Get A Money Order Near Me


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Personal checks sometimes take a day or two to clear, so not everyone accepts them for fear that the check might bounce. In such cases, you will need a money order or cashier’s check. Generally, money orders are for amounts under $1,000, and cashier’s checks are recommended for anything over that.

Get A Money Order Near Me

Get A Money Order Near Me

Many retailers offer money orders, but most have one of two companies that handle the transaction – Western Union or MoneyGram. Both companies also have their own retail locations, so you can go directly to them if you want.

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You may pay a fee, usually $5, but you should be able to visit your local bank or cooperative bank branch and ask for a money order. You don’t have to have a bank or credit union account for it.

Both Western Union and MoneyGram are financial service providers. Both have retail locations and can offer you money orders as well as other ways to move money. You can find a location near you using the search engines on the Western Union and MoneyGram websites.

Visit any post office with cash, debit card or traveler’s check. You will not be able to pay for money orders by charging your credit card. You’ll pay a processing fee of $1.65 for 1 cent and $2.20 for amounts between $500 and $500.01 and $1,000.

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You can also get a money order at many of the retail locations you visit regularly, such as one of the options below.

CVS owns and operates thousands of drugstores across the US. Cash is the only method of payment accepted for money orders at CVS and you must have a valid ID.

Safeway is a grocer that operates under the Albertsons banner. If there’s a Safeway location near you, call to confirm fees and limits before visiting the store, as they may vary by location.

Get A Money Order Near Me

With nearly 3,000 supermarkets spread across the U.S., Kroger is accessible to many — but not every location issues money orders. For Kroger stores, fees and limits vary by location. You can also redeem money orders at participating Kroger locations, but fees will apply.

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A local option in some states — Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin — Meijer will offer money orders but not cash. You can pay for money orders with a debit card at no extra charge.

Publix operates approximately 1,300 locations in seven states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. Publix sells cash vouchers but not cash at all of its stores except Greenwise Market stores.

Walmart has locations across the US. You can pay for your money order at Walmart with cash or debit. The maximum fee is $1, with no additional fees to pay by debit card. You can also cash MoneyGram money orders at Walmart, but a check cashing fee may apply.

A money order is a paper document that has a monetary value. Money orders work like personal checks, but they are not deposited into your bank account. They are written to the payer and are prepaid, so the payer is guaranteed to have the required funds available. Money orders often have a monetary limit, such as $500 or $1,000.

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Even though your money order has a payee, making it difficult for anyone else to redeem it, you still need to be aware that carrying a money order is the same as carrying cash. Keep your money as safe as possible by following these guidelines:

Precautions Be aware of your surroundings when requesting a money order. If you feel uncomfortable, ask for help walking to your car. Before leaving the store, fill out the money order completely – write legibly, preferably in black gel ink. Do not leave any spaces. Keep the receipt. It contains a tracking number that you will want to see if the money order will be delivered to the payee by mail. If you’re sending a money order through the mail, use a discreet envelope and notify the payee when it’s in the mail to try to stop it. Consider sending via certified mail. Find out before you go

There are many places you can go for a money order, but limits and fees vary by merchant and geographic location. Do your research ahead of time to find out where you can find a money order that fits your needs.

Get A Money Order Near Me

Finally, remember that just because you can receive a money order doesn’t mean you’ll be able to cash it on the spot. If necessary, make sure you have a plan for both sides of the transaction.

Walmart Money Order: How Much It Costs And More

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You casually scan Craigslist or NextDoor when you see someone selling your dream used car. There’s just one problem: they want to pay you with a money order and you don’t have enough cash to buy it. So you’re wondering if it’s possible to charge a money order to your credit card? You can use a credit card to pay a money order, but this should be considered as a last resort. Read on to find out why.

Money orders are an alternative to checks or cash when you need to make a secure payment and can’t or don’t want to use your bank’s online payment options or online payment apps like Venmo or PayPal.

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You must pay in advance for a money order. Unlike checks, which are returnable, they guarantee payment to the payee, so some people and businesses prefer to use them.

Money orders must be issued to a specific person or business and can only be redeemed by that recipient. Since money order redemption requires presentation of ID in person, you usually don’t have to worry about a thief getting hold of your funds.

Money orders usually have a limit of $1,000, although some issuers have lower limits. If the amount you need to send is large, you will need to purchase additional money orders. For example, if you want to buy $3,000 worth of money orders from a place that limits money orders to $500, you will need to buy six money orders. There may also be a limit on the total dollar value of money orders you can purchase in a day. For example, the US Postal Service limits you to $10,000 in money orders per day.

Get A Money Order Near Me

People who don’t have a checking account often use money orders to make large payments, such as paying rent or making a large purchase from one person. Some people may insist that you pay them a money order.

Can You Buy A Money Order With A Credit Card?

If you are concerned that using a check could lead to identity theft because the check contains your bank account number, you may feel safer using a money order that does not provide any information about your bank account.

You can also use money orders to send money abroad, for example to relatives in another country. Many money order sellers have branches in major cities around the world. Before purchasing a money order to send to another country, make sure the recipient has a way to cash where they live.

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