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Games That You Can Win Real Money – Advertised as the most exciting slot game of the year, Relax Gaming’s Money Train 3 game world is full of excitement. Continuing from the first two installments of the Money Train series, the latest game features new features, a higher max win and a storyline that allows for the coexistence of western and sci-fi. Cowboy hats in space, you ask?

Released on September 22, 2022, the online slot already gets perfect scores on verified sites and more than eight wins have already been achieved 100,000x. Senior Product Owner Callum Sultana explains how Relax makes Money Train 3 bigger and better than ever.

Games That You Can Win Real Money

Games That You Can Win Real Money

One of the most visible aggregators and unique content producers in the gaming world can bring its challenges, especially in the face of fierce competition and even greater demand. This has only been estimated by H2 Gambling Capital, which estimates that the total profits of online casinos, which make up a large part of slot games, will rise to 54.6 billion euros by 2027.

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Relax Gaming has entered many new markets this year, including Ontario, Italy, Spain and most recently Colombia.

There’s probably no better time to release the latest installment of Money Train, but what’s the secret sauce that gets people excited for the next game? This could literally be the million dollar question.

“If we shared the secret, he wouldn’t stay any longer. But I think one thing most players like about the Money Train series is that the big wins and max wins happen in different ways, so in practice very few wins are the same, which keeps the game fresh and gives for people to have their own unique experience. than their own. enables an experience. shared,” explains Sultana.

Getting players interested in a new game is only half the battle; ensuring its widespread use is a whole different ball game. With thousands of online slots and new releases coming out every year, it can be even harder for a game with a sequel to break into the mainstream. This begs the question: are individual games better than consecutive games, or does a game’s success depend solely on its features?

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Sultana gives this food for thought: “I think it can be difficult to compare because you need success in one game to justify a sequel, but I can say that expectations are always higher when you make a game.

“It’s very important to stay true to the series and the original game that made it successful. With Money Train 3, we’ve struck the right balance, and the true measure of success will come when the game is released.”

Couple Sultana’s review with the fact that its first sequel, Money Train 2, has received such positive reviews from “Money Train 2 is a perfectly designed game with very high volatility and very high winning potential. a must play!” It goes to show that sequels can be just as good, if not necessarily better than the original.

Games That You Can Win Real Money

But the proof is in the pudding – a sympathetic review of Money Train 3 from

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“While Money Train 2 has a solid track record of revealing the craziest winning clips of all time, Money Train 3 is next level. Take all the drama, emotion, disappointment, hope and hair-raising excitement of what came before, turn off the daylight, double the potential, send it storming into the future and you have money Train 3, a slot game that has everything needed to disrupt online gaming.

Money Game 3 includes several new features, many of which have given rave reviews on website review sites. iGB asked Sultana if he could walk us through the new features. “I think this article would be too long if we go through them all,” he replied.

However, Sultana gave us an idea of ​​what to expect from the new features. “Like any sequel, the game has to be better than its predecessor,” he said. “But at the same time, it’s a fine line between adding to the game and completely changing it, so all the features have been chosen with two goals in mind, firstly, that the game fits in with the rest of the series, and secondly, that these features should contribute to bigger wins. That’s why we’ve added a new mid-level Absorber , with Tommy Gun Payer and Tommy Gun Sniper, and why the game now has five permanent characters.

Money Train 2 was released at a time when much of the world was in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, allowing it to create a captive audience. But how do you keep an audience when the world opens up again?

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“It’s important to maintain continuity between the first two Money Train slots while offering the player something new and exciting in the third game.”

“We sat down with the players and listened to what they didn’t like about the previous versions of the game and adapted it or took it out,” he said.

“One good example is the payer; Most players felt that this feature was not productive enough, so we decided to change how it works by targeting one symbol that pays several times more instead of all symbols of lower value.

Games That You Can Win Real Money

Player feedback is at the core of Relax Gaming’s development, but maintaining a happy environment to maintain the continuity of the first two games and keep Money Train 3 fresh.

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Sultana explains, “When we’re developing a sequel, we’re not really looking for what makes the game unique, but rather what made the original game great and what makes it even better. With that in mind, Money Train 3 is packed with more ways to maximize your winnings than its predecessor, and its 100,000x max win is certainly much higher than Money Train 2’s 50,000x bet, which we think is natural for this iteration of the game.

“As for how often this happens, we don’t want to take away the fun of the game, but if you compare the 50,000x wins in both MT2 and MT3, you see it more often in MT3.”

The max win is enough to get us with animated, bulging jackpot eyes, but the game’s stories take us there. Psychologists say that we humans are more engaged with a story if it has a story, which is why games like Money Train are so popular. PsychologyToday sums it up perfectly: “Stories leapfrog technology and bring us to the core of experience.”

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the visuals combined with the story are a unique selling point for Relax Gaming. “I think because most of our core demographics grew up on westerns and sci-fi, and this game has gradually combined the two mainstream releases, the story has always been quite effective in communicating with our audience.”

Money Train 3: The Hotly Anticipated Slot Game Of The Year

So here’s Relax Gaming’s biggest, boldest, and boldest new release, bringing you Money Train 3, the latest slot game you can’t live without playing.

Relax Gaming’s main product owner Callum Sultana joined the company in 2017 with years of product development experience. With a passion for truly innovative content, he was part of the original team behind the Money Train title. Since then, he has been instrumental in marketing the rest of the sequel, along with other blockbusters. Sultana’s experience, skills and approach to game creation exemplify Relax’s passion for differentiation. You’ve probably heard of Fansly a few times over the past few years, especially if you’re looking for ways to make money online….

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Games That You Can Win Real Money

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