access request. This will give you access to everything in your file and can reveal an inside view of your business.

Assuming your bank is a CRM signatory, it tells the victim to download the code, especially if the customer is responsible for downloading the code. Banks are always looking for reasons why they won’t pay you back, and you have to challenge their assumptions.

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